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lockdown vs megatron

And in TF5 he beat Megatron because he attacked him from behind. With that out of the way, I see Lockdown clearing. He always gets his target, and when he does, he'll take any possession or part of them he likes before handing his target in to his client. Es kam zum Kampf zwischen dem Decepticon und den beiden Autobots, doch der Kampf endete dadurch, dass sich Megatron in einen Panzer transformierte und auf die beiden Autobots schoss, welches diese jedoch überlebten und die Flucht ergriffen. Galvatron has more abilities, but Optimus is more skilled I think. Galvatron from ‘Age of Extinction’. but idk if i remember that right. Lockdown vs Fallen Megatron im unsure of who would win. Optimus Prime war zu Megatron gnädig und tötete ihn nicht. Lockdown hasn't been punked by Optimus, he wins. I do think that Optimus Prime when not holding back is equal, if not better than TF1 Megatron. [8] Da die beiden Decepticons Mindwipe und Starscream Energon haben wollten, griffen sie gemeinsam die beiden Autobots Ratchet und Sideswipe, welche Energon transportierten, an. Are galvatron and megatron 2 seprate entities at this point in time? Dann wurden die Decepticons von den Autobots angegriffen, es kam zu Zweiergefechten zwischen den Autobots und Decepticons. Megatron gets wind of the coming attack an hour before Lockdown arr Optimus from ‘The Last Knight’. @allstarsuperman: thas the point it was the movie version not the comic version, so he doesnt stomp anything. He is the last and toughest Transformer movie villian. In TF5, he was able to beat Megatron even though Galvatron stalemated him in the previous film. In the original trilogy, he struggled with Megatron less everytime they fought. Bear in mind that in TF3 Optimus basically lost the fight the moment that he lost an arm. He just doesn't have the feats in the other movies. I consider his peak being the first movie and he was wrecking Optimus. R1) Optimus Prime & Megatron vs Lockdown & Galvatron. Yes Megatron got a bit weaker, but the fact that Prime took on him, Starscream and Grindor at once and only lost when his back was turned was a huge testament to his skill. Lockdown eventually found and beat XL.

Lockdown is a mercenary and kills for sport where as Megatron is a warrior, a brute strength killing machine. Es folgte ein Kampf zwischen den Beiden, welcher dadurch endete, dass Bludgeon floh. @petey_is_spidey: deadly opponent is Megatron due to him being in 3 out of the 4 movies ( his essence in the 4th so that basically counts ), whom he feared the most was prolly Sentinel due to the fact that he was another prime. So yeah that's better than anything he did in ROTF and DOTM. Megatron wurde später von The Fallen ausgebildet. Doch die Autobots Ironhide, Ratchet, Sideswipe und Bumblebee kamen Optimus Primes zur Hilfe. @killerwasp: Wasn't OP in fusion form before he fought TF, @stormdriven Lockdown beat Optimus in a H2H fight. Actually Megatron beat Optimus in a 1v1 if you remember in transformers 1, Megatron had the upper hand during the ENTIRE fight. That being said, I do still think TF1 Megatron is still his strongest version. Lockdown war es jedoch ein Leichtes Ratchet zu besiegen, da dessen EMP-Blaster nicht funktionierte. @sionistheboss: But can he withstand the ultimate omnipotent omega godlike power that is and will forever be FACEGUN.

