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what does jameson neat mean

In the states, ordering a water back usually gets you a huge glass of ice water. I can tell you pouring out a good scotch would break my heart.
Allowing a customer to make a mistake (Tequila Alexander?) I learn quite a few new things. I am currently a server and there is a new bartender who is telling me that neat means chilled and up means not chilled. In a blog argument last year, one derp was claiming that his use of “40” had nothing to do with malt liquor or ghettos. I’m not paying for it. After all, how much is that shot costing you to begin with? 3. I ordered a Jameson “double – neat” and she told me that neat already means double. Not sure if this thread is still being followed….here’s my question: I like Manhattans prepared as described for “up” but prefer it in an old-fashioned glass (just not a fan of martini glasses). Do your research on vernacular champ. I learned a long time ago from Ronnie (yeah. Your email address will not be published. Gave it up more or less in his 50s, but managed to plant the seed. Order a scotch neat with a water back, or even “can I have a fidich neat with a cup of ice on the side?” Both would work in my experience and it’s not really that hard. In other words, a smaller rather than larger drink; as opposed to served in a shorter glass. Neat pours will generally cost a little more (you are getting more liquor, after all), but the glassware is the most immediately obvious difference. I love this thread and have been lurking it for a couple of years. Water is another important factor with a big influence on the final taste of whiskey. Relevance. And seriously, where do you get off ordering something, and then not paying for it because you made a mistake?! Another terrific blog Jeff.

But, do you mean to say that there is no other drink in the world that has multiple liquors that can be served either chilled or unchilled? Uh, where i “get off” is demanding excellent service for the premium i pay. I am not sure what industry you work in (though I guess it is consumer services as a bartender), but it does not take a genius to figure out that bartending as a profession has crumbled. Neat . I completely agree with your definitions Jeff.

I get this a lot. There have been several times I’ve ordered scotch or whiskey neat, only to be given an odd look when I ask for water on the side. it was warm, & stayed warm thru-out my sipping Cost: approx $10.00. If arguing with a paying customer about who said what is the way a bartender gets excellent satisfaction, more power to him. Up and straight up are often used interchangeably. Fun comments to read, even thought they span 2 years now. A friend of mine mentioned a drink they came up with last night. Is that martini stem in your pic chipped? I thought it meant just what you had described – out of the bottle with nothing added. My customers often say they want something a certain way yet often they really want something different. Is drinking Jameson "neat" the way to go? I’ve also had them yellow from the vermouth (an anecdote that lives on in our house as the “pee-tini”) and frozen with a skin of crushed ice and lemon zest. Each mixer brings out a different range of the whiskey’s many tastes. thus in most places the ashtrays are overflowing, the puddles of beer on the bar are stale, the drinks take way too long, and everything in their lives, including their 2 absent baby daddys, is our fault. the glass changed depending on the type of alchohol but would always have a stem of some kind hence “up”.If they asked for a Bailey’s “up” it would come in a snifter or pony glass. The girl stood there looking at me as though I had a third eye on my forehead and I impatiently asked her if there was a problem. Some smart (Jean Claude) some not so much..(Wooten)You should be proud! I simply dip the straw into the water, cover the end with a finger, and carry it over to my scotch. All rights reserved. Blair – I was at a Chartreuse class last Wednesday in Portland and the international rep recommended serving Chartreuse either chilled or on the rocks. Variants include Jaemeson, Jaemison, Jaimesen, Jaimeson, Jaimison, Jamerson, Jamesian, Jamis, Jamisen, Jamison, Jaymesen, Jaymeson, and Jaymison. The hot toddy is one of the few cocktails you can claim you’re drinking for medicinal purposes.

Does double modify the meaning of neat? For instance, most people would order a straight shot of tequila rather than a neat shot. To give you a ballpark, Glenfiddich 12 or 15 is my go to but I’ve been exposed to things I’ll never afford on the regular (sadly discontinued Macallan cask strength being a favorite) so I’ve got a somewhat decent palate. Some of the responses made it sound like Chuck asked the bar to pay for his mistake. Do you reckon it is the same as ‘straight up’ and like straight up can be understood sometimes as neat (like in Bourbon) or sometimes as ‘up’ as in a chilled drink sans the ice (as in vodka shaken with ice or a Martini)? However, I’ve been tending bars for 39 years and currently call Top of the Mark my final gig. 3 Answers. Its pronunciation is JHEY-M-ih-SahN †. Ice does eliminate some of the flavor notes, but this traditional method of serving whiskey still has plenty to offer. If you’re into Scotch, I might recommend checking out Reddit.com’s Scotch community – http://www.reddit.com/r/scotch . Like was said earlier, unless it’s something completely out of the ballpark (I have often times sent waitresses back to the table to clarify orders), I’m going to give the customer what they asked for. I’d like to see small pitchers available with spring water, even if it’s an extra cost. Hi.. Can you help me with this question? While there are accepted definitions for each term, things are rarely clear-cut in the bar. Blair http://goodspiritsnews.spaces.live.com. I’m not cheap, i just wanted it right. Thanks so much and I’ll definitely check those out . no BS… a spirit poured straight out of the bottle (or decanter) into a glass. 9 times out of 10, they bring a glass of ice water (with cubes), making it difficult to add to the glass without splashing everything everywhere. Although “straight up” was used to refer to cocktails that are mixed with ice then strained into a chilled glass. If the server (who often times is not that well versed with bar terminology) comes to me with an order for a drink that seems a little…off, I’ll send them back to clarify, and like I said, I generally repeat back to the customer when they order something. Other flavors the barley imparts include spices and fruit. So the next time you serve this traditional favorite, let your imagination roam. Thanks! Out of curiosity, have you ever bartended?

Thanks to all who have weighed in. This is why a customer who insists to be 1) treated as very important even if he is not swilling cheap stale domestic like all the yahoos, and 2) sends drinks back that are not made to his liking, appears to have an attitude.

When it’s me taking the order, I’ll try to act like I’m the idiot.
And this problem is often compounded by glasses that have just been washed in hot water. I am going to try my scotch with a splash of water in my tulip shaped glass, and play with the imagination to see what new and fascinating aromas I can find. I’d just call that kinda gross. Clicking on a product takes you to Amazon, which helps me keep this site running, so thank you in advance! A term like “rocks back” seems like it would be more effecient to convey this.

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