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personal leadership strengths and weaknesses essay

* How has this leader influenced or put his/her mark within the industry (citations) Personal Strengths and Weaknesses are what I believe to be a life learning experience. Allowing people to take part in decisions can enhance their willingness to work collaboratively when handling different tasks. Strengths and Weaknesses of Democratic Leadership In a democratic leadership style, one involves workers or their followers in the decision-making process for a particular process, path, or action while retaining the right to make the final decision. This paper analyzes the strengths and weaknesses associated with democratic leadership. An effective leader and management team is key for an organization to be successful. However, it also has its drawbacks in particular situations, as do other leadership approaches (Schedlitzki and Edwards 2012). This paper will also give an outline of the goals that I consider a priority and a timeline for this development. Establishing a teamwork culture under democratic leadership practices is easy. When a leader expects others to follow suit, they need to set the standards.

This is a trait with other leadership styles specifically servant and visionary approaches. Weaknesses • This question is what researchers have been trying to discover for decades. People have the tendency to resist change especially if they are uncertain of the impact this will have on them. Similarly, the results of the self-assessments for charismatic leader behavior and my total score of 95 classify me as a charismatic leader. There is a drawback to this leadership model. This has made me an articulate person. An Integrative Theory of Leadership. New York, NY: Psychology Press.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PLAN LDR-531 Democratic leadership has become popular in organization considering its strengths over other approaches. Leaders that insist on the same as considered indecisive (Wart 2012). Center.

Achieving the same under the autocratic approach to leadership is hard. I also believe realizing my strengths and weaknesses will help me to become more self-conscious and a well-rounded individual. Oprah has proved to have what it takes to be a leader by her intelligence, honesty, self-confidence, and integrity. Assessments………………..……………….…………..3

When talking about LEAN, leadership is a key component of change and driving implementation. In this essay, I will discuss my own leadership style as “pacesetting” based on the self-assessment result proposed by Daniel Goleman (2000). This is common when people favor conflicting options or solutions.

  On the other hand, the risk is mitigated under democratic leadership as an individual consider ideas and opinions raised by others before making the final decision. Shutterstock Not all bosses are born with the necessary qualities to be a leader; in fact, some are so terrible at it that their leadership skills are frequently called into question. Nancy Fisher In contrast, self-reflection is a process used to study one's own performance in order to improve it. ...Leadership Development Action Plan In the end, members feel like they are a part of the process, hence their willingness to own. Employees can develop the feeling that their leader is intentionally combating or disregarding their opinions. Therefore, my leadership style would be task-oriented since my score was high. > High-running Pass This quality is to my advantage because then my, The problem with not saying no to people is that it gives them idea that I am willing to fix and do everything they ask of me. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you recognize and overcome your.

If someone can ultimately say that they fully understand themselves, they will find it much easier to understand others around them. By correctly I mean having a balanced position (standing 7/26/2015 are my strengths and weaknesses for Netball and why I think each one 2014. Example of a Personal Leadership SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis (rev 2008) Strengths • Compulsive • Strong follow-through • Articulate • Writes well • Balanced work-life perspective • Multi-interested (e.g., work, recreational activities [e.g., curling, golf, etc.]) It is clear that leaders have to involve others the coming up with solutions to different issues. 2012. I also asked a previous co-worker who I later became good friends with after we no longer worked together. I believe that people should always do what is right and for the right reasons, Family – family gives a sense of belonging as they offer a safe and supportive base from which to explore the world and time spent with them is precious. 1. Being open to new ideas is an extremely good way to be adaptive to new situations. January 31, 2011 Employees in the contemporary world derive satisfaction from being involved. Why I am still nice and willing to do things for her, even I do not, Robert Oppenheimer And The Manhattan Project. Personal Leadership Strength and Weakness Analysis Leadership (SAT2) – Task 2, Part D Course Mentor: Dwane Thomas September 5, 2012 D-1. Honesty flourishes which lead to collective working because the opinions of every individual are taken into consideration. The journey to leadership development begins with understanding myself well enough to be self-aware of the main gifts, strengths and specificities I can capitalize on and on which weaknesses I have to improve.                            Table of Contents Too self-critical and not being content with how I am doing things. • Ambitious. According to the results of the leadership and team skills self-assessments (Pfeiffer & Jones,1974), my score for concern for people was 6 whereas my score for concern for task was 10.

This makes it easy for them to convince their people to collaborate with one another whenever possible. A leader can coin the final decision to include own ideas and the ideas of the majority. Introduction……………………………………………..3

I expected to complete my graduate program in 36 to 39 months. 2010. This is mostly done by exposing my areas of strengths and weaknesses in my leadership abilities. Joanna Zambas. This is a common challenge when a leader does not understand how to determine the best option from the many that are available. Joanna Zambas. Democratic leadership demands effective leadership skills to avoid conflicts (Winkler 2010). Specifically, leaders in an organization can communicate the need for the change and involve their people in devising strategies that will be used to realize the objectives or vision linked with the proposed change. Transformational Leaders Involving individuals in the decision-making process forces them to think outside their box to come up with creative solutions. Despite this, I consider my listening skills subpar and am aware of my need for improvement.

This style has strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, this can also form a basis for conflicts. Leaders accustomed to democratic leadership may struggle to navigate through complex situations that only they can solve (Schedlitzki and Edwards 2012). I also asked them both to give me examples of when they have seen me represent the leadership characteristics on the assessment. > Pivoting With the decentralization of power, this prevents small ruling elite from having the power to control everything in an organization an issue common with autocratic leadership (Wart 2012). TITLE: I am somewhat reserved and not open to form relationships easily unless I fully trust. Don't use plagiarized sources.

My personal weakness at work is lack of leadership.

Various techniques are available to leaders including democratic, autocratic, and laissez-faire among others. Due Week 10 and worth 200 points You’re not always interrupting me and talking about your problems.” Since then I started noticing that people would open up to me fairly quickly and tell me things, I have one such friend who would call me every day if I let him to talk about his problems and just have me listen.

There are some key questions that the leader needs to ask themselves and truthfully answer to gage where they are at. ...Leadership Style There are those that favor democracy while choose to use autocratic practices.

In this paper the subject to discuss is the strengths and weaknesses, These three parts enable me to be much more efficient and effective in my ways compared to those of my peers as well as others in my general environment. I chose Oprah Winfrey as an effective leader due to her qualities and characteristics, leadership traits, influential etc…. When I think of my personal strengths and weaknesses in school, finding the time to study, always seems to fall on the weaker side.
is a strength or weakness. For example, they learn how to make decisions as well as determining the best course of action when given different options. Get Your Custom Essay on, Leadership: Strengths and Weaknesses of Democratic Leadership, © Copyright Eikra 2020. The overall result will be an inclusive leadership plan of development that I will use to grow myself as well as any organization that I work for in the future. For any leadership to be effective there must be a focused and shared vision that everyone is a part of. Finding a person to replace them can be challenging if an organization does not have an individual in mind or has not prepared anyone for the same. While for the internal aspects, personal characteristics and attributes that a person has will be analysed.

Strengths One of the strengths that were reiterated more than once during my peer evaluation was the fact that I was able to communicate well. There are times when the newly hired leader must undergo training before they start handling their roles. Leaders must make sure they provide direction to people when everything does not seem to be going as planned.

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