لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

tientsin mystic review

I absolutely loved it!! The cast had overall good chemistry and they were just as fun and endearing as the first season. She was imprisoned within Shui Jing until Xu Feng, heavenly emperor's second sun enters it mistakenly. Strangely, I drink my Chinese tea hot (shui Xian mostly) but I like my green teas cold so don’t really drink the latter at home. NIF2 mostly use ceramic tea wares. I think the reaction to Gu Ying may be mixed, some may find her annoying but I liked what her character brought to the drama. Guo De You is a policeman who succeeds in his master 'Old River God' and has inherited his ability to weed out the guilty whenever he lights the pipe. My favorite is also Gu Ying. Not sure if their Shou Mei is typical, but their SM tastes almost like pu-erh. Li Dabao of the Department of Mark Inspection was ordered to join the working group. A friendship falls apart after the disappearance of a girl. Not the most desirable or natural ingredient to have in your food items. Hi! I think it means that regardless, good will triumph evil and Will The Real River God Please Stand Up! ZLY has finished MingLan so depends what’s her next role and it’s been pretty quiet for LGX aside from him participating in some reality show. For actresses, I find it interesting how well-known actress like Zhou Xun likes to take breaks to sharpen her acting while the under-contract Dilraba looks to be working around the clock. How could you do this to us? Thanks for sharing your thoughts – always good to give the readers alternative views too. ( Log Out /  Top Movies Most Popular Movies Newest Upcoming Reviews Recommendations. Netflix has a free one month trial for which you wont be charged. Use the HTML below. I briefly read up on Taoism (Read: skimmed the Wikipedia page) and learned that women shamans play an important part in Taoism. So I just added the flag counter, since I noticed some of y'all enjoy knowing the various countries that our friends on the blog hail from :) Unfortunately, it doesn't show all the countries currently existing in my stats, coz it starts from zero. , You can watch the remaining subbed episodes on those 2 websites – not sure about the sub quality but last I checked, they were still available , Which would be your most extraneous c-drama for 2018? An excellent continuation of the first season I was very hesitant after the change of cast but was pleasantly surprised. Do you think that season 2 will still be made after the initial censorship hoopla? Flower Goddess dies giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. Six young people deal with pressure before the Chinese college entrance examination. Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to NF, to view the remaining episodes. While I sometimes fall prey to or get tempted by Kusmi teas and the likes, I do minimize drinking blended or flavored tea like Earl Grey. Change ). https://siantlark.tumblr.com/post/168222628416/tientsin-mystic-english-subtitles, https://dostforu.blogspot.com/2018/02/english-subs-for-tientsin-mystic.html, [Review/Mini Thread] Dating in the Kitchen (我, 喜欢你), Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Insect Detective, Game Changer, Be Yourself, A Love Never Lost, Sword Snow Stride, Duoluo Continent, Ancient Love Poetry, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, The Yin Yang Master, Ady An Gives Birth To Baby Girl, etc…, [C-Novel Review] Unruly Xiao Yao (刁蛮小药凰) by Mei Guo (梅果), Entertainment Updates: Joy of Life 2, Hikaru No Go, The Ideal City, Flourish In time, Rebirth For You, Vacation Of Love, Who Is Murderer, Ace Troops, Dear Missy, You Complete Me, A Love Never Lost, Meng Xing Chang An, Onmyouji, Luoyang, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao Welcome Baby Girl, etc…, [Review] Reunion: The Sound of the Providence Season 2 (重啟之極海聽雷第二季). I wish they had taken Lets shake it and Crazy Queen. Welcome back, Lizzie! Was this review helpful to you? I happen to know more than the average person about tea though I know far less than any tea expert. A coming-of-age story revolving around an eccentric genius, an impulsive girl and their classmates of varying personalities. Yes, as I watch more c-dramas, I realize there are so many talented and watchable c—actors/actresses which are not as famous as the popular ones hence not getting the chance to act in the better produced dramas. I had to repeat the part where Lao Hu discussed the background story for the Mo Gu Dao cult a few times to get a better sense of what they are talking about. At the beginning, Qin doesn't... See full summary », People make business decisions for all kinds of reasons.

12 of 13 people found this review helpful. Feeds Lists Forums Contributors. After 1-2 years, they don’t taste good. Overall tho the show was good. The Empress and a few villains are frustrating to watch and making very few interesting or brilliant moves. Entertainment Updates: Legend of Fei, Insect Detective, Game Changer, Be Yourself, A Love Never Lost, Sword Snow Stride, Duoluo Continent, Ancient Love Poetry, Novoland: Pearl Eclipse, The Yin Yang Master, Ady An Gives Birth To Baby Girl, etc... [Review/Mini Thread] Dating in the Kitchen (我, 喜欢你), [Recap] Ashes of Love Episode 60-63 (end), [First Impression] The Moon Brightens For You (明月曾照江东寒), [Recap] Princess Agents Episode 56-58 (End). [Ft. HappySqueak] Featured. This FAQ is empty. Li Xian was spot-on in his role as Guo De You, the little River God, head of the rag-tag undersea salvagers of bodies and anything else in the Hai River (I think that’s what the river is called) attached to the police who can hold his breath unnaturally long underwater. We're given the reason as to why she constantly follows around … Ting Mao is played by Zhang Ming En, loyal Lt Zhang in Mystic Nine, and although adequate in his role of a rich man son who wants to pursue his own dreams while carrying out familial responsibilities, could definitely use more experience (the same could be said for many, many more experienced c-actors too…)- there was some minor overacting in the first episodes but he got better once he settled in the role. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? The story of power, desire, lust and love among people of different kingdoms in ancient China. ( Log Out /  The maina and supporting casts were very good. ~~ Adapted from a novel by Tian Xia Ba Chang.

