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nuna rava vs britax

Some of these were harder to pull than others, and the buttons also vary in style and ease of use. We will provide you an overview of each, including the most common reasons to use one over the other, or when you might need to use one over the other based on manufacturer guidelines. Convertible car seats have similar designs with what few obvious difference that are not cosmetic. The Graco Extend2Fit has the highest score for crash test results with a combined head and chest sensor result that surpasses the competition. The more convoluted design includes removing the shoulder straps from a splitter plate on the back and physically moving the straps from one slot height on the seat back to thread them through different slots (above right). We recommend you keep children rear-facing as long as possible (within the guidelines of the seat) because it is safer for children in the event of an accident. We used our test data with additional crash test data from NHTSA's test results to formulate an analysis of each seat. The fabric on the Chicco wraps around and tucks into the shell for a very impressive overall finish. The Britax ClickTight car seats don't have traditional lock-offs, but the pressure of the seat bottom closure acts as a lock-off and prevents the car seat from sliding back and forth on the vehicle belt, something we often see in lock-off free seats.

Not using the harness or seat correctly could lead to injury or possible death in the event of a crash, so this is an important feature to consider on any seat. However, it is useful if the straps aren't readily accessible to the passenger and can't result in potential injuries floating loose around the car seat. Kids' car seats undergo a significant amount of messy action and will require regular cleaning in one way or another.

If you use the seat belt to anchor your seat to the vehicle instead of the LATCH connectors, it is useful to have a spot to store the unused anchors. The majority of the seats have a hard plastic outer shell with a dense foam padding as the second layer. In our review of convertible seats, you will see that we have combined crash test data we commissioned with similar data obtained from crash tests commissioned by NHTSA. How can we improve BabyGearLab?

Both the EXEC and RAVA feature an all-steel frame, offering heavy-duty protection compared with the plastic shells of most car seats. This diagram showing LATCH system lower anchors appears in Graco's car seat manual. This seat also offers impressive results for installing with LATCH, which could translate to better safety as many real-world injuries are associated with installation errors.

The Graco Extend2Fit earned our best crash test rating with 9 of 10 thanks to excellent Chest Clip (g) and HIC scores. Some options have designated pockets for LATCH clips, while the most common storage method includes attaching the clips to points on the shell or to each other. Some lock-offs work a little better than others, but even those that are challenging, still provide a more secure feeling installation in our tests than seats without a lock-off.

Except for the Peg Pergo Primo Viaggio Convertible, the seats lacking a lock-off did not score as well as those with a lock-off. I think the Nuna is a BEAST of a car seat.

As previously discussed, where you plan to install the car seat may impact which product you choose to purchase. The Britax Allegiance has the best (lowest) HIC result for the group with a slightly better than average result for the Chest Clip; these results help it earn the second-best score in the group with an 8. We rated each seat compared to the competition using a 1-10 scoring system using crash test report analysis. The Britax Boulevard CLickTight ARB has the highest score for tightening and loosening. However, surprisingly, about a third of the options are easier to install using the vehicle belt not the LATCH.

The Britax seats all claim an "energy-absorbing base," with something they call "safe cell." Each convertible car seat included in our review is crash tested according to the same crash test protocol used by the US Federal Safety Standards.

The Evenflo Tribute has high marks in crash testing, and at just over 9 lbs you will have an easier time carrying it than you would the Clek Foonf at over 38 lbs in its rear-facing configuration, or the Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB at over 28 lbs. The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio Convertible, Britax Boulevard ClickTight ARB, Britax Advocate ClickTight ARB, Britax Marathon ClickTight ARB, Britax Emblem, and the Britax Allegiance all have non-rethread harness systems that are easy to adjust and nicely designed. It also isn't the most comfortable, providing less padding and an unbolstered headrest.
All trademarks property of their respective owners You should have easy access to it in case you need it, but it shouldn't be where little ones can find it or where spilled items and vomit can reach it. While Graco also claims independent testing for SIP, but their definition and test results only cover keeping your child contained in the harness in the event of a side collision. Given that there is no industry standard for SIP and other features, and all the manufacturers seem to mean something different, it results in words that have no meaning in and of themselves. Studies show that more than 7 out of 10 car seats are installed incorrectly, or the harness is not fitted properly . Even if your child needs to scrunch their knees and have less legroom, it is still safest to be rear-facing as long as they are within the height and weight requirements of the seat. So, what is the most critical information from crash impact tests when analyzing results? Jump to: How We Tested Convertible Car Seats. If you lose the manual or it does get damaged, most are available online, or you can order a new one from the company. Whether you base your decision on crash testing alone or other factors, you'll find the details that will guide you there in this review of excellent contenders. I went and tested out the Britax at my local babies are us and liked it compared to others but didn’t know where to try the Nuna so know how similar they are I can finally make a decision!! Alternatively, the non-rethread method adjusts quickly with your little one in the seat as soon as you notice there is a need. While buckles like the Evenflo Tribute and Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 were straightforward with sides that pop out with a push, others are so challenging you'll need two hands. We needed a towel for the rear installation of the Evenflo Tribute to obtain the proper angle of the seat. Taller bars incidate better results and a potentially higher margin of protection. Add to this that the Extend2Fit can potentially stay rear-facing for longer than the majority of seats (up to 50 lbs), and you have a delightful cocktail of features that creates a potentially safer environment. This issue requires that parents research to determine what manufacturers mean, whether their design or unique feature has undergone testing, and what the tests include. Dr. Spurrier loves the Clek's quality, finds it easy to use, and her kids love it. For those reasons, we consider testing with a heavier test dummy in a forward-facing position to be more informative concerning differences that translate to injury prevention. We love the non-rethread harness with ten height variations, seamless fabric, closed-shell design, and three layers of padding for baby's comfort over the long haul.

The Evenflo Tribute LX is a very basic seat with the lowest price in this review.

The longer a seat can sit rear-facing, the better. They each offer additional padding with well-fitted fabric and considerations for everything. We found that options with a lock-off were every bit as secure feeling when installed with a belt as they were with the LATCH (some even more so). Most of the harnesses we tested loosen by pressing a button near the foot of seat, while others worked by lifting a small lever in the same location.

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