لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

mtv made prom queen

Made Coach Roland and Sidhant head straight for the weight room. Dyanna feels like her rude, crude ways have been holding her back. Jill's parents come to support her, and when Jill's turn comes, she paddles her heart out against the competition. Former college slugger Jeremy Tyson will whip this weakling into shape and get him ready for tryouts in four weeks. Avery performs below average on all aspects. Julia also took them to the streets to approach random women to give them compliments. The only time she is comfortable around her peers is when she is playing catcher on the softball.

Fifteen-year-old Cameron Rogers is a scrawny punk who is tired of being a failure. Stylish Senior, Kaitlin Smith rules her high school. Later on when Glamo arrives, the girls express their thanks for all of his help and also give him a The note said that he had to walk 6, 000 steps which is 3 miles everyday.

Glamo felt like a proud parent despite all of their issues working together. Meet 15-year-old Cindy Mosher and her family. It is evident in their first study session that Daryn needs his academic help just as much as Sidhant needs his athletic help. Stephen's all secure in his element, the spotlight, when his MADE coach jumps into the scene. MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC. Former Miss Michigan Shannon Grace Clark helps theater-loving Katie step out of her twin sister's shadow and transform herself into her school's prom queen. Jessica will work side by side with TV/TV lead singer, Josh Ocean, and push through 5 weeks of chords and lyrics in order to rock out and win her school's talent show. Armed with his new, positive attitude, Avery is able to karate smash two wooden boards. Down in Florida, Jonathan also manages to set Stephen up with an afternoon of practice on the field with Billy Bean, a one-time major leaguer who has a fantastic resume of pro baseball teams, and who also happens to be openly gay. But will 4 weeks be enough for coach Quest MCODY to help Heather stick her swagger and remember her rhymes? But Kelly has decided she's ready to be one of the girls now. The next morning, honors biology is interrupted by a screaming coach, blowing whistles and a barreling football player running down the hall.

Calling your coach a "douche bag" may not be the best first steps to forging a great coach-player relationship, Stephen. The crew that quarantines in a bubble together stays together as Season 4 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation premieres November 19. The Super Bowl champ, Andre steps in to help "the worst player he has ever had" at the Football University. The panel of judges beckon the girls and announce that the winner is Anna. He scores a non speaking part. Avery realizes she is right and walks back into the gym to ask the star basketball player, Jay, to be his drill partner. Even though the couple isn't as smooth as Yolanda had hoped, Brandon showed up and practiced hard. Kylee Spence is a scrawny girl with a squeaky voice that everyone makes fun of. Before Sidhant can back out, he finds a letter in his locker from his made coach. Glamo felt like a proud parent despite all of their issues working together. They agree to help each other succeed over the next few weeks. They just don't see how Sidhant will have the time to keep his 4.0. Sidhant's body fat decreased, he makes all 16 legs of the drill under 16 seconds, maxes out at 125 and gets his throw to reach 23 yards. At Avery's annual summer BBQ, his extended family has serious doubts about him being able to make the team.

Shelby thinks it's time to try on a tiara and be, Sixteen-year-old Courtney is the self-proclaimed princess of New Jersey's Springfield High School. Where to Watch. The next morning Sidhant agrees with Coach Roland to give it a second shot. He also promises to do what ever Coach Roland says in order to get him to reach his goal of becoming the school Quarter back. He asks for acting lessons so that he can perform in the school play. Now Branden is ready to forge his own path by being MADE into a triathlete. When tryout day finally arrives, Avery discovers there are 27 people trying out for 24 spots on the team. By helping Daryn study for the ACT's, he has agreed to help him out on the field. Will the carefree California lifestyle distract Jill from her ultimate goal of shining on the surfboard? Emma Pagano is tired of being the big girl so she wants to lose weight and gain self confidence by being MADE into a Plus Size Model.

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