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subaru dual range transmission conversion

I had an issue with my Subaru that was on and off and wasn't an easy fault to locate. Inspect or renew all rubber hosing to ensure serviceability.

Incorrect final drive ratios will also affect driveability with the gearbox ratios not properly matched to the engine torque characteristics and rev range. Exceptional worksmanship and communication during the process. I won’t be coming here again and would advise other customers to try out other reputable companies as I felt this company didn’t really care what I had to say once I paid them for the job. All these transmission numbers start with TY856. Our design and engineering team weren't given a specific checklist or build criteria for the development of this transmission; they were unleashed with one simple instruction: Build something you’d install in your car. WELL DONE ! Your help was invaluable. I’ve had my car and my parents’ cars looked after by Isaac for years and wouldn’t trust our babies with anyone else! It is a better vehicle in all ways than when I picked it up off the showroom floor. This disadvantage occurs because the damage that happens to the transmission is so extensive that it is not even worth attempting to rebuild it as a way to save some money on this repair. Thanks all drive. My latest purchase of a new engine was made less stressful knowing I was being well looked after. Being the comedian he is, he’ll give you some hearty laughs along the way. The system uses two center differentials, one computer controlled and the other a mechanical unit that reacts faster. Phizinza – who has written 50 posts on Offroading Subarus. Approximately 90% of the CVTs equipped to Subaru models require a complete replacement instead of a rebuild. So far so good. My car was towed there in the afternoon and even though they were fully booked for the week, they still managed to make time to inspect my car and diagnose the issue the very next day. Considering the demand for an adaptable transmission to suit both on and off-road applications, ADS technicians have developed a conversion kit for all EJ turbo and EZ single-range models. Every email was responded to quickly and all my questions answered also. This transmission fits Subaru WRX, Forester and other applications. The differences here are multiplied by the two different types of box available for non-turbo models: dual range and single range. I spoke to rob from all drive subaroo. Just had my gc8 in for a box and clutch replacement. As their reputation precedes them, their service was great! The overhaul and assembly practice remains the same in the Economy Choice and Best Choice gearboxes that we offer but with the addition of brand new standard factory gears. George Pieri _customer new. Some Liberties came with dual range manual gearboxes. Highly recommend, for business and quality work.

If you want something done right on your Subaru, this is the place you want to take it!

Know their stuff very well and will hopefully have my car back late this week. All Drive Subaru have all gearbox models and variations in stock. 3. All drive Subaroo usually have one of each gearbox in stock at any time, Inspected and tested factory gear set 1st to 5th gears, All Drive Subaru keep finished gearboxes in stock for all models. I was comtemplating doing this work on my car for a very long time and did countless hours of research into what was involved and how much it would cost. These guys know what their doing unlike the CRAPO dealer that's charge for anything and everything. He asked me what trouble i had, once i explained it to him he gave me a solution that solved my issue. The 6-speed STI Level 2 reconditioned gearbox has a power rating of up to 300 Kw at the wheels. Isaac, Niazi and the team solved issues I was told by a Subaru dealer didn't exist.

They were able to promptly pin point the problem with my gearbox and suggest a reasonable course of action. Well done. 6-speed STI gearbox for your five-speed WRX, Forester or Liberty, with optional STI brakes and suspension. Best Match. This gearbox starts as one of our remanufactured overhauled gearboxes that incorporate a shorter 1.447 low range gear set.

Rob was extremely helpful and took the time to talk me through some possible faults and steps I could take in diagnosing and repairing my sons Forester. 1983: Pneumatic AWD. Very happy with the services and reasonably priced too which was a bonus. What does the JJ stand for on a Rim or Wheel? I didn’t want to leave without paying for there service but they insisted. Anyways, Subaru wasn't open. GUYS DID AN AMAZING JOB ON MY 96 SUBARU OUTBACK 2.5 Stuck the wheels back on and lowered it down. This transmission relies on a system of variable width pulleys and chains which takes power from a locked torque converter and feeds it constantly to the transfer case.

1500klms done. Thanks Gentlemen, Robert was very helpful and informative with my email communications, I look forward to doing business with these guys.

All the models, the problems, the fixes. Fox JDM is proud to offer the Subaru Dual-Range Gearbox by All-Drive-Subaroo Australia. I called up for advice having just bought my first Subaru, a clean white 04 liberty sedan 3.0SpecB six speed manual, (pre facelift, non-centre diff control) and had questions about the viscous coupling and gearbox, and the amazingly helpful bloke on the phone couldn't have explained it better or more simply, aftermarket LSD's, their own uprated viscous couplers, how to test the viscous coupler (by jacking one wheel and trying to move it, smooth resistance is what you want).

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