لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

tami oldham richard sharp

Da alle elektronischen Navigationsinstrumente vom Sturm zerstört worden waren, navigierte sie manuell mit Hilfe eines Sextanten.

| Kein GND-Personendatensatz. Tami then investigated further and realised the yacht wasn’t letting in any more water. Nach der Erfahrung hatte sie mit Trauer und Albträumen zu kämpfen. “Definitely the hardest part was dealing with Richard being gone,” Ashcraft told the Chicago Tribune in her first interview about her experience after her book was published. Tami recalled: “While I was in survival mode, the grief was fairly low. With just their small yacht facing massive waves and winds, the chances of survival seemed slim. Usually the couple sailed his 36 foot sailboat, called the Mayaluga.

Tami was thrown against a wall, and the last thing she remembers hearing before going unconscious was Richard screaming, “Oh my god!”. At the time, she was engaged to 34 year old British sailor Richard Sharp. Jahre nach seinem Tod band Tami ihren Verlobungsring an eine Rose und schickte sie zur See. Together the couple had logged over 50,000 hours of sailing, which is no small feat.

"Ich wünschte wirklich, ich hätte mir die Zeit genommen, um das zu tun. When she awoke 27 hours later, she was in the cabin of their 44-foot yacht, laying in several feet of water, surrounded by debris. Tami muss einen Weg finden, das Schiff flott zu halten und ihren Verlobten in Sicherheit zu bringen. Unfortunately, on two separate occasions the other ships just couldn’t see her flares or the red flag she had made.

Trotz ihres Versuches, dem Sturm zu entkommen, traf der Hurricane die Yacht. Motor, Radio und elektronisches Navigationssystem funktionierten nicht. Tami recalled, “We ran from it for three days trying to figure it out, because it kept changing direction. The last thing Tami Oldham Ashcraft remembered before being knocked unconscious was hearing her fiancé scream. So traumatisierend war die Tortur, es dauerte sechs Jahre, bis sie überhaupt ein Buch lesen konnte - und noch länger, bevor sie ihre eigenen Erinnerungen zu Papier bringen konnte. What had started as a lovely trip had taken a terrible turn. I know in a blinding flash he’s gone overboard.”. . The safety harness was dangling in the water, but Ashcraft’s fiancé was nowhere to be found. Richard wird von Bord gefegt, Tami erwacht Stunden später allein auf offener See. Besides her physical and emotional state, physically she had also sustained some injuries during the storm. Finally, some Japanese sailors in the port spotted her boat and helped reel her in. View our online Press Pack. When she came to 27 hours later Richard was gone and she was all alone on the ocean, up to her waist in water on the wrecked yacht. 1983 wurde Oldham Ashcrafts damaligem Verlobten, dem britischen Segler Richard Sharp (34), angeboten, die 44-Fuß Yacht Hazana von Tahiti nach San Diego zu überführen. Tami would have to rescue herself. Navigation alone wouldn’t be enough to get her to land. In October of 1983, a friend approached the couple and asked if they would deliver a 44-foot yacht, Hazana, from Tahiti to San Diego.

Tami was very involved in the making of the film, and even had requested that Shailene be the one to play her. But worst of all, Tami could see that Richard’s safety line was dangling off the deck, and he was nowhere to be seen. At another time, perhaps they could have. Then the radio crackled to life with a warning that Hurricane Raymond was bearing down on them. The navigation station is in pieces. But with a change of the wind, the storm came barrelling straight towards them. To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. This is an actual picture of what the Hazana looked like in 1983 the day she arrived in Hilo. Aber das machte mich auf jeden Fall viel vorsichtiger.

It helped me to focus, to keep myself on track.”. Die damals 23-jährige Oldham Ashcraft begleitete ihn auf der Überfahrt. “There were times I didn’t even want to live any more because I didn’t know how I was going to go on.”.

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