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tesla gun fallout 76

There was a time where two Shot Explosive guns in Fallout 76 were the weapons to get thanks to the ridiculous damage output. I'm interested in doing some tests with the lobbing mod when I eventually learn it.

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REMEMBER to use Class Freak as well, it will help lessen the blow of the mutations that you’ll want to be using. The Reflex sight s the only sight I know of. Appalachili: 15% Water, 10% food, +30 HP, & +2 Luck, Awesome Opossum Bacon: 15% Food, +45 HP, +2 Luck, Blight Soup: 10% Food, 15% Water, +12 HP, +20% Crit Damage, Carrot Soup: 10% Food, 15% Water, +12 HP, +2 Perception, Grilled Radstag: 20% Food, +60 HP, +20 Carry Weight, Ground Mole Rat: +20% Food, +60 HP, +3 Agility, Iguana Soup: 20% Food, 15% Water, +60 HP, +3 Luck. I’ve spent a LOT of time mastering the ways of Non-Automatic Rifles, and with this setup, although lacking in strength greatly, you will most optimally output the best damage possible, especially with the right selection of weaponry and armor equipped. Arendal Reaction: +Weapon Damage at Low HP at the cost of -50 HP, Eagle Eyes: Critical Damage +25% & +4 Perception at the cost of -4 Strength, Marsupial: Carry Weight +20 & + Jump Height at the cost of -4 Intelligence. Remember, all mutations come with serious drawbacks UNLESS you have the perk card “Class Freak,” So I’d highly recommend you use that if you want to be mutated.

Unyielding armor is fantastic for Rifle Builds due to their straight up +3 to every perk in S.P.C.I.A.L. Not only can mutations give you straight up great perks, it can ALSO be a factor that boosts your weapon damage if you have the Mutant’s star on your legendary. I do not have a Auto weapon dmg perk card to test but I suspect the Shotty mod not to be effected either and both are instead increased by the Auto and Shotty perklines.

Potentially one of the most powerful builds in the entire game, if done correctly. Obviously, on top of that delicious food, you need to top it off with some drink buffs. Drugs are a double edged sword in Fallout, always have been and always will be. You on xbox? Armor is a really tricky subject because it’s such a randomized system, but the sets you REALLY want to look out for are any sets that either grant, When it comes down to food, anything that boosts your stats to help maximize your Perception, Agility, or Luck is usually what you want to hunt for. Headed there now. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Welcome to the Fallout Network subreddit for Fallout 76, Press J to jump to the feed. How should I mod it?

As far as energy weapons go, we haven’t had any scaling since FO3 and New Vegas (I.e. Having completely perked out weapons and armor will help massively in making the most powerful build that you can, and you’ll be surprised at how many places you can grind for legendary’s at.

When it comes down to food, anything that boosts your stats to help maximize your Perception, Agility, or Luck is usually what you want to hunt for. I use an Automatic barrel and have Mutant +10% dmg and +10% while aiming, it's a great weapon for most cases.

BUT NOW, if you’re wanting to check out the build a little more closely, inspect the cards, or maybe even change a few things up, feel free to click on the image below, and it will take you to NukesDragons Fallout SPECIAL Character building site, where I’ve custom made this build to show off. This will add to your damage through perk cards AND keep fights quiet. This is really up in the air. There are also shotgun and lobbing grenade/mine mods. There are several items that you want to key focus in on while using a Non-Automatic Rifle build. I have a two shot Tesla and not sure what to do with it. If I want to use a 1* vampiric Tesla to tag mobs in group settings which modifications would you suggest? I'm curious about the other mods you mentioned, but I have never heard of them before or seen them at vendors. Every build needs a SOLID setup to perfect the mechanics and make yourself overpowered THEREFORE, today we will be focusing on an amazing NON-Automatic Rifle Build in Fallout 76.

Spend time hunting around for legendary’s and get the BEST of the best. The Tesla gun only has 4 mods available based on what another poster pulled out of the game files: Reflex Sight, Automatic Barrel, Charging Barrel, and Charging Shotgun Barrel. Drugs are a double edged sword in Fallout, always have been and always will be. I'm thinking these are the perks that apply - Strength: heavy, expert heavy, master heavy, tank killer, perception: glow sight, intelligence: stabilized, luck: bloody mess and crit frequency and amount perks. I love seeing a big cluster of enemies :-D. Mine is bloodied as well. There’s only ONE Alcohol I can really recommend for this build due to it giving you more Agility and Strength.

Let's go full auto Tesla on everything! It's a lot of fun! Fallout 76 unique weapons - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! Fallout 76 is no different, so in participating in the activity known as drugs, you are risking a number of negative effects that could possibly overcome your character. I use a quad auto Tesla. I left that out . So I'm thinking this is a heavy gun, not energy, not rifle (not even with rifle mod).

Tesla is listed as a Heavy Gun when crafting it from a weapon workbench. Bufftats: +40 Max HP, +3 Endurance, +3 Strength, +3 Perception, at the cost of -3% Water & -1% food, Day Tripper: +3 Charisma & +3 Luck at the cost of -2 Strength & -3% Water, Orange Mentats: +5 Perception at the cost of -3% Water. That includes the shotgun and lobbing balls barrel. Can anyone confirm what perk I should be taking based on the various barrels? I have a bloodied one with a charging barrel.

The Gauss Minigun is one of the new weapons added in as part of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders update. I can confirm that Charging Shotgun is still affected by Rifleman perks, which I love because I can run it alongside a Handmade. I've got a Quad Explosive Tesla Shotgun that wrecks things pretty well, even though explosive overrides the arcing effect.

Remember, these are just a couple of recipes I personally recommend that are quick and easy to acquire. Rum: +1 Strength & +1 Agility at the cost of -1 Intelligence & -15% Water. It's no secret that the Fallout 76's depiction of Post Apocalyptic West Virginia is a dangerous and inhospitable place. (I have this one mostly for fun OR if you’re in PvP, it’s much harder to hit a moving target), Like EVERY other build in this game, the perk cards only carry you so far. When it comes to builds, you need to go out there and find what you can, and use it to the best of your abilities. You can learn the first 3 of those mods from scrapping but not Charging Shotgun.

Now of course, this is my personal preference. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

On top of that, there are several guns that really outshine in performance. Steeped Carrot Flower Tea: 25% Water, +25 HP, +2 Perception, Steeped Melon Blossom Chai: 25% Water, +25 HP, +2 Agility, Steeped Thistle Tea: 25% Water, +25 HP, +20% Crit Damage. It’s a powerful, automatic ballistic weapon …

I'm specced into Rifleman, and from what I've seen every barrel besides the automatic barrel is considered a Rifleman gun. The Charging Shotgun plan should be available for purchase at one of the vendors, and I've seen the mod available as well. Is it better to get a explosive tesla or normal I run a bloodied build . I just started using it 2 days ago. So I'm thinking this is a heavy gun, not energy, not rifle (not even with rifle mod). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Fallout 76 is no different, so in participating in the activity known as drugs, you are risking a number of negative effects that could possibly overcome your character. Old post but I've confirmed that the rifleman perks affect it no matter the barrel.

Auto and Standard have 15 rounds the charging is 8 rounds. These are some choice foods to easily make without the tedious grind, and hopefully will get you practicing your full potential with a Non-Automatic Rifle Build. Cookies help us deliver our Services. From radiation to diseases and unreliable sources of food and water to keep the player on their toes, they also have to contest for dominance against a bestiary of deadly mutants and abominations that prowl the wasteland and skulk in the dark corners of desolate ruins. Base dmg no perks max lvl Auto 63, Standard 78, Charging 108.

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