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stumberg sheep for sale

From time to time we will offer surplus males and female for sale. Upon client inspection prior to loading or release, client accepts animals as healthy at time of delivery or pick-up. Holman Dorper & Powell Holman White Dorper Sale, Hamilton Commission Company - The Stumberg Sheep we hunt are from original herd in Hunt, Texas. Early Consignments: 43″ Ram: 40″ Ram: 32″ Rams Ram Power! Non-hunting guests may accompany the hunter for an additional $100 per day which covers lodging, meals and amenities as well. Ewes – $250. Females – $950. Females – $550. We have the very best selection of Stumberg Rams to be found anywhere in the world...in fact, we have guided numerous records for Trophy Game Records of the World over the years. ... All live sale orders are invoiced to … To help us provide healthy, sound animals for live delivery, we ask that clients accept delivery as soon as possible upon notice to you of capture. Rams not available for live sale. Exotic Animals for Sale Exotic Animals Wanted Animal Equipment ... We raise Bighorn Sheep, Stone Sheep, Transcaspian Urials, Armenian Mouflons, Afghan Urial, Alpine Ibex, Persian Ibex, Nubian Ibex, Siberian Ibex, Stumberg Sheep, White Buffalo, Wisent, and Yak. Big 4-Horn Sheep were in high demand. please contact us . Mouflon - For the sheep maintaining color patterns from Stumberg influence, the Corsican “Mouflon” pattern will be utilized as Stumberg sheep have Mouflon and Argali content. 715-769-3938. or. call. Heavy bodied rams with large think horns have been harvested. A “per animal” handling charge may be added for some veterinary work requests. Terms & Conditions • Sitemap • Contact Us. bighorn x's. Ann Malburg. Overall a GREAT SALE! I have also purchased Urial rams to do the same thing. year=now.getFullYear(); We are now raising Mule Deer at our new ranch in Kansas. Texas Hunt Lodge will you put you on a World Record Class Stumberg Ram that will be in the record books for years to come. for sale. The balance of any animal cost and all miscellaneous charges must be paid for in full before loading at The Patio Ranch. The unpaid balance of the invoice is due by credit card, bank transfer or cash upon notice from The Patio Ranch (telephone or e-mail) of the capture of deposited animals. To book your hunt, please call us at (830) 367-7611. Trophy Sheep & Goats & Plenty of Replacement Bucks, Colorway Wordpress Theme by InkThemes.com. Orders are confirmed and capture work will be started upon receipt of a 50% deposit of the total estimated invoice. 120 Lakehouse Trail Credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express), bank transfers, and personal/business checks may be used for deposit payments if more than ten (10) days from pick-up or delivery. PRICES AND AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE! Male 2-3 years – $1,750. rocky mountain . All animals are made available for inspection prior to loading for all clients picking-up animals at the Patio Ranch facility. Otherwise, cash, credit card or bank transfer is required. Ready to take your hunt to the next level? World Record Class Stumberg Sheep - Over 40": Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner prepared by our Chef, Varmit Hunting when Hunting Other Species, Cleaning and Transportation of your animal to Taxidermist/Meat Processor, Private Access to the Guadalupe River for Fishing, Swimming, Canoe, etc, Airport Transfers from San Antonio, Texas, Additional Hunting for other Game Animals, Skinning, Caping, and Quartering available, Extra Nights at the Texas Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests. The Patio Ranch will not be responsible for death loss of animals that have not been picked-up or allowed for delivery within four (4) days after customer notification of capture. In recent years I have attempted to replace the mouflon portion of the sheep with a larger breed of sheep- Stumberg Sheep. ewes. Unavailable until futher notice. we now have bighorn cross sheep for sale. © Copyright According to Mungall (2007), ewes weigh around 100 lbs with males weighing 150 - 225 lbs. beaver creek full curl ranch. please do not hesitate to . 