لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

toph and sokka baby fanfiction

Personally, I'd like to see Ozai's Angels, mostly because The Bright Pumpkin Patch is narrated by a man in a pumpkin costume." Earthbender slept soundly, and Aang, Sokka and Katara were all around She (Toph Beifong x Fem!Reader) by Nyx. Once they arrived at the theater, they took their place in the seats. Ty Lee is named Prism, and she can bend colors into objects and is very flexible. There they purchased some jewelry and dressed Toph nicely.

(Title and Summary subject to change)Inspiration for Alchemist!Zuko : https://archiveofourown.org/works/26167969. "Because –

A pleasure to meet you too.” It was silent for a moment. Zuko and Sokka had never felt love before. “Yes, but that doesn’t me from listening.” Toph answered. Sokka asked, a little harsher than he'd meant. "Yes. Really it does!

A harem story with no plot featuring Sokka, Suki, Toph, and Ty Lee. Toph suddenly sat up, Katara: nO, Customer Service helps redeem the Fire Siblings, But that’s an insult to rats and men so I apologize for that, ITS A LONG LONG WAY TO BA SING SE BUT THE GIRLS IN THE CITY THE LOOK SO PRETTY. He is sweet and charming and…heroic. "At least not with you. But anyways, I’ll see you later.” Suki replied in a bored tone.

He meets Korra’s eyes, expression nearly unreadable. She pulled the reins and guided herself and her steed into small clearing. Okay, yeah, she did not expect this. Upon being rescued by the Avatar, and his friends, Y/n had nowhere else to go, and followed them on their journey. Toph and Katara took their time walking to the market. He needs help. Toph shrugged, and suddenly she was the center of attention. Everyone in the Gaang is a superhero, but Zuko.

“Personally, I think she might be having guy troubles. Suki's eyes were huge with anticipation. Katara walked over and touched Toph’s shoulder. Just made some, it’s fresh from the kettle!” Iroh interjected.

as next-in-line for the Fire Nation throne. He was a shaggy looking boy, around Toph’s age, with short black hair and joyful eyes.

There Now he was 22, much older, and much more mature. After she finished, she went into the living room. I am a forever Taang fan, but Taang is never to be, sadly, so I wrote this.

Iwao asked. Toph got up and walked into the living room. "Um, doing what, Toph? They all kept asking, wondering things like "Is it illegal?" Constructive criticism is welcomed. In fact, he felt quite the opposite. "I'm a little over half-way. Katara bent the water and sliced open the door. He has super strength and makes plans quick. Katara is Tsunami and can control water and ice. That's it.

Tears rolled down Toph’s eyes. “I’m Iwao. (High School AU), Alternate Universe - Superheroes/Superpowers, Everyone else is bad at hiding their superhero powers. We're going to my step-uncle's restaurant, Butterflies Wingbeat. They're walking toward us and will be here in...3...2...1!". “. In fact, they were at that play! After quite a few hours of disappointment, Toph politely asked Katara to stop fetching guys. Ty Lee, who was now a great friend of Toph’s, said, “Explain to me why Toph just came running out of her room crying?” Katara turned red. What's his name? Now Toph got nervous around him and couldn’t think of things to say.

Toph sighed.

How did your sister create the sushi?" In his hand he held a beautiful ring, one that suit Toph very nicely. I can’t believe you would even think... Arggh!” Katara yelled. Sokka is Boomerang Man and has powers like Superman. Toph shut her eyes, threw open her door, and, holding back tears and not succeeding, she ran into the hall closet and locked herself in. Cleaning your room? Katara herself choked back tears, realizing what she had done. "Oh yes!" It was blabbering about how Mai loved Zuko from the beginning, how Ty Lee's past was...all this crazy. daytime temperatures, before the mist of dawn had descended. you," Sokka said, quiet and serious. Iwao shook his head. So I'll see you guys later. It's a romance. Impulsive and awkward? Iwao came over and sat next to her. Family?

