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logitech mx master 3 scroll wheel noise

i just bought an MX Master 3 to replace my original MX Master and i'm having issues with scrolling. (I'm on a mac book pro using the USB receiver). I can send a video of it, if necessary.

After fighting with Logitech's horrible support for a few weeks and enabling PayPal I finally got the confirmation that I can return the mouse for a full refund. I've already checked a few retailers and about half of their demo units have the issue. I've just purchased MX Master 3 mouse and installed Logitech Options to try and adjust scroll and thumb wheel sensitivity. My MX master 1, has the same issue if I enable smooth scrolling in the logitech app on my mac. or do i have a defective unit? I am using the mouse with a Unifying receiver which currently does not have any other devices paired. Logitech???

I have the same problem with my MX master 3 that started today. I think I'm having a similar issue with the MX Master 3. I got a MX Master 3 in gray at release. After one day of using it the scroll wheel started making noises. Something to do with how the Darkfield™ tracking laser senses a change in tracking surface and somehow affects the scroll wheel. Options version 8.10.154. 2S scroll wheel is made using optical encoder and has wheel spokes. I like this mouse very much and would like to do whatever I can to help to identify the issue but the free-scroll wheel is a major aspect why I bought it. There's a video on YouTube about it. Hmm... mine doesn't seem to have that issue and neither does the demo unit that a nearby store has, despite people literally abusing the wheel daily to the point that the mouse is probably going to fall apart at any moment. It seems the Mx master 3 is way less accurate at tracking my scrolling than the original MX master. I just called Logitech and they said to use compressed air because it might be dust that is causing the sound. Thanks for reaching out . +1 having the same problem. I would say around 3-5% of the time i scroll the wheel, nothing happens and i have to scroll again to get it to pick up. Also, I have an issue when I scroll down and stop the scroll with scroll up with one notch if this makes sense,. Even with MS Excel App specific Point & Scroll settings I'm unable to get an acceptable adjustment. I initially thought it was an intermittent problem but realized right now that if I scroll simultaneously and lift the mouse up and down from the table (so that the laser becomes active / inactive) it will stop scrolling just when it will go inactive for the second time. Just configure sensitivity. Similarly for thumb wheel I can adjust the Thumb when sensitivity to either end of the scale, but even the smallest thumb movement moves Excel worksheet 4 or 5 columns across at a time. Regarding the concern of your MX Master 3, we highly recommend to keep coordinating with the support team through the ticket that was raised. And it more occurs when I scroll the wheel slowly. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. I ran into an issue where scrolling will not work for roughly half a second immediately after I pick up the mouse or place it back down. I think it would be great if the thumb wheel had a rachet mode --the thumb wheel is super jumpy. This must be addressed through a software update and hopefully not a hardware issue. In 'Turn Up' assign a keyboard right click and in 'Turn Down' assign a keyboard left click (or the other way round if you prefer). Just got the MX Master 3 and I tend to play games that require me to actively scroll while moving the mouse around. Please fix this, Logitech.

Fwiw I did submit a support ticket, they simply linked me the troubleshooting document and then told me to return it to the store I purchased it from when none of those worked. Have you resolved it? Sometimes it feels like this mouse just picks up on small quirks in my finger's motion that other mice can't... Is it simply TOO accurate?

This way, we can avoid confusion and you can get a direct assistance from them as well. I tried two different units and had to return both and go back to my MX Master 2s. having the same issue here, on two different MX3 units. Turning off smooth scrolling fixed this entirely.

I've noticed something as well, try this, lift the mouse off its surface and immediately after, scroll the wheel, it lags for milliseconds before it picks up reception. Is it worth it to try to get a replacement MX master 3 or should i return it? I have the same problem. Since I have the "3" connected the craft lacks as well. Doubt that it can be fixed with a firmware update. It seems to be some type of delay going on, not sure if the mouse is taking time to recognize if it is on a surface or not and that is causing the delay. Press J to jump to the feed. The rest of the mouse is great, but quickly scrolling up and down is just a basic function that I can't miss. It works for me albeit not terribly smoothly but it works and reliably. Then when you place the mouse down flat, it lags again and picks up scroll response. I've recently bought the MX Master 3 and noticed that the horizontal scrollwheel has constant issues with not registering — sometimes I'm in an app that scrolled horizontally just fine a minute ago, but doesn't do anything the next.
Better to never work then to tease me with working occasionally. It's not constantly and not possible to reproduce it. In MS Excel I'm unable to adjust scrolling sensitivity to move just one row at a time. I can replicate this exactly. under the title "MX Master 3 Scrolling Delay.". Hopefully it's a software issue that will be fixed soon. It happens more often when I enable smooth scrolling. Now I am almost regretting my decision as the horizontal scroll on the MX Master 3 is so unreliable. Lag occurs intermittently.If i scroll down (or scroll up too.) Too annoying to ignore! I've recently bought the MX Master 3 and noticed that the horizontal scrollwheel has constant issues with not registering — sometimes I'm in an app that scrolled horizontally just fine a minute ago, but doesn't do anything the next. Not acceptable.

Tried different unif. And thanks Praveen, I got the initial support ticket confirmation email already!

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