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If we look at the longer timeline, Terry was last seen by his wife and kids in 1975 or 1976 in Payson, AZ. Terry Rasmussen was working as an electrician in California by March 1984. By Allie … If this image is graphic, flair it NSFW, please.

He is believed to have had 6+ victims, many of which he dumped in barrels.

Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. Basically, a man said that his ex-wife took their daughter and left him in 1976. But it matches the isotopes if Anita Moon was born in AZ before Terry moved to CA and met Marlyse. Cookies help us deliver our Services. He must have had a history. He probably kept Lisa not just to abuse her, but because she made him more sympathetic to single young women. I think this is a good, well thought out theory.

Thank you so much for this, especially the timeline! It's possible that he had more children with Denise as well that are still laying out there. -When interviewed, Lisa said she 'had siblings but they died after eating the grass mushrooms', -Terry Rasmussen went on to kill another woman he was dating, named Eunsoon Jun, in 2002. It might be complete “grasping” at straws. He could have had children with Denise, or he could have lured in other women with kids after he killed her. Even if Sarah and Lisa were together at this point, Lisa was far too young to remember it. Lisa is the 6 month old who went missing with her mother, Denise. During that time, he listed his wife's name as being Elizabeth, which is Marlyse Honeychurch's middle name. The couple moved to … But her body was found with full teeth and long hair. His overall location over the years is somewhat understood but that timeline even leaves a lot of open time. He was living with family one year after the disappearance of the Robert kid. No serial killer just snaps and starts doing this. He could have had them in hiding somewhere. He was later discovered to have committed four more murders in … The youngest child was 11 months old when they left with Rasmussen, and estimated to have been between 1-3 when she died, so she must have died before 1981 or very shortly after. I think "Elizabeth" is another unidentified victim. I'm also curious about Lisa and why he didn't kill her. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. We hunted deer at Bear Brook years ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the serialkillers community. There could be other victims, there could be witnesses. That's why they never found the other bodies right away. Lisa's siblings couldn't have been Marlyse's daughters. It can be brought on earlier or “brought out” by things such as smoking weed at an early age. Plus, there was Terry's own daughter, who was at least 2 years old when she was murdered. Denise has never been found. Lisa was too young then to remember it. In 1985 a barrel was found in Allenstown, NH that contained the remains of two people - an “adult female” and a girl. She went missing when she was only 6 months old but Terry had her until 1986. According to the the official timeline: Dec. 23, 1943 Born in Colorado as Terry Peder Rasmussen, July 1958 – April 1961 Resided in Phoenix with family. Serial killer Terry Rasmussen's victims, known and unknown Authorities have connected 5 murders to Rasmussen and they fear there are more. I recently came across another story about a young man named Robert Rasmussen who disappeared in Massachusetts in 1957 at the age of 13 (so birth year would be similar). I just seems a little odd but that could be 100% coincidence. I think Marlyse, Marie, Sarah, and "Anita Moon" were killed before he met "Elizabeth" and Denise Baudin. When he was living under the name Bob Evans, he worked for an electric company and there was a room he kept under lock and key and no one was allowed to enter. He probably murdered other people as well. Lisa is alive and well today. He was fired from his job in California for stealing a bandsaw. There is a special place in hell for this guy...murdering his own daughter! -At first, the bodies were described as being: -Through DNA and other scientific testing, they found the identities to be Marlyse Elizabeth Honeychurch and her two daughters, Marie and Sarah (the youngest.) He gets with Elizabeth "Evans" (my guess is a desperate drifter estranged from her family) in late '79 or early '80, then he kills her before October 1980. Since his MO was to separate women from their families, I bet he moved with her from Arizona to Texas, where he said he was living. The drifter was know as Robert “Bob” Evans but in August 2017 was identified as Terry Peder Rasmussen. I whole-heartily appreciate the “you’re grasping” comments because this case is my white whale (the case I hope is solved before I die) I could be all wet on this inquiry but this whole case has been such a mystery I wonder if the root of it is even more bizarre. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the UnresolvedMysteries community, Continue browsing in r/UnresolvedMysteries. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. He was remembered to be dating a woman "Donna" with children after he left New Hampshire.

It would make sense in a lot of ways. I'm aware that it's possible that Marlyse could have just decided to go with her middle name, but I really think "Elizabeth Evans" is a different person. Press J to jump to the feed. I believe Terry lived with these women and girls somewhere. It was determined that the woman and two of the girls were “maternally” related but one of the girls was unrelated. I can only hope that one day she gets her name back, but unfortunately I doubt that will happen. His m.o. It’s very well done! His son has said he's not sure if his dad saw some shit in the Navy that caused trauma but I highly doubt it. -In 1986, he abandoned a 6 year old girl named "Lisa" at a trailer park in New Hampshire. i believe he was also suspected of involvement in the disappearance of laureen rahn in 1980. if i remember correctly Lisa lives in anonymity today but is married and well with a family of her own. In this case, that would be Summer 1980 - Christmas 1980, six months or so before Lisa was born. Diane Kloepfer was one of four children born to Terry Peder Rasmussen and his wife.

Or maybe Lisa was just confused by the question.

Background Summary: In 1985, a hunter found the bodies of a young woman and girl in a 55-gallon drum off of a snowmobile trail in Allenstown, NH - - within the vicinity of Bear Brook State Park.

Wikipedia it.

Ok. Left photo looks like the face was photoshopped in. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. It's also possible he picked her up there. https://www.wmur.com/article/case-timeline-man-known-as-bob-evans-connected-to-6-killings/8643018. What a nightmare. It’s not a certain. How cold and unemotional do you have to be to do that? Due to his use of many aliases, most notably "Bob Evans", Rasmussen is known as "The Chameleon Killer". It’s also an age at which heavy alcohol and drug use might be an issue, people often are away at school so their parents might not notice gradual changes until later, its an age of hormone and social changes, parents defiance so that might mask symptoms and after all of that even if parents or others notice something the person is already an adult and it makes getting forced medical help very difficult until things tend to get really bad.

But it is possible Terry and Denise had a child together. On average, those with schizophrenia aren’t calculated killers.

The couple was married July 20, 1968 in Hawaii. The middle child has never been identitifed but is the biological daughter of the murderer, Terry Rasmussen. nice write up. Lisa was born around May 1981 and disappeared with her mother November 1981. The most chilling thing is that he killed his own daughter.

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