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remington versa max sportsman review

For centuries now, if you could only have one gun, colonists, soldiers, mountain men and western farmers were all well advised to carry a smoothbore. Phone: 512-782-4624. I have to get in front of those clays fast, and I’m just not that fast. The Remington Versa Max is everything a shotgun is supposed to be. So, basically, what they’ve done is copy the Beretta A390/A391. If you want the versions more geared directly to hunting, you can get one for $700 to $800 pretty easily. Didn’t worry me as I mainly purchased to shoot 3.5 inch shells for Goose.

I’m not a shotgun expert, but I’ve been really working my scattergun for the last couple of years. Firing loads like this in a semi-auto is unheard of. The 1st was the more expensive waterfowl pro a few years ago. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. If you have a 1100 G3 or Competition, Model 105 CTI, or the Premier Over/Under in 12 gauge, the same Remington Pro Bore chokes will work for the Versa Max and for those shotguns. I’d trust my hunt or my life with this gun any day of the week.

I like everything about your choice except the short barrel. MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that this website has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in or linked to from this page and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites. i’d love to own a semi SG but they are just too damn high. The internals are polished and smooth without burs or rough edges where there shouldn’t be.

I’ve a stoeger 3000 which is a little rough on recoil and a beretta a400 that shoots slugs only which is far operated and easier on recoil. The gun runs. Now, Remington has brought out a tactical version of the VersaMax. I never thought I’d say it, but the gun I’m counting on the most, the gun that has taken the place of every other shotgun I own, is an autoloader. The only steel that got run through it was some military buck. I'm glad Remington is offering to inspect it but, for $700 I dont feel like I should have had to mess with it at all. Probably a lot more.

Forend gets in the way of running a long, easy to hit, bolt release. I love my VM, but it sure doesn’t love those minishells. My long experience has led me to never again buy any Remington centerfire autoloader, because I’ve never found one to be reliable and durable.

similar finish and would caution anyone that is not use to this finish and uses the gun in harsh conditions to ensure they clean and oil well once dry and acclimated or some surface rust may occur. Whatever you do, DON’T pick up a brand new Versa Max, light target loads (7/8 oz), and head out to a 3 gun match. – Removable mag extension: Check. At $1,399 the Versa Max is well under the price of the competition and promises to be a major contender in the shotgun market. Required fields are marked *. Compared to my 870 and 11-87, this thing is like shooting a .22; it's extremely smooth.
This Versamax plain works, was shipped fast from Buds. This shotgun is capable of automatic loading and firing continuously. The Tactical version also includes big controls all the way around. Remington offered to inspect the barrel and replace if it is a defect or charge me if it isn't.

I didn’t have a Remington shotgun set up for doves, so I brought a friend’s Remington V3.

aarghh. Selbstladefl inte Remington Versa Max Tactical | TEST & TECHNIK V 01 032-037 Remington Versa Max.indd 33 03.12.13 16:18. nik wie in den Vollpreis-Versionen. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Heard the gun didn’t cycle 2-3/4 well.

This ingenious design provides enough gas to cycle the action on lighter 2 3/4″ target loads, but doesn’t beat the action to death when firing big, bad 3 1/2″ shells.
“Blasphemy!” you say. The Versa Max never failed at any time, under any condition.

That’s far more difficult if you have to work your body around the gun. I had a smith open up the well and weld the forks closed on the gate (this was before the competition model was available. Thank you Buds and continue to keep up the good work your doing. I don’t normally become irritated with a gun and I realize it’s my own fault; I’m the one who made the decision not to clean it until it malfunctioned. Of course, it also has an extended tube for eight rounds of ammo and a barrel clamp for a sling and a short section of Picatinny rail. Be on the lookout for sales of the Versa Max and V3. Technical Specifications: Type: semi-automatic shotgun Gauge/Chamber: 12/31/2" I had a hard time finding these. I also patterned them, shot clays and skeet with them, and ran courses with them. gas piston. (FN has the worst customer service in the world btw), Nick did a direct comparison in his review. The Versa Max has emerged as one of the favorite 3 gun shotguns because: Remington has picked up on this and now offers the Versa Max Competition Tactical to serve the 3 gun crowd.

Well-executed fit and finish.

