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present simple and present continuous games for adults

Copyright © 2002 - 2020 UsingEnglish.com Ltd. Action and state verbs will therefore be dealt with separately in my next article in this series. Ask students to draw or mime the sentences, then discuss which ones are more likely. Present Simple and Continuous time zones guessing game. Each section is arranged with the ones which I’d use most often in my own classes nearest the top. Thank you for sharing them! Our online discussion forums are the perfect place to quickly get help

career development, specialisations, and ideas and suggestions for Present Simple and Continuous taboo topics.

You can also ask students to make tricky to answer questions like those above. excellent online English training course. The team who are closest without going over are the winners. Feelings present perfect sentence completion 2. Full End User License Agreement - synopsis: You are free to use any resource on this site as an end user and MES grants you an End User License with the following restrictions: You may not redistribute, copy, modify, transfer, transmit, repackage, re-engineer, charge for, or sell any of the materials from this site.

Students can start the game when they have filled in about 50% of the sentences on their worksheets, or better classes can just do the whole game orally without a writing stage to prepare.

If you want to play the old Flash version of this game, follow this link: “Describe the changes in the economy of your country at the moment.”, Thank you very much for sharing! Tks for the ideas. Students try to write a sentence about the whole class using the number or length of time you give them, e.g.

For the formation of question sentences (interrogative) in present continuous we take “am, is, are” before the subject of the sentence.

If you want to add a game element, students can vote on the most interesting sounding place and/ or best description. Famous places Present Simple and Continuous guessing game. For example, if they ask for a four point question (usually uncomfortable to answer but not really taboo) and kind of answer it but with lots of pausing and some avoiding of the question, their partners can decide to reward them with two points (half the total of four points that they could have got).

authors and contributors.

She lives in Canada, so they only meet a few times a year.”.

How well do you know your present classmates? I have about 20 pairs.” for “socks”), or a person (e.g. “I’ve been playing the violin for 2 years” “I think you have passed two tests in that time”, You say the achievement and they guess how long it has taken you, e.g. "},{imgPath:"/wp-content/uploads/custom-uploads/GRAMMAR/tense-present-continuous/images/phone.jpg",imgCaption:"Is the phone ringing? The first person with no cards left is the winner. "},{imgPath:"/wp-content/uploads/custom-uploads/GRAMMAR/tense-present-continuous/images/running.jpg",imgCaption:"He is running fast.

Including speaking activities with minimal resources, ideas for worksheets, and possible uses of technology.

"},{sentEN:"He is not wearnig his uniform now. 70 ways to improve your English For a full list of the vocabulary or classroom resources to match these games, check out the links below: More activities and games to learn English: Update: Learn more about the badge system --> check out the badge page for information on how to earn badges, how to print badges, how teachers can use the badges in their classrooms. The #1 Jeopardy-style classroom review game now supports remote learning online. Students need to decide on the best candidate of the two in each case.

"},{imgPath:"/wp-content/uploads/custom-uploads/GRAMMAR/tense-present-continuous/images/song.jpg",imgCaption:"He is singing a song. “He is chatting to his colleagues and Jose almost always does that at work” and “He is washing his clothes and most people here wash their clothes every day”.

This is a photoset which you can use to illustrate the difference between present simple and present continuous.

Although real job application letters (= cover letters) will include a lot of Present Perfect and Simple Past, it is possible to produce a reasonable one with Present Simple and Continuous sentences like “I’m designing a new way of storing photos” and “I work with people from 60 different countries”. They continue writing and passing until the postcards are finished, then they are passed one last time and opened for general hilarity and a discussion about which postcards make most sense, sound like the best holiday and/or are funniest. They then get a number of points that is all, none or a part of that depending on how well they answered the question. For the formation of positive sentences in present continuous tense we add use “am, is, are” and a verb with “-ing” suffix at the end. You can then get them to compare answers with their partner, try to guess their partner’s answers, try to guess the most popular answers in the class, try to guess which answers their partner has written the same as them, or try to guess which answers the majority of the class has written the same as them.

"},{sentEN:"I am selling my car tomorrow.

“He’s been making films for/ since…”, “She’s been married… times”. “What is your sister…?” when they have more than one sister), they also lose their chance to get a point.

Practice spelling, vocabulary, speaking, questions and answers, as well a grammar with these great games and activities. We can also use present continuous tense to talk about arrangements in near future.

This is similar to Answer Me above, but as a whole class activity with some time to prepare what they are going to say. “People are probably coming home from bars about now. Learning a new language can be hard work, so here are 70 practical tips for improving your English that you can do outside of school or collage.

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