1-2 year old–$900. A $2.50/head/day yardage and feed charge will be added to the final invoice for animals held in The Patio Ranch facilities for longer than four (4) days following capture notification. document.write(year); Overall a GREAT sale! Females – $3,500. Transcaspian Urial = (1) 5 1/2 Year Old Breeder Ram $12,500.00 (Available after 2019 Breeding Season) (1) Yearling Ram $3,500.00 Sale Starts @ 11:00 AM Trophy Sheep & Goats & Plenty of Replacement Bucks Call Randy to consign: (254) 977-2382 watch & bid online: www.lmaauctions.com. For more pictures of Rams & Billies consigned to this sale, follow this link to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hamiltoncommissioncompany/. Strong demand for 25″-30″ sheep. moondust rams. (830) 367-7611 Unavailable until futher notice. Females – $950. Ingram, TX 78025. Copyright 2008-2020 Texas Hunt Lodge. for interstate/international sales. Hamilton Commission Company. Ewes – $250. Rams/Billies pictured above are pre consigned to the sale. 2-3 year old–$1,500. Below are some of the trophies taken from our Stumberg Sheep hunts over the years. Click on the date of the sale to see the market report. Delivery charges are $3.00 per loaded mile (one-way) from the Patio Ranch facility. Stumberg sheep generally retain the Mouflon coloring but are larger in body size and horn size. We have the following animals for sale: European Bison Thank you to both the sellers and the buyers! H&L Sales. Males priced upon request when available. The Patio Ranch possesses a current Captive-bred Wildlife Permit HORNS Horns tend to vary away from the Mouflon's supracervical (heart-shaped) shape and turn more into the 9. STUMBERG SHEEP. We are also taking deposits for Transcaspain Urials, European Bison, Nubian Ibex, Persian Ibex, Red Sheep and Bighorn Hybrids babies. 4-HORN SHEEP. Trophy Fee is in addition to $250 per day which covers All-Inclusive Hunt Package. This lowers the stress that animals experience from capture and handling, thus providing an animal that will more likely perform well on your property. The cost of any health papers or veterinary work required/requested will be added to the invoice total. 2-3 year old–$1,500. for more information. Rams not available for live sale. Rams – 0-1 year old — $500. Historically, the spring sale tends to be a bit better. All Rights Reserved. bighorn sheep cross. List your animal for sale here. Male 3+ years priced upon request when available. All animals are guaranteed healthy at time of sale. now=new Date(); 10. These Rams are Argali Sheep and Mouflon Sheep crossed many decades ago. Solid Color pattern In addition, the following color patterns are recognized for sheep maintaining mostly the colors and patterns of the original sheep: If total invoice balance is not received within four (4) days of capture notice, then the deposit is forfeited and the deposited animals may be sold to another buyer. Delivery fee will be paid in full before the animals will be released from the trailer at buyer’s stated destination. Deliveries are made only in the state of Texas. Animals delivered to client’s property are made available for inspection by clients prior to release from our trailer. bighorn x. pjc beaver creek shoshone . Males 0-2 years old $2,750. Three year old or older – $2,000. bighorn sheep cross. Males 2+ years priced upon request when available. This was an extremely good sale. Male 0-1 years – $600. Three year old or older – $2,000. All live sale orders are invoiced to specify animals and services requested. texas dall . The bigger Mouflans will be here! Male 1-2 years – $1,050. Rams – 0-1 year old — $500. The ranch we hunt will have a few World Record Class Stumberg Sheep which will be over 40 inches, as well as Trophy Stumberg Sheep in … Stumberg Sheep = (1) 5 Year old Ram (Broke Horn) $3,500.00 (8) 1 and 2 Year Olds $3,500.00 EACH. 1-2 year old–$900. We also offer hunts in South Africa at our Africa Hunt Lodge, Texas Hunt Lodge 50 + Nice Rams off one ranch. Hunts will be available next Fall. This is our goal in trapping, handling, holding and delivery of all animals purchased from The Patio Ranch. Strong demand for 25″-30″ sheep. Females – $750. If you have any quality rams to sell, Feb 2015 would be a great time to send them to market. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting the Stumberg Ram in Texas, which makes it a suitable trophy year round. lambs. The results have been fantastic!

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