He ends up being suspected of the murder of a distinguished chairman whose son Ding Mao joins hands with him to uncover the truth. View production, box office, & company info, iQiyi partners with Chen Kaige for drama series 'The Eight', iQiyi partners with Chen Kaige for drama series The Eight, Netflix Asian TV Shows = 7.6 + 7.7 Ratings. No news yet re Princess’s Agent 2. , This is in my queue, I guess I’ll have to watch this weekend glad you loved it sidenote: Any news on Princess Agent? I hope Tientsin Mystic and Burning Ice will do well on Netflix. (2017). It is one drama that I’m not eager to re-watch. This was one of my anticipated dramas for 2017 but after watching about 10 minutes of the first episode without subtitles, I realised I was in over my head as got a little lost with no backstory or context. In particular, Sun Yi’s character ends up being less coherent after extensive editing. Set in the Republic years in China, four young people investigate several mystery cases and stop heresy. I liked the somber but not dreary setting and the slightly surreal, but not fantastical, way the show was shot too. I also try to watch Elvis Han, Sun Yi and Zhang Ruo Yun’s shows so on the watchlist is Siege in Fog, Three Kingdoms and the Fated General as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Nan Qiao (Bai Bai He) has built her drone design business from the ground up and will give it her all to see it succeed. Excuse my non-professional review, but as a person who randomly picks things on netflix that are suggested I was not only thoroughly entertained by this show, but, I think I like it quite a lot. Top Shows Most Popular Shows Variety Shows Newest Upcoming Reviews Recommendations. That’s why green teas are best brewed in ceramic wares. Together ... See full summary ». The story of twin brothers who separated at birth but grew up to be supreme martial artists. I briefly read up on Taoism (Read: skimmed the Wikipedia page) and learned that women shamans play an important part in Taoism. She never came off pathetic even when it seemed that De You had no romantic feelings for her (but she and the viewers know that he does!) Then, the three decided to blackmail the murderer, who is also a teacher of... See full summary ».

It’s hard to find where I live. Commenters have been saying Siege in Fog got chopped up into fewer eps. but just forlorn in grace. Those who havent taken advantage of this can use this offer to watch Tientsin Mystic. Too many dramas, too little time! No matter who you are, you have to rise from the mud to become The Great Phoenix. Recommended For You Add New Title. Video 10 Things WRONG With Boys Over Flowers!

Not for being bad, far from it, rather it’s for the suffocating feeling I often get while watching it. I have not yet finished watching this but I quite like it. If it is, probably best to leave it as it is rather than having another disjointed mess like Mystic Nine. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Together with some unlikely partners, they begin an investigation that leads them to an incident that happened twenty years ago. My first time watching him and he nailed the character with his slight cocky swagger befitting a highly observant (but not unrealistically so) and intelligent urchin – think a streetsmart, Oliver Twist all grown up and savvy. ( Log Out /  Add the first question. The costumes and the hairstyles were over the top, but they seem to fit in with the over the top elements of the drama. 鬼水怪谈) by Tianxia Bachang. He becomes besties with Ting Mao, heir to the Ting family who runs the Shipping Association which essentially is a gang who controls the ports, a recent returnee from Germany who wants to pursue a career in forensic investigation.

One of my fav dramas in recent years. Title: It doesn’t have the usual tiresome Mary Sue and Gary excelling in everything.

Unfortunately, the TV show losts 40% of details from the fiction, and the translation lost 40% more details, but I'm still very happy to watch it from Netflix and … Much tauter, less clunky storylines and no unnecessary repetition – also helped there were much less censored scenes hence making the storyline more fluid and organic. And later eps have plot issues. Looking for some great streaming picks? I know because I did. It has an engaging and intriguing story, it has action adventure, really cool costumes and backgrounds and props, very good cinematography, and some sweet love stories. I’ve been so obsessed with this drama. She had a kind heart, a brave soul and can hold her own much better in a fist/knife/outright fight better than both De You and Ting Mao combined. By the way, the show has been picked up by Netflix this year so anyone with Netflix (I don’t subscribe unfortunately) can watch it there too. Edit Translation, During the Republican era, a river is haunted by inexplicable occurrences.

Action. Green teas are more delicate than hong cha (“black tea”), oolongs and pu-erhs. This is a sweet love story about how a straight-A girl student with high IQ pursues a former prince charming as well as an inspirational story about a hero who comes back to regain dream ... See full summary ». In my memory, Tientsin is a mixing of Chinese traditional, Western culture as Concession, humorous citizen, Mysticism, food and the river. I mainly feel that it does not have “enough humor to offset the darkness of the story.” The overall tone, while beautify, is too heavy for my liking. Learn how your comment data is processed. Less than 40 episodes in 3 months. Calendar … I actually found parts of NiF2 more suffocating when it was obvious crap was gonna hit the ceiling and nothing could be done about it! And vendors that specialize in flavored teas.

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