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yellow dragon betta female

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They will often also carry and throw fry that are iridescent Blue and Green.

You might think that choosing a blue betta fish is really simple, but this is not always the case. CHECKOUT NOW This is another very common variation of tail type which is widely available. They can be most colors of the rainbow, some will be black, white, electric blue, translucent skin, copper, green and more. There are so many variations that Betta Fish are usually classified by their colors, patterns and tail type. The information, content and material contained on the site is intended to be of a general nature only and is not intended to constitute professional/medical advice. Black Dragon HM Female As the most popular betta, a Crowntail is colloquially referred to as a Betta, or its behavioral name of the Siamese fighting fish. It’s often common to find them with purple bodies and the fins or the face another color.

Black Dragon HM Female.


CT's are prone to fin curling, especially those with little webbing, if their water is not kept immaculate. There isn’t a distinct coloration for this type, their brightness, richness and colors vary considerably. Thank you for the wonderful article. When you combine all the different tail shapes, colors and patterns, there are hundreds of different Betta types available and no one fish is the same. A Pineapple betta is a yellow or orange betta with black outlining their scales so they look similar to a pineapple. Yellow bettas are not terribly common and a bit challenging to breed. Expected to become more popular with Half Moon breeders breeding this trait into their HM lines. However, is not always this simple and even though the overall color is pink, they will probably have more color variations, from red, to purple and white along their fins, tail and body. Tails can have a lot of variation, from long and flowing to short and neat. This can work the other way which is when the fish is named Bi-Coloured, when the fins are translucent and the body is one solid colour. Alternatively, you can try adding more plants to allow each one to have their own territory. Colors can be arranged in different patterns on their body and fins which make this fish so remarkable and appreciated across the fishkeeping community. Combtails have webbing which reaches more than 2/3 of the way up the tail. This is a highly iridescent strain of Betta that is proving to be very popular. Double Tail Betta The Double Tail is easily recognizable as it has two distinct tails separated from the base. Koi Betta The Koi Betta is a variation of the Marble type, carefully selected through breeding. Usually, this variation has a larger and longer dorsal fin with a shorter body. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Yellow Koi CT Female Betta Fish are among the most popular freshwater fish around. You will often find them in rich violets or purple-blueish with other color variations such as copper and black.

Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. A multi Betta is that with 3 or more colours on the body that does not fit into any other pattern category. This fish generally shows a full rich body yellow coloration extending along the fins and tail. There have also been lesser known variations such as the triple ray, even the quadruple ray! From short and spiky to large and majestic, you will find all kinds of tail variations full of striking colors. Their fins are also quite short when compared to other variations. The gene that makes Bettas this colour also causes internal organ problems. Lavender HM Female

The Delta Tail Betta has a rather large tail. This branching gives a striking look to the fish and makes the caudal fin looking like a rose.

Veil Tails are now no longer accepted in the show Betta circuit due to their bloodlines being diluted by excessive breeding for the pet store market. Yellow Dragon PK Male. Here are just a small sample: King Giant Betta's Partial Metallic Plakat. $76.50 The Over Halfmoon (or "OHM") is the extreme end of the Halfmoon where the spread when flared is over 180 degrees. It is a genetic trait that causes the caudal fin to grow into two lobes rather than one. Combtail Bettas are similar to Crowntails. Marble Betta Marble Bettas are another very popular variation as they have an incredible color variation. ADD TO CART Have you ever wondered what can make your aquarium truly stand out? $58.50 The colour blue can show in red Bettas as "blue wash".

The Sparkling Gourami is a fish that’s rarely found in home aquariums, which makes it special and unique. Male Halfmoon Plakat - Yellow Dragon #1514.

The Pink Betta Fish can sometimes appear almost translucent. All information, content, materials on this site, or obtained from a website to which the site is linked are provided to you “as is” without warranty of any kind either express or implied. VIDEO AVAILABLE They come in the most colors variations, generally electric light blue with some color variations (generally dark blue, copper) and have a darker face. A relatively new pattern that is proving to be exceptionally striking and popular. This is not a species found in the wild and was carefully bred over the years by aquarium hobbyist to preserve the most amazing characteristics and features. He was labeled a “Delta Tail” which and the folks at the pet store thought he had been mislabeled and was actually a more expensive variety. Is a fairly new trait and so far only males have been seen with pectoral fins larger than their head. This type of tail is long, with a long anal and dorsal fin also, and droops down from the caudal peduncle. Red Betta Fish Red is the dominant color with Betta Fish. I have a young koi male betta.


A Cambodian Betta is when the body is pale, almost colourless, and the fins are a solid colour, often red or green. Roundtail Bettas are very similar to Deltas with the difference being the shape of the tail edges. From Plakat to Veiltail, this color is commonly found across most variations of Bettas. There are 3 classes of Black Bettas. Purple Betta Fish True purple Betta Fish are quite difficult to find. CHECKOUT NOW He made it through two moves and over four years with us and behaved more like a puppy than a fish! These are also found in the wild exhibiting more dull coloration from dark green, grey and brown. They are almost the exception to the rule. Lavender HM Female Among the aquarium trade more striking colors are found such as bright blue, turquoise, red and yellow. There is also another known variation called the Super Delta. Usually in nature they have duller colors, but the Betta destined for your aquarium will show the most exciting and striking combination. CHECKOUT NOW VIDEO AVAILABLE The different names usually give you an idea of the tail shape, from the most common such as Veiltail, Crowntail and Halfmoon to smaller sizes such as the Plakat.

$67.50 Adding to Cart... As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases How do I find best online pharmacy in Brooklin, NY? If you want to breed Betta fish, you should know this is a dominant tail type over other variations, and therefore is one of the easiest to breed.

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