Megatron was being wrecked by ROTF Optimus, Lockdown kept up with AoT Optimus. Doch Ratchet machte Mindwipe durch einem Schuss aus seinem EMP-Blaster gefechtsunfähig und geling es ihm, mit einem weiteren Schuss aus seinem EMP-Blaster das Energon zu vernichten. [4] Als der Decepticon Mindwipe, welcher in einer Höhle war, den Autobot Ironhide, welcher nach dem Kampf mit Bludgeon in eine im Dschungel gelegen Höhle gegangen war, kontrollierte, kam auch der Anführer der Autobots Optimus Prime in die Höhle. [6] Nachdem Lockdown in das Gebäude, in welchem sich die Autobots Sideswipe und Ratchet aufhielten, gegangen war, wurde Lockdown von Sideswipe angegriffen und diesem gelang es Lockdown, das von Ratchet gestohlene EMP-Blaster aus der Hand zu schiessen und es fiel zu Boden. [11] Um den Decepticon Soundwave aus der Gefangenschafft der Autobots zu befreien, brachte Megatron einen Zug zum Entgleisen und nahm zusammen mit den andern Decepticons das Dach und die Wände des Zugs ab. Prime had to be amped to beat him, while prime took at setinal while missing an arm. Als sie am Ort des Geschehen ankamen, folgte ein Kampf zwischen den beiden Autobots und den beiden Decepticons, welcher mit dem Sieg der Autobots endete. FaceGun won't kill megatron. I mean when he faced Megatron the first time he was definitely at the lowest level of his ability in the movies but by the time he got to Dark of the Moon, he was just about invincible. Megatron sagte zu Optimus Prime, dass er sich dafür eines Tages an ihm rächen würde, dann beugte er sich auch. Here, Lockdown is a completely different animal that Megatron is up against. I've only seen a few clips of TF5, Lockdown either stops at 3 or 4. Allerdings wurde The Fallen in der Schlacht bei den Pyramiden getötet , was den katastrophalen Ausgang dieser Schlacht noch verschlimmerte. Megatron would rip bumblebee in half easily like he did to jazz. But if we based it off fighting skills it would either be movie 1 megs, sentinel, or Lockdown. @thekilborne: i believe so, but during the movie TF repeatedly said IIRC that he needed prime dead, that only prime could beat him in combat, and this was without the fusion happening. Starcream even mentioned how wounded and weak Megatron was. Lockdown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I think that should bake him solidly above Dark of the Moon Megatron who was getting pushed around by Sentinal and killed by one armed Optimus. @crater_maker: He fought Hot Rod and Hound at the same time , tanked a lot of Hound's minigun's bullets at once , smashed Bumblebee to the ground like a child , got his right arm cut off and still stopped the next sword swing from Optimus , headbutted him and pinned him down with just his left arm. Megatron in the first movie seemed a bit stronger than Prime while in 2 he was getting his but kicked. Megatron in the first movie was wrecking Optimus, though it is possible that Optimus became stronger between films. Megatron takes this. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Megatron from ‘Transformers (1)’. Megatron transformierte sich in einen Panzer und fuhr davon. It's debatable whether or not Megatron was more powerful in the first or second movies.
Lockdown eventually found and beat XL. [9] Um dem Autobot Ironhide seine Waffen abzunehmen, lockten die Decepticons Barricade und Lockdown ihn in einen Hinterhalt. Both combatants are at their peak ability from the movies. Megatron sagte zunächst zu Optimus Prime, dass er die Decepticons unterschätzten würde, dennoch kamen – außer Megatron – alle Decepticons Primes Forderung nach. He seems more like Optimus now. im going with megatron. He fought Prime as an equal in combat, and proved a very versatile fighter. DotM Megatron was falling apart. In den zwei Jahren danach wurden die Decepticons von den neu gegründeten NEST-Truppen bekämpft, während unter der Anleitung von The Fallen und Starscream eine neue Armee erschaffen wurde. Most Feared-The Fallen should be the most feared but Movie 1 Megatron is.

Lockdown floh, jedoch wurde er von dem Roboterarm, mit welchem Sideswipe voher Ratchet repariert hatte, betäubt und dann wurde er von den beiden Autobots gefunden. Who wins and why? The problem regarding their fight was that Prime's weakness was his compassion towards the humans, so he was severely held back to prevent harming humans, and he was fighting in a city full of them. @chaos911: So does alot of other transformers but only one has FACEGUN. So hast du deine Lieblings-Communitys immer dabei und verpasst nie wieder etwas. How strong was the last knight Magatron?

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