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real women have curves discussion questions

I would like to know your thoughts on the movie generally, and your thoughts on what types of issues/questions jump into your mind as relevant to our course material here. Here’s a quick summary of the story adapated from IMDB, As Rachelle Ramirez wrote in her excellent Fundamental Fridays blog post, , the status story that ends in success is a prescriptive tale that shows us how to maintain our place in society or advance up the ladder. : The Dependent and Secret Worlds collide. It’s not enough that Ana wants to and has the grades to attend Columbia. ( Log Out /  It occurred to me that the character of Carmen does not simply represent a mother, she represents an entire notion in our society in which women bring other women down. If we were to say the two represent all Latina or Chicana mothers and daughters, we would be ignoring the portrayals like the one in RWHC.

Ana tells her family about her decision; all but her mother, support her. Mr. Guzman drops by the Garcia family home and tells her parents that he’d like to see Ana continue her education and that she has great potential. Why not give it a look during the week, and follow along with us? Halfway through the film, Ana goes on her date with Jimmy. Real Women Have Curves is a success story.

Even after seeing how it all fell together I am left almost unsatisfied because it seems like she abandoned her family and traditions in order to fulfill her own passions. Carmen on the other hand was brought up in a different culture and because of this was able to grow into a stronger person with a different view of life. since the characters are so similar. How do some characters maintain, defy, or resist “traditional” gender roles? Also read and write reviews of REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES MOVIE on MouthShut.com. That’s not what you all said. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The reading said, “Ana’s mother constantly harasses her about her weight, calling her “fat” and reinforcing Anglo, colonial ideals of beauty and corporeal patriarchy.” Her mother only believes in the “white” ideal of beauty and this is the opposing force to the main message of the movie that real women have curves. As I explained in class, I actually know a Latino whose parents were against him getting his bachelors because they aren’t aware of the investment he is putting in. Her status within the family does shift (from the one who is only fit for sweeping floors for free, to the only one who rising above her socio-economic standing).

In the mini-plot stories, multiple characters express opinions on the controlling idea or theme of the story. Also, this is a mini-plot, so we’re not anticipating epic change in the protagonist. This is a story that’s been told throughout all of time. Contrast this with Akeelah and the Bee where the audience is hoping and praying the mother will come around.

are focused on the internal and sometimes called slice of life stories with a very specific character and setting. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Also the convention of “the vanquished are doomed to exile” is played out here by her mother who chooses to exile herself, by leaving the room as well as by staying in her room when it’s time for Ana to leave. Ultimately, she needs to let go of her desire to win her mother’s respect, because their worldviews are too different.

She opts for college and all but her mother support her. They dance as they finish the dress order. There’s a theory in storytelling circles called Chekov’s Gun. She leaves for New York and lives happily ever after anyway.

I agree with Carolyn and Alexandra when they say there is a difference between healthy and skinny. The attempts to reach young people through these mediums are indeed admirable, but which images are more powerful, the Dove commercials, or the images of America now? She will have to start work at her sister’s dress factory.

I agree that Carmen was just another sort of member in the cycle of tradition.

As the film addresses body image, I think it is important to encourage all people, but especially young women, to take care of their bodies and not allow the “every size is beautiful” thought process to excuse unhealthy behaviors and lifestyles. Over the summer, she learns to admire the hardworking team of women who teach her solidarity and teamwork. Estela seems almost as though she has been run down by her mother’s constant negativity and criticism, and yet she is a business owner proving that just because she is not the dominate figure she can still be a pillar of strength. This is the place to start. I could never picture my mother call me names like that.

It makes me feel unsure of myself and I believe that is the kind of relationship Ana and her mother had. Her mother also complains that she is “too fat” and should help her family.

Ana challenges her mother’s values and owns her own by stripping down to her undergarments in the heat in the factory. But Status stories are about our personal definition of success, influenced from within and without, what we’re willing to compromise to obtain it, as well as how we react to opportunities and misfortune. Did she write about herself, her life, her family?

The protagonist, Ana, starts in a working-class immigrant family that places a low value on education, and ends up at an Ivy League university.

Change ), 17. What did you think of this choice?

Ana’s sister, Estela, also has a nuanced position. A common theme that is discussed in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies is the idea of self image and how it is affected by the male gaze. Many children can relate to that, and can relate to the structure of the family. The human need for esteem includes several ingredients, like the respect of others, but I think internal acceptance is a necessary prerequisite for external respect to make a real difference.

This shows how programmed it is in our minds that bigger is not acceptable. As you can see from the movie and the reading, Ana struggled greatly about her mother’s constant pressure to be thin. Through this movie being released, has addressed body image in a very influential way. How many other sweatshops have been in the same place only to go out of business? The cautionary version shows us what not to do, by showing us a protagonist falling from a stable place in society, down through compromise, failure, and finally selling out–which is another way of saying “failure masquerading as success.”.

One could relate to both Ana and her family so at different points it was hard to decide exactly what the audience wanted for Ana. : Members of the community realize they are better off for the Protagonist’s expressing her gifts. Ana’s mother stays in her room and won’t speak to Ana (Ana is effectively banished from her mother’s presence), but she leaves for college anyway.

I think the shift in Ana seems small in part because of the specific genre. The story is entirely in Ana’s POV: she’s in virtually every scene and we experience the whole story through her eyes. They think my major isn’t good enough and that my future will not be secure since I do not wish to be a Doctor or Lawyer.

If she is going to make it, she has to remain steadfast in who she is and learn to stand on her own two feet, or she risks compromising her moral code as she attempts to rise within society. Are you lost on how to tackle this project? Is Carmen trying to protect Ana from the heartbreak, mistreatment, and oppression that she undoubtedly experienced in life as a lower class racial minority woman? I personally admire Jennifer Hudson and Jonah Hill for taking control of their bodies and taking positive steps toward their health. Kingdom in Chaos: The Dependent world begins to change as a result of the Protagonist’s choice to begin to express herself. Therefore, we categorize ourselves into these two terms. Your email address will not be published. Although Leslie makes a great case for it being a mini-plot story, with opinions about Ana’s situation expressed by a range of different characters, the single POV and linear structure retain the feeling of a simple arch-plot, or single, clear arc from failure to success. Ana’s acceptance of her body is admirable, but so is America Ferrara’s decision to lose weight to be more healthy. Opportunity to Shine: This is the first real expression of the Protagonist’s talent or true nature, but it’s not a threat to the dependent world. When a weak protagonist succeeds against the odds, we’re in the Sentimental subgenre. However, the goal of this post is not to demonize the mother, but to address the movie’s overall message, all body types are beautiful. What constitutes a mentor? What is important here though is that the message being sent is about health- not about weight necessarily.

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