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sig p226 mk25 trigger

Follow-up shots are now even easier and my groups on rapid fire have shrank considerably. Some states have legal restrictions for the purchase of items so we need to ask for your location. Just went back to the range a few weeks ago. Overall, it is just simply IMO the best handgun (all P226's) !!! Its a functional gun that shoots well and is amazingly reliable — except when you use the crappy jam-tastic ProMag 30 round magazines. They work. My bedside firearms are a Glock 30, a Sig P220 Combat and a P226 Navy all equipped with the TLR-4. Since the shape of the holster is determined by what gadgets you throw on the rail, you’ll need to pick an illumination option and stick with it to use that holster (and if you take it off, the holster won’t quite work anymore). – Standard size P226 grips (new P226s all come with the slimmer, single piece E2 grips, which fit a lot more people a lot better). I can not recommend this upgrade any more highly. After dry-firing and testing the trigger on that gun I knew I had to get it. I really liked it but I was way more accurate out of the box with the P226 Legion. The P226 MK25 is identical to the pistol carried by the U.S. Navy SEALs, the fleet's special warfare operators. I just bought the P320 Carry, It has a slide release on both sides and the mag release is interchangeable too. How many of his pistols have that P226 Navy barcode?

Customer Service has had their ups and downs. My first P226 was a police trade-in I bought for $300 and despite YEARS of heavy wear, the thing never had a single malfunction and shot as straight as an arrow.

It’s like some kind of secret weapon used by the gov’t that you see on the Discovery Channel! It was a SIG P226-Navy. I’ve found long ago that the reviewers on here don’t know shite from shinola…. Law enforcement should be forced to use a safer double-action only handgun like the SIG 226 or Beretta 92, not a single-action no safety piece of garbage, heavly marketed by post Nazi Austrian industrialists and countless Arnold Schwarzenegger movies.

But this was the first box of ammo I put through her. Accuracy is dead on! See lots of Sig love and lots of Sig hate.

Runs like a champ and is deadly accuate. After shooting for awhile do you see any wear marks on the polished surface? I regularly get one ragged hole in my target at the range. Barrel: 4.4″ It does not change much as far as the feel and weight of the pull but eliminates the creep on reset and cleans up the break. If the problem persists, contact customer support. I am considering selling it.

Iv used lots of other cheap ammo after that with no other problems. Hand in hand with that change is the movement away from a removable bolt to one that’s integrated into the slide itself. I bought the SRT for my P226 & P229 after my wife got me a Legion for Christmas.

Thanks guys! see my review of the P226 for more on that feature, http://www.turners.com/sig-sauer/sig-sauer-p226-mk25-navy-9mm-44-barrel-14269, http://capfirearms.com/shop/index.php/sgmk-25-ca.html. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If I bought the MK25 I would have to put $150 into it to get it how I want it. Or you could just do what Joe Grine does and slap a pisol bayonet on it for laughs. Now another problem has cropped up. Overall, the combination of everything I like is in the MK25. The CA version had a “loaded chamber” indicator on top of the slide behind the ejection port. Sig is NOT a quaility firearm. – Phosphate coated interior components (as specified in the Navy contract). That’s what I like about the gun: it gives you options you didn’t have with the original design.

Two months later they said they are busy and I will get my gun back after they look at it and decide it is a warranty issue. This kit includes a black P226 Polymer grip set with grip screws, a replacement trigger bar, and mainspring seat. I like striker fire guns as much as the next guy and the XDm is a pretty awesome firearm, but that MK25 just shoots like butter and IMHO just a bit more tame than the XDm. Ditto here. Regarding the light………….I use a TLR-4 with a 3 way, easy to use switch.

I went to the range with the little mrs. for my birthday, brought my XDm and rented a MK25… We shot them both and I bought a MK25 a few weeks later! Why don’t you start your own blog instead of shitting on someone else’s. rental guns are horribly abused. Paid a 1000 bucks for 1911, never shot it just worked the slide and the frame was cutting into the slide. Over and out! the SRT fixed the issue and it’s fabulous now.

I’m surprised that you wouldn’t mention that there is some controversy in the use of gun mounted lights for home protection. And he puts a light and a 30 round magazine on his pistol…then gripes about how the trigger cutouts could be a weight saving factor? It’s certainly worth the effort. SIG recently released the version used by the Navy SEALs for civilian sale, and one email later I had a box with my name on it on the way to my FFL . USing the front rail to mount? I’ve been waiting for a review of this gun. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What makes the Mk25 different from a P226 is a much shorter list (shorter on practical significance that is): – Chrome lined barrel. When they upgraded everything else, they apparently forgot the trigger. I strongly recommend everyone to check them out!

Unfortunately they are know for releasing new designs before the bugs are worked out. There is a reason that they are used by police and military. That removes the need to replace the pins holding the bolt together every couple hundred thousand rounds.

I suppose it could be a weight saving measure to make the trigger lighter and faster, but I would have preferred my old solid design.

Parts kit includes: sear, safety lever.