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level 3a body armor

Also, IIIa is the only level of protection that can be made both as a hard plate and as flexible fabric, depending on the requirements of the user. That is great protection. The II rating is commonly found on ballistic vests. It also protects against most other factory loads in 9mm, .22 caliber, .380 ACP and .40 S&W. [33] A number of materials have been used to simulate human tissue in addition to Roma.

Body Armor Megastore is the internet’s most trusted resource for affordable and effective tactical protection. Stab and spike armor standards have been developed using 3 different backing materials. This armor would protect against three hits, fired from 10±0.5 meters, of: This armor would protect against three hits, fired from 5±0.5 meters, of: This armor would protect against three hits, fired from an arbitrary distance, of: This test is based on VPAM PM 2, but it tests also for point-blank shots. While it will leave some bruising, this armor will save you from even the biggest handgun rounds. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Test Standards now define how many shots must be used to estimate a v0 for the armor certification. The department takes multiple samples of each piece of commercial body armor, subjects them to wear-and-tear, and then continues with follow up testing months and years later.

Neutral water at room temp does not affect para-aramid or UHMWPE[11] but acidic, basic and some other solutions can permanently reduce para-aramid fiber tensile strength.

If you opt for an external carrier, you will also be able to take it on and off whenever you like. This makes life easier in warm weather when you don’t want to spend a whole day with armor under your shirt. In addition, special requirements can be defined under this process for armors for flexible rifle protection, fragment protection for the extremities, etc. Level III A (3A) body armor is the highest level of protection you will find in soft body armor. The backface signature allowed by different test standards can be difficult to compare. Invalid value: foot size should be in the range: 10.1-12.2

Our Level III armor vest will protect you from everything from a BB gun to a .44 magnum.

Level 3 body armor vests are most often used for tactical situations as they can withstand most of the popular firearms worldwide.
Additionally, while it can be about 6mm (about ¼ inch) thick, it can be worn covertly under your clothes. October 1968, Wound ballistic simulation : Assessment of the legitimacy of law enforcement firearms ammunition by means of wound ballistic simulation, Jussila, Jorma, University of Helsinki, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Clinical Medicine 2005-01, Doctoral dissertation, Thoracic Model Analysis Using Finite Element Modeling and Vibration Table Testing Dr. Peter Matic, Dr. Alan Leung and Mr. Kirth Simmonds, Multifunctional Materials Branch, Naval Research Laboratory, Code 6350, 4555 Overlook Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20375, Berlin, R.H., B. Janzon, B. Rybeck, J. Sandegård and T. Seeman (1977) Local effects of assault rifle bullets in live tissues. Level 3 body armor vests are most often used for tactical situations as they can withstand most of the popular firearms worldwide. In this post, we’ll highlight the primary differences between our most common body armor pieces: Level 2, Level 3A, and Level 3, so you can understand what each protects against and make the smartest purchase for your personal needs.

Spartan Body Armor AR550 level 3+ plates are special threat tested up to level III+. Our level 3 plates are all priced affordably and they are sold paired in sets of two, included in some of our carrier bundles, and even sold individually on this page. Regretfully, that is not the case, and it is not a question of what body armor do Special Forces use, or which guns, but how they use them. Over 120,000 inserts were procured; Back face signature measurement. Don't settle for other vests or body armor that offer level IIA or level II.
Enter your values to calculate your optimal size. The soft and comfortable wear allows tactical advantages in dire situations, allowing you to move freely and quickly without assistance.

Both the clay materials and the bullets used for the test are not common. Not one, but nearly every manufacturer claims that its product meets a different protection standard—specifically those set forth by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). After the armor is impacted with the test bullet, the vest is removed from the clay and the depth of the indentation in the clay is measured.[7]. L3 inserts are often more difficult to conceal, generally requiring a tactical vest to wear, it is for that reason that most police forces choose to wear it only when necessary. Best Body Armor 1. Compare SALE. The VPAM scale as of 2009 runs from 1 to 14, with 1-5 being soft armor, and 6-14 being hard armor. Specializing in tactical body armor, we are your one stop shop for all your tactical needs. All Rights Reserved.

Listed below are the five basic NIJ ballistic protection ratings along with their tested capabilities and which types of armor they are most commonly associated with. And while the German TR tests smaller calibers and lighter bullets, it also tests more aggressive rounds, as the first test already uses steel FMJ bullets, while the NIJ uses normal FMJ rounds. Measure the length of your foot. At Body Armor Megastore, we carry level 2, level 3 and level 3A body armor, each serving a slightly different protective purpose.

Then there is the backpack and everything you need to carry in it.

Fragment simulators were designed, and the most common shape is a right circular cylinder or RCC simulator.

A light and comfortable all-in-one solution that can be worn outside to be super... 2. But, once we get a hold of the nomenclature, all differences, advantages, and drawbacks, become apparent.

Humans started dreaming about being impervious to damage the first time one caveman smashed another with a club. The more shots made the lower the v0 will go.

Enter your values to calculate your optimal size. Copyright © 2013-2016 Body Armor Megastore. Hard vehicle armor is capable of stopping all fragments, but military personnel can only carry a limited amount of gear and equipment, so the weight of the vest is a limiting factor in vest fragment protection.

This type of protection is designed specifically to handle tactical situations and confrontations with more serious firepower. The goal is to get three shots that penetrate that are slower than a second faster group of three shots that are stopped by the armor. In practice this measurement of v50 requires 1–2 vest panels and 10–20 shots.

Also, even though the standard is to write the NIJ ballistic levels of protection in Roman numbers, there are blogs and even manufacturers who will use regular numbers and issue products as NIJL3a and NIJL3, putting even more confusion.

The Draft EU norm calls out Roma clay, The California DOC called out 60% ballistic gelatin and the current standard for NIJ and HOSDB calls out a multi-part foam and rubber backing material.

Namely, these are both parts of the IBA body armor that was the standard for the US Army and Navy troops from 2000 to 2020.

These standards ensure a certain level of safety from ballistic protection—if used correctly—and are helpful when deciding which protection works best for your needs. Take the measure of your chest as shown on the picture. After WWII, vests were being developed and fragment testing was in its early stages. While level 4 body armor offers the maximum protection, you and your loved ones likely won’t need to stop 30.06 M2AP armor-piercing bullets, and a lower grade piece of armor would be plenty protective. The two systems share a 44mm limit on back-face deformation, but SAPI-series plates increase linearly in protection (with each plate tested against the preceding plate's threats), and require a soft armor backer in order to reach their stated level of protection.

inches, Invalid value: waist size should be in the range: 28-44 The energy dissipation of the armor-tissue system is Energy = Force × Displacement when testing on backings that are softer and more deformable the total impact energy is absorbed at lower force.

With such a carrier, you can have a hard plate stashed somewhere in your car and keep the soft armor on you. Level 3 body armor also protects against 12-gauge slugs, .30 Carbine FMJ and .223 Remington as well as threats that level2 and level 3A can withstand. 1705, This NIJ study on vests returned from the field demonstrated that environmental effects on Zylon resulted in ballistic failures under standard test conditions.[14]. Add to Cart. As a result, they are capable of ejecting fragments at very high speeds of over 3,300 ft/s (1,000 m/s), implying very high energy (where the energy of a fragment is ½ mass × velocity2, neglecting rotational energy). The differences are very significant when it comes to weight as well. inches, Invalid value: height size should be in the range: 0.6-1 These three high stops and three low penetrations can then be used to calculate a v50 velocity.

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