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poodle stud colorado

Virginia and Lexi! Complete genetic testing for Mom and Dad and all perfect!!

They are raised in the house with us, loved on and potty training started. Powder Valley Poodles offers many choices for breeders looking to add color, working aptitude and superior genetics to their lines. We provide a free ad service for dog breeders to advertise their Poodle Standard studs in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins and anywhere else in Colorado.

Email me at  coloradopoodles@gmail.com to ask questions about an up coming or current litter.

We guarantee the health, availability and quality of our stud dogs. CERF — (Eyes Normal), Hips –OFA  Good, DM — Clear, PRA – PRCD – Clear His parents are not nearly as big, so he does sire an assortment of sizes from, smaller, like his parents, to tall, like him. Our poodles are raised indoors with a lot of love and attention. He is adorable and so sweet. The owner of the bitch is responsible for all collection, insemination and/or shipping fees. Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.

However, we use him frequently and many of our girls are daughters of Houston. Look for better pics of Patrick soon. He is an EXCELLENT choice for the Bernie/poodle cross breeders.

Stunning phantom markings and carries for parti. Hips and eyes are great! Energetic and eager to perform. OFA (hips excellent, patellar, elbows, normal). Kirstin Stuart 604 798 7763 Stunning phantom markings and carries for parti. Malibu is a Golden Mountain Doodle (50% Goldendoodle and 50% Bernedoodle). Robbie also, when crossed with the Bernese Mountain Dog, sire stunning tri-colored miniature Berner-looking puppies with white collar, white chest and blaze and white feet. I swear he naturally knew how to walk on a loose leash, constantly checking my eyes for the next command. (above), Thanks Ben for sharing Lucia's picture and how great a hunter she is turning out to be.

What a mess but sooooo much fun!!!

Thanks for your patience! Meet Copper, our AKC Standard Poodle available for stud services. Logan is a rare Red Sable Moyen (medium) poodle with a perfect laid back attitude. DNA cleared through Embark. So far his clearances include DM, NE, vWD, and PRA-PRCD clear and he carries both bi, tri, and sable coloring. At 17” he is AKC Miniature Poodle. There may also be time limits to your contract so be sure that the female is in heat and ready to mate and be sure to ask about the consequences of an unsuccessful breeding. They are raised in the house with us, loved on and potty training started. Our goal is to breed versatile, well-rounded Standard and Miniature Poodles who … OFA - Hips good, elbows negative for dysplasia, Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures - clear.

I will be calling or emailing you soon. Winnie is a F1 miniature Bernedoodle that weighs 45 lbs. Perfectly submissive, always looking for cues on how to behave, and very motivated by praise. As is apparent from all of his Canine Good Citizen Titles  —  he is also a very well-behaved, friendly and trainable guy. Robbie’s health and genetic clearances include “Clear” for PRA-PRCD and type 1 vWD, NE and DM.

vWD – Clear, NE — Clear. minimum As the breeding of puppies has different value, so does the value of the Stud. He is a complete gentleman and passes on his wonderful traits to his pups.

Welcome to Beauvoir Poodles in Boulder, Colorado. Schnoodle Rescue … New and young Mommy, Kenzie, and Daddy, Ernie. Updates to the website and services pending.

We believe that a combination of correct structure, solid temperament and good health produces the ultimate family companions.

Colorado Poodle Stud Dogs; Owner Image Description Age Stud Fee; coloradostud Aurora, CO 80015: Copper Meet Copper, our AKC Standard Poodle available for stud services. This will often require a fee or in some cases the 'pick of the litter'.

I am extremely pleased with this beautiful boy and am  proud to offer him at stud. He has produced both black tricolor and beautiful sable tricolor puppies. Very Smart and athletic. All of our male dogs offered at stud are proven producers. He is black with light red phantom markings. up (depending on litter) Plus $135 for each Veterinarian AI breeding procedure. Truly helps my panic attacks and getting out of the house. Terms are live litter (2 or more puppies surviving a minimum of three day) guarantee.

© 2023 by Name of Site. She liked to talk and was a little more outgoing, yet a little more timid in new situations. In the event of a non-pregnancy or non viable litter  where the bitch owner has been working with an experienced, knowledgeable canine reproduction veterinarian the bitch owner will receive another breeding from a Powder Valley Poodles male. OFA:   Hips - good. Meet Toby Wan Kenobi & Reuben Rise ‘n Shine .

Hold still Chloe... it's my morning kiss! I love raising standard poodle puppies as pets. Local breeders or bitch owners traveling to Fort Collins for a breeding are offered two separate inseminations either 24 or 48 hours apart for one stud fee. Houston’s health clearances include OFA (hips good, eyes, heart — normal) For information on Houston’s availability contact Powder Valley Poodles. Winston is my registered service dog, I have PTSD, and he is such a wonderful boy. Please click SUBMIT to send this information to me. We also don't back breed (inbreeding of a Dad to a daughter or a Mom with a son) as this can cause very bad health issues. We also have a Vet technician and multiple volunteers.

Meet this big, black standard poodle son of Houston and Dazzle.

Elbows - negative for dysplasia. Extremely smart and ours are bred for temperament. and trained to sleep through the night. We are family owned and operated. His mother is a Bernese Mountain Dog and his father is a black and white parti, miniature poodle.

They both have great mellow personalities. Foster has produced a variety of solid colored puppies including parti, silvers, blues, browns, and phantoms.

Although we must have a kennel name for AKC purposes, we are not a kennel, but a cooperation of friends and family members where each dog is a loved and valued member of the family. Contact us with your questions regarding our dogs. HOWEVER  — this guaranty is only available if the bitch owner is using a board certified veterinary reproduction specialist or a veterinarian with adequate experience and knowledge of canine reproduction to insure a viable pregnancy. (click OFA logo to view results on the OFA website).

Wonder what Cinna-bun is asking Santa for this Christmas? Logan is a rare Red Sable Moyen (medium) poodle with a perfect laid back attitude. Hips are PennHIP certified and rated OFA-Good. The Larson's Phantom Boaz is Carolina Poodle's stud dog.

If you can't find the stud you need be sure to check our breeder listings as they don't always advertise their individual stud dogs. Need to turn those charcoal or grizzled blacks into pure, inky black, thick and beautiful showy coats? In the International Ring that means he won Best of Breed in 4 different shows under 4 different judges  —  the minimum that it can be accomplished.

He is 8 pounds and just under 10 inches at the shoulder. He has been assigned an OFA “Good” on his hips and OFA “Normal” on his elbows. Our adults have had extensive health testing to include bite certification.

Boaz is a family dog.

Both cooled and frozen semen is offered for shipping. We breed for temperament and quality of genetics.

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