But by not fighting the gun, by making fewer movements to get the muzzle where it needs to be, I was hitting those cross-flying clays at a much higher percentage. I have, and I bet I will again. I love it and wouldn’t trade it for anything out there. NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using.

Ahem. The bigger forend (covering the gas pistons) can get in the way a bit when quad loading.

I've had this gun for a few months and have absolutely loved it! huh. I added the Northern Flight extended choke tube for hunting waterfowl as well as a "clip on" Psst, those “brass” low wall shotgun shells, are just brass washed steel. I was disappointed to see that there was some rust/powder residue in the barrel about 6-8" from the chamber that wouldn't easily clean

I've had this gun for a few months and have absolutely loved it! legal disclaimer https://guncarrier.com/data-privacy-addendum/, How To Choose The Best Gun Safes For Your Home, Ammo Lingo: Decoding What’s On The Store Shelf, Magnum capacity – 3 (2.75” shells), 2 (3.5” shells). It did clean up better after a box of Kent steel shot. I can have a pair of decent ARs for that in today’s marketplace. I doubt you will, either. Works the same as a Benelli or my, Adjustable length of pull, drop, and cast, Different cheek height inserts are available. With its superb features, it would really be hard to pass up on this lightweight and affordable hunting shotgun. The gas pushes against two pistons that only move a short distance—less than an inch—accelerating the bolt to full speed within that distance. It’s the drop and cast adjustment that’s the new interesting part. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. While I appreciate the review, I’m not giving up my Remington 870 P. – Top folding stock: Check. Sounds good, but I might have thought you would have chosen the V3. Made in Spain. Unfortunately, semi-autos are rarely as reliable as pump guns.

Though if I had to do it over, I would probably go with a Benelli. © 2019 American Gun Association. I bet some of you who think $400 is the right price-point for a shotgun spend that much in less than 6 months on your cable-television subscription. No matter if it’s for a duty, competition, or going after the doves, you’re likely to need more rounds than the shotgun holds. so it is inertia driven. When my shotgun goes bang I automatically rack the slide. Go into the used market and get a A390. Benelli and Beretta make high quality shotguns in this field and similar price points. WHY would anyone take the Remington experiment and spend real money on a shotgun of this level??? This is simple, if anyone has a gun that runs stick with it, regardless of brand.

The receiver is drilled for an optic rail, and that rail is included with the package.

We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Benelli Rolls Out an Updated M2 3-Gun Competition Edition. The twin piston, gas operated 12-gauge will handle all lengths and size of loads. It may be a bit heavy and the forend may be a bit bulkier than other shotguns out there, but shotguns where those are better cost quite a bit more. Only Sluggers even get close to acceptable accuracy. The good news is that the MSRP is grossly more than what the gun is actually being sold for.

I always though tests like that were nonsense but if you really get into hunting you will spend time in those conditions……. If you are stressed and in need of a shotgun for defense, big controls help make up for that loss of fine motor control you will experience. Your choices will not impact your visit. The Remington Versa Max is a gas operated, magazine tube-fed, semi-automatic shotgun that is Remington’s hat in the ring of versatile shotguns that work with a variety of shells. With its superb features, it would really be hard to pass up on this lightweight and affordable hunting shotgun. This system makes for an extremely versatile shotgun that is equally at home busting up clays, shooting geese, or even shooting a stage of 3 gun though it is a bit heavy. It’s so fast, it feels like cheating. Heard the gun didn’t cycle 2-3/4 well. I’ve been trying to find the cheapest possible bird/low brass to make it not work, but no luck yet. I had no trouble putting Breneke slugs into a 12-inch circle at 100 yards with the stock “irons”, so a rail-mounted scope would make this gun a deer- and bear-slaying machine for shotgun-only hunts. It will even cycle flawlessly shooting the ultra low recoil loads that won’t cycle inertia guns. (Even giving the competitors a slight advantage because the lower recoil allows them to bring the gun back on target faster.). Versa Max won. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. I’ve had a few break and I’ve broken a few. If you aren’t going to be diligent in cleaning camo finish would be a good option for you. Figured coming out bankruptcy they would have lowered the MSRP?

Its 28” barrel length is well suited to its magnum capacity of 2.75” and 3.5”.

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