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[35], In 2011, Bowser was appointed to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority board of governors, a position she held until 2015. [142] Community activists raised ethics concerns, claiming that Bowser was swayed by a $25 million pledge to rename the future MLS Soccer Stadium as Pepco Park. [64] Bowser used her third ever veto to block legislation that would have preserved the independence of the organization, which also provides grants to hundreds of artists. [141] The District incurred tens of thousands of dollars in credit card fees.

However, with her loving heart, she has adopted a baby, who she named as Miranda Elizabeth Bowser. There have never been any rumors regarding a possible affair with anyone.

[158] Bowser said that appropriate management action had been taken in response to staff babysitting, without specifying what was done. Regarding her age, Muriel Bowser was born on August 2, 1972.

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She obtained a university scholarship due to her above common grades. [174] She then won the June 19 Democratic Primary with 83% of the vote, after her most formidable potential challenger, former mayor Vincent C. Gray, declined to enter the race. [179], Bowser has never married. She named former Council candidate Courtney Snowden to the new position. [95] Under the agreement with the developer, the District will be responsible for cost overruns. Interesting: Genevieve Nnaji Net Worth, Husband, Daughter, 2019. [104], Mayor Bowser demonstrated support for the Black Lives Matter movement following the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests. [62], Asserting legal authority that was questioned by the D.C. Council, in 2019 Bowser illegally took control of the art collection owned by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and sought to bring the organization under her control.

Muriel was first elected in a special election in 2007 and then re-elected in 2008 and 2012. [69], In 2019, local organizations providing assistance to at risk populations missed out in $3.75 million when the responsible D.C. Government body failed to submit a timely application.

The successful but low rated projects were all proposed by developers who had made contributions to the mayor's campaign.

[117], The opioid epidemic ravaged D.C., with a higher rate of fatal overdoses in 2017 among African Americans in D.C. than whites in West Virginia or New Hampshire.

[63] Bowser's power struggle saw staff of the Commission locked out of their jobs without warning. She was reelected in 2008 and 2012 and ran for mayor in the 2014 election.

She is committed to making sure every Washingtonian gets a fair shot. "[109] Bowser has encouraged the D.C. Council to ban bump stocks, with the aim of forcing congressional Republicans to take a stand on the record on gun control and gun violence. [52] She limited the number of debates by only agreeing to participate after the field of candidates had been set, which postponed the first debate until August. [7] moving from a Riggs Park duplex[8] where she had lived since 2000.

[137], In November 2017, Bowser announced that the District was joining seven other cities in a partnership with the National Immigration Forum to assist some 2,000 green card holders who work for the D.C. Government, as well as family members, in applying for U.S. citizenship. The report found that the D.C. City Administrator - the top Bowser appointed official - had urged quick settlement of unresolved contract disputes with Fort Myer in an attempt to appease it.

[26], The Washington Post's editorial department endorsed Bowser's candidacy. Nor has she ever been seen with significant other spark speculation about a possible relationship with a man. The most powerful city on earth can't handle a dusting of snow", "For 1 storm, D.C. spent $40 million on snow removal, some of the funds improperly, audit finds", "D.C. Mayor reverses course and backs Pepco-Exelon merger", "Opponents of Pepco-Exelon merger call for ethics investigation of Bowser", "Exelon Paid FreshPAC Chairman To Lobby D.C. Government About Merger", Bowser mandates training for 30,000 District employees to combat sexual harassment, "D.C. taxpayers have recently paid at least $735,000 to settle sexual harassment lawsuits", "Bowser Kicks Off First Day of School With "Slow Down" Campaign", "How Is D.C. "Bowser names cabinet member to focus on development in overlooked communities", "DC's deputy mayor used city employees to care for child during work, says Inspector General's report", "D.C. deputy mayor used employees for babysitting, inspector general finds", Mayor Bowser's office awards $3 million to begin closing the ‘grocery gap’, As D.C. prospers, supermarkets proliferate — except in poor areas, "Mismanagement has bankrupted a D.C. nonprofit, endangering programs for at-risk youths, board members say", D.C. [159], In October 2017, Bowser announced a $3 million infusion into housing and retail projects in D.C. She was first elected in a special election in 2007 and then re-elected in 2008 and 2012. In March of that year, on the advice of the Director of Health Care Finance, the D.C Council awarded the management of UMC to Veritas, a two-year-old politically connected firm. In May 2018, she announced that she had adopted a baby. WikiNetworth.com Muriel Elizabeth Bowser (/ˈbaʊzər/; born August 2, 1972) is an American politician serving as the eighth Mayor of the District of Columbia (since 2015). [178], During the election, Bowser sought to unseat incumbent Councilmember Elissa Silverman, who had frequently questioned the mayor.

"[101] By 2018, management of D.C. Public Schools prompted investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Education and the D.C. Office of the Inspector General. ", "Muriel Bowser launches bid for D.C. mayor", "Minority parties see power grab for D.C. vote", "Muriel Bowser tries to escape Fenty's shadow, other Gray challengers in D.C. mayor race", "Sales tax cut likely to get D.C. Council's okay", "Muriel Bowser seems to be the candidate to beat among rivals to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray", "Muriel Bowser runs for mayor, ready or not", "Political Groups Line Up to Endorse DC's Mayoral Candidates, Real and Hypothetical", "D.C. Mayor Bowser fined $13,000 for illegal campaign contributions", "Sample Ballot, General Election, November 4, 2014", "Bowser is elected D.C. mayor, defeating independents Catania and Schwartz", "D.C. tries to ban dogs from bar patios, and lawmakers bite back", "Dc Politics After howls of protest, pups can return to restaurant patios in D.C.", With Veto Override and Damning Legal Memo, Bowser Loses Twice in Latest Arts Commission Scuffle, "Battle between D.C. Mayor Bowser and the city's arts commission escalates", "Mayor Bowser Issues Third-Ever Veto Amid Power Struggle Over Arts Commission", D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser lays out the welcome mat for self-driving cars, "DC Auditor: Mayor Bowser's budget proposal 'not sustainable, "D.C. auditor says mayor's budget is 'not fiscally responsible, "D.C. Chronically Failed to Spend Federal Funds to Remediate Lead Paint Hazards, HUD Says", "D.C. Officials Miss AmeriCorps Application Deadline, Putting Funding At Risk", "Divided D.C. Council takes aim at Mayor Bowser's super PAC", "D.C. mayor's allies reluctantly shut down controversial PAC", "FreshPAC's chairman lobbying for Exelon was legal, but unseemly", "D.C. mayor's delegation to China includes some top PAC contributors", "There's nothing to fear in fair elections", "D.C. Council unanimously votes to create public campaign finance program", "Mayor Bowser and D.C. Council at odds over public campaign financing", "Whistleblower suit: D.C. employee fired after refusing to steer contracts to Bowser donor", "D.C. Council report: Bowser administration favored top donor in contracting", "Bowser says she will not investigate evidence of illegal leak in contracting process", "Investigation Uncovers Missteps In Washington, D.C.'s Coronavirus Response", "Emails Suggest D.C.

She is the youngest child of her parents.

The episode prompted an investigation by Councilmember Mary Cheh. [141], In October 2015, Bowser changed her position to support the $6.4-billion merger between two public utilities, Exelon and Pepco.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. [105] DC-based leaders of Black Lives Matter said the act was a distraction from real policy changes and called on the Mayor to defund the police. [152], As part of her first State of the District Address in March 2015, Bowser promised to get the DC Streetcar "up and running."

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