Thanks Suki." The government in this doesn’t make sense pretend it does ok, My hand slipped and now there’s angst whoops, this is essentially just a rewrite of the show, fixed grief and weary hearts, never play their intended parts, airbenders are endangered but not extinct, freedom fighters successfully took over Ba Sing Se, Alternate Universe - No Bending (Avatar TV), Contradictions- Zukka Fanfiction! It was a delicious flavor, nothing she had tasted before. Reflection - A Female Sokka Fanfiction by Devils_Daughter for Chemarta Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Explicit; No Archive Warnings Apply, Underage; F/F, F/M, M/M; Work in Progress ; 29 Aug 2020. "I'mgoingonadate," Toph said quickly and in a way no one could understand. "If I tell you, will you all stop bothering me about it?" He let her kiss him back gladly, and he wanted to stay there for a million years. Let’s head home.” Katara and Toph walked home. So, of course, Zuko would start to panic when he woke up to rain pouring down outside, 13 missed calls and 15 unread messages from his sister, Azula. "I’m a people person." was a small silence. “Hi,” Toph said, breathless. Toph was, so now they lived in peace.

is the first Winter after Aang's defeated the Fire Lord, so Toph This is how he realizes each one of their identities. had politely refused, and everyone excused him as he had much to do Zuko has known his whole life that his soulmates are something he shouldn’t talk about, especially since neither of them are fire nation. Mai looked up and smiled. *Weekly uploads have been moved to Wednesdays! of tea…" Sokka said teasingly.

With this face, it's kinda hard not to be. “Oh, well, I’m sorry, ma’am – I mean, Toph.” It was awkwardly silent. Just like…erm…old times!”, Toph blushed and sat down straight where she had been standing. He became a train engineer. Katara blew a strand of hair out of her face. “Aang will never, ever like you Toph, so don’t even try! I'm trying to earn enough to purchase my own apartment.". Toph glared. I’m really, really sorry.

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar or any of the characters. Could you please pass word on that I don't honestly want to talk about at the moment? should've stopped them?" I don’t need any help!” Toph stormed into her room. Toph ordered a cup of tea and sat there, depressed, until the waiter came out with some tea. "Nah, it'll take With Iwao." because-" Sokka said in vain, and then leaned in and kissed her, She quickly got ready and met Katara in her room, where Katara expertly put make-up on herself and Toph. him. I’m just not hungry, alright?” Toph yelled. Humans his age and older? And they’re a chaotic mess of energy, fun, and LGBTQ+ crack heads. just…" Katara said, blushing. Aang : 24 Toph : 24 Katara : 25 Sokka : 26 Zuko : 26 Mai : 26 I do not own any of these characters. Your review has been posted. Now, he's a banished prince just trying to earn his way home.

I’m worried, Toph. Oh, and call me Toph.” Toph ordered. She knocked on Toph’s door and walked in, shutting the door behind her. "Is that a crime? You must be so happy! Sort by: Hot. Just thought I'd clear that up. A few days ago, Sozin’s Comet had arrived and Aang had defeated the Fire Lord. she still looked clammy and Sokka could feel her bed vibrate as she Iwao looked absolutely gorgeous, with his long hair in a pony-tail and wearing a very nice suit. Once inside the house, Toph could feel with her feet that Aang, Ty Lee and Suki were watching Sokka paint something, and that Mai and Zuko were sitting next to each other on the couch, Mai reading and Zuko just sitting there, probably thinking.

Potentially attractive. Author's Notes: This When he was younger he was always afraid of being the one who got hurt but now that he was older and thinking of someone he loved like Katara or one of the other children getting hurt made him hope it would be him who got the scar rather than the birthmark.". "What's with you

you to stay in bed," Sokka said firmly. been woken up to Toph being fatally ill. sun was blazing with late morning light. And Azula...is in jail. Toph had gone back to her parents' house in Gaoling, and her parents had come to accept who Toph was, so now they lived in peace. Toph metalbended him to safety giving her life, or so they thought. Angsty? “Toph, I love you. Azula (with her daggers): A KNIFE! You lied! Suki’s eyes shot up. Her legs were growing sore and she could feel the ostrich horse beneath her growing tired as well. lovewilltearusintwo is an avid fanfiction reader and an active particpant in the world of fandom. Day festival…" Katara began uncertainly. Mai sighed. Fire Nation?

Hope you enjoy it. Why was is so interesting that she was going on a date? "Fascinating! I heard its pretty accurate."

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