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"Penguin's Umbrella" Zsasz is not seen in any major villainous role again until Detective Comics #815, released in March 2006, entitled "Victims". When Zsasz asks whether he wants the gang executed here or downstairs, Penguin then claims that he has an entirely different idea. Jeremiah Arkham is exceptionally brutal towards Batman, who had supposedly murdered a police officer; over the course of the "treatment", Zsasz had warped Jeremiah's mind and turned him into a mere henchman. Zsasz is later seen again in the Gotham Underground story arc where, in issue 3, he appears in a disguised Batman's cell at Blackgate Prison and attempts to kill him with a knife. Because I choose to kill.". Gordon makes a run for it in order to draw Zsasz' firepower away from Bullock. The two of then raid Arkham Asylum where they confront Harvey Bullock. The Society loses. During the second part of "Victims" (Detective Comics #816), after a fight with Batman, Zsasz proceeds to the hospital to finish off Alfred. Alfred is able to put up a fight before Zsasz kills him, not finding out where Batman is, however, as Alfred was both unaware and unwilling to help. This arrangement is explained further in a continuous story arc through the Streets of Gotham series, with Black Mask hiring Zsasz after he saved the former's life following a confrontation with former employee Firefly. I'm saving a special spot for you. Zsasz invites Tabitha to come to the opening of Penguin's new club the next evening. The Society loses.

Both men lower their weapons as the situation is defused. Such unpredictability also renders him a danger to anyone and everyone who may encounter him.
From then on, he dedicated himself to "liberating" others from their pointless existence (Zsasz often refers to victims as "zombies").

He attempts to slit her throat, but is distracted by her unexpected ferocity and falls back, where he attacks and attempts to kill Batman.

Zsasz later appears in Detective Comics #796, where he fights Stephanie Brown in her role as Robin. Additionally, Chiang's portrayal of Zsasz is more outwardly physically imposing than the gaunt, wiry physique created by Breyfogle and favored by most subsequent artists.

Marrying and Being Married to Victor Zsasz. [7], Zsasz was present at a meeting along with other members of the Cobblepot crime family when Oswald (now the mayor of Gotham City) stated that he wanted the leader of the new incarnation of the Red Hood Gang dead and his head on a stick for destroying a statue of his late mother. Zsasz's true loyalties seem to lie ultimately with Carmine Falcone, since he came to "guard" Jim Gordon at Falcone's request even when he was supposed to be working for the Penguin's organization. It is mentioned that Zsasz is a big fan of disco.

Anthony Carrigan [23] He is constantly thinking quickly both while incarcerated and active, and some of his escapes have been a result of his cunning schemes. He envisions both friend (Black Mask) and foe (Dick Grayson) as having died at his hand with their throats slashed. During his battle with Damian, Zsasz begins to lose his composure when he begins to see him as a living human being rather than as a dead body. After holding Jim prisoner for a couple minutes, Zsasz tells him that he is free to go, as he was only instructed to keep Jim occupied for a few minutes. To lure Zsasz to him, Wayne holds a press conference in which he announces that Alfred is still alive. The gang retreat and Gordon and Bullock are forced to hold the fort until reinforcements arrive. He finally snaps, after Zsasz says that they are really one and the same, and administers a savage beating. He tells them that they must be licensed by Penguin to commit crimes. The next step in Penguin's plan was to create a system of unionized crime by issuing "licenses of misconduct" that allowed only chosen criminals to commit crimes in exchange for a portion of their profits.

Robin lets himself be captured without Batman's knowledge.

"You don't exhibit the usual signs of mental illness. In Part 3 of Knightfall, Zsasz takes an all-girls boarding school hostage and holds the students at knifepoint until Batman arrives, briefly leaving to kill two police officers who were sent to arrest him. During a party celebration held by Oswald at a nightclub The Sirens, Zsasz and Nygma convince Butch that they want to break off from Cobblepot and try to convince him to execute him wearing the Red Hood mask. In the Batman: Arkham City prequel comic book, Zsasz was briefly mentioned by Hugo Strange as an inmate he intentionally, but anonymously released so that Tyger forces could recapture him in order to boost Arkham City's credit as a safe prison. Zsasz makes a brief appearance in Infinite Crisis #7. During his battle with Damian, Zsasz begins to lose his composure when he begins to see him as a living human being rather than as a dead body. He is surprised by Zsasz's skill in the arena, and is incapacitated. Due to these continuous conversations with Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, Mr. Zsasz realizes that Batman is a plant and subsequently murders both the contractor and another inmate at Arkham Asylum who knows of Mr. Zsasz's ploy. Thus, he is almost impossible to track, even if signs of his modus operandi appear evident, as there is no motive or clue trail to follow. He finally snaps, after Zsasz says that they are really one and the same, and administers a savage beating.
Wayne drives Alfred to the hospital, saving his life. Once he wakes up, he is confronted by Dr. Thompkins, whose utter selfless charity sharply contrasts with his total emptiness; she briefly gives him pause, but is finally repelled by his profound evil.[12].

Alan Grant (writer)Norm Breyfogle (artist)

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