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what uniforms are the brewers wearing today

I was hoping the Padres would have went with a yellow front panel cap, but it’s nice to see that the Brewers have done so. In any case, while I was rooting for royal, the navy does pair quite well with the new shade of yellow. Programming Note: No Collector’s Corner here on the blog next week, but you can find an abbreviated version of CC next Tuesday on the Uni Watch Facebook page. The Patriots years ago swapped out the best uniforms in the NFL for some of the worst. It just feels like they have already been using this now for a while. Gear up for Sunday afternoons at the ballpark. Centuries later, this remains true.

Confusion between Cubs/Dodgers makes more sense. I recommend reading the thoughts over on Brand New (https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/) when they inevitably cover it. Quite happy.

The new BiG is a useful acid test of the quality of the old version.

Because it would seem to me that the biggest reason to wear team colors is to express to others who you root for. Oh wait…. Same for the blue alternate…use wider striping and get rid of the piping and generic (and dare I say lazy) script and use the same font as the other sets. One-off throwbacks are not eligible. Here we have literal double birds. The uniforms with the blue jersey are so excellent.

… Auburn baseball and softball will have a few uniform tweaks when they hit the field in a few months (from Clint Richardson).

Isn’t the logical explanation of why Pedro was introduced in a road jersey is so it could have MARTINEZ on the back? That's in addition to the fitting colors (Royal blue, natch). If the original BiG didn’t exist and the new one came out today, I’d hope that we’d all recognize its greatness as a design.

I don’t personally see the Pittsburgh thing as cliched, but I think that if I thought about it from first principles I might. It’s all given me a serious case of NBA uni fatigue. Liven it up with orange hats, and swap out the pinstripes -- looks like you're aping big brother across town -- for some jersey piping. Anyway, I only have two quibbles over the new Brewers unis: 1) I can’t stand the swoosh on the front, and 2a) and 2b) I would have preferred royal blue as the primary color and a powder blue alternate. Here’s hoping they use him to replace the anniversary patch in 2021. (If you’re an existing member and would like to have the discount code, email me and I’ll hook you up.) . To say that the new version is terrible is to admit that one would have called the old version terrible had one’s judgment not been warped by sentiment and nostalgia. Where what happened yesterday is being preserved today. So: I wish they’d gone with white instead of doing the cream thing, but otherwise I like this a lot.

And for what it’s worth, my wife watched the unveiling with me, and the road patch with the Wisconsin and the bricks was her favorite new element.

Here’s the info about the proposed contraction: https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/ny-congress-letter-rob-manfred-minor-leagues-20191119-w6z3vfhqhbhahouumkkgxbpubu-story.html. DC. … Carmichael Arena, home to North Carolina women’s basketball, is still using the old center court logo that the Dean Smith Center used before 2015 (from James Gilbert). Yes. The tweaks to the BiG logo don’t bother me. Yes, is the answer. Better colors, evocative of a brat with stone ground mustard. ), (To me, the swoosh is what makes these look amateur.). On that note, please appreciate the uplifting, billowy "Royals" on the jersey front.

-Not a fan of all these NBA uniforms popping up.

OK, so woke up this morning and really pissed about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ decision to wear the white jerseys in the Grey Cup this upcoming Sunday. Have liked what we have seen so far from teams like the Diamondbacks, Padres and now liking this Brewers set.

“The YouTube title says the film is from 1953, but the credits say 1945,” says Richard Craig. The Brewers’ new look is good but it would be even better if it weren’t so “busy.” I say lose the gold headspoon on the blue alternate, lose the brick motif in Wisconsin shape logo, and lose the gold and royal rings on the roundel logo.

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