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Slotkin: Better. Tina Barton, the clerk from Rochester Hills who is also running to be Oakland County clerk right now, is preparing for voter intimidation in her politically divided city, pictured above. Elissa Slotkin’s Reluctant War with Donald Trump. Will the Democratic Party bring any of its lost working-class whites back into the fold? She answered the questions and didn’t care if we liked the answers.”. On the other hand, Moore worked actively with Barack Obama (the 44th President of the United States). Rather than rely on outside assessments, she bases every maneuver, every tactical decision, on what she’s seeing and hearing for herself. But with Obama in office, Slotkin was on the move again, first to the State Department and eventually to the Pentagon, where she held a number of roles related to intelligence and Middle East policy. Those are the three states that I’m watching really closely. She had barely resettled in Holly after leaving Washington at the end of Obama’s presidency. And he was the first one who reached out to me to say, “Hey, I’ve seen what you’ve been doing, I just want you to know these races in Alaska and Montana and Michigan’s 3rd District, et cetera, all these races will literally help determine how many votes we get in the event of Biden versus Trump.” And I’m like, great, let’s start advertising that far and wide. What the district lacks in ethnic diversity—it is more than 80 percent white—it makes up for with a rare geographic mix. Alberta: The issue of intimidation notwithstanding, did the clerks seem confident and prepared as far as the logistics and the process of vote counting? In 2001, she completed a course in the Arabic language at The American University in Cairo and earned her M.A. Dave Moore stands an impressive height of 185 cm (6 ft 1 in tall) with a muscular build. Alberta: So, you’ve just reached a point where you can’t ignore that evidence anymore. As a U.S. Army Col., Dave remained a part of a U.S. team that was commissioned to negotiate with the Arabs in 2009. She’s also running to be Oakland County clerk right now, but she is the current clerk in Rochester Hills, which is a very split area. And I turned to my husband and I said, ‘No, You don’t get to do that. The GOP primary is August 4 and national Republicans failed to land a blue-chip recruit. Right now, the Republicans have the advantage; they beat us 26 to 22 right now with some open questions on some of the state delegations. And here we are, two weeks out from the election, and we’re not talking about your race, about your campaign, about you and your Republican opponent, Paul Junge. “Except John McCain.”, Indeed, Slotkin’s clashes with the late Arizona senator, in committee hearings and behind the scenes during her intelligence work, are the stuff of lore in some quarters of the Pentagon.

She cited her experience being in New York during the September 11 attacks as having a huge impact on her decision to go into civil service.

Slotkin: I will say that there is a very specific group of folks who are advising the Biden campaign on this.

I speak with him all the time. You don’t get to ignore your constituents and vote against their interests and keep your job.’”, "People have just got the sense that Washington is broken." Alberta: What if Republicans are challenging the results even under that scenario of Biden winning by wide margins? Will college students, whose campus routines are being disrupted, turn out in record-low numbers? And unlike her first campaign, when Slotkin was an outsider who could brush aside the attacks as evidence of why the system is broken, this year she is the system, an incumbent who has no choice but to suffer for voters’ anger with the government.

Her two stepdaughters have pursued their own lives of service, one as a physician and the other as a new Army officer. One of those daughters is in the Army, and the other is a working physician. She was not recruited to run. She’s running the Mike Rogers playbook better than any Republican could.”. An endangered incumbent, representing a purple district in the most competitive region of one of America’s premier swing states, Slotkin is not an accomplished political player. He would need the support of his Cabinet, particularly the attorney general, the secretary of Defense, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs and the department head of Homeland Security. Some of the law local law enforcement have already said they won’t enforce it. “She inspired confidence in everyone. Slotkin didn’t want it to be this way. This is the first installment of a POLITICO series that will examine the 2020 election through the eyes of Slotkin, an exceptionally ambitious and uniquely vulnerable congresswoman, as well as through the eyes of voters in Michigan’s 8th District, a strategically vital location for both parties in their quest for control of Washington next year and beyond. Elissa Slotkin Is Sounding the Alarm. This isn’t to say members of Congress won’t be assessed on their performance, but rather to say that the performance itself has almost everything to do with their relationship to Trump and their skill in navigating the minefields of his presidency. What do we do?’ And she came out very strongly and said we’re not going to let anyone intimidate anyone else at the polls. Alberta: You alluded to something that feels important, this idea that Michigan actually seems to be in a good place right now—but other states are not. Elissa Slotkin is a former Bush and Obama staffer now running for Congress in Michigan's 8th District as a Democrat.

Will suburban women with college degrees accelerate their mass exodus from the GOP? Prior to announcing her bid for Congress, Slotkin attended Cornell University as an undergraduate, then Columbia University for  graduate school. But Kristen, what exactly is a "kitten mitten?" Elissa Slotkin: I want to make sure that we get through Election Day without any incidents of violence, without any threatening behavior so we can conduct our elections free and fair and devoid of intimidation. Slotkin Has Described Moore as Her ‘Rock’ In a Facebook post Sept. 25, 2018, Slotkin wrote, Happy … Slotkin noted to TIME that her opponent, Mike Bishop, was a visible and smiling presence at the White House when Trump signed the bill repealing the Affordable Care Act. She attended Cranbrook Kingswood School in Bloomfield Hills. Slotkin stops walking. The questions have changed, because people are scared and they don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s added to the anxiety they already felt because of Covid.

I’ve been doing a lot of scenario planning with my peers in Congress, and also here, on the different ways this could go in those 78 days and the consequences for the state of Michigan and for my own district, depending on which route is taken. Which made his encounter with Slotkin, a 30-year-old CIA analyst, all the more refreshing. The 14 or the 78? Is her gripe that these snapshots—the polling, both public and private, that shows Republicans bleeding support across the board—are accurate in the present, yet subject to so much volatility in the future as to be worthless? Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Former Apache Helicopter Pilot, and Counter-Terrorism Planner.

She deserved to be there. The inscription says the desk was used by Lindley Garrison, secretary of war under President Woodrow Wilson. He was part of this bipartisan group that was looking at election security and postelection scenarios, him and a bunch of national security and homeland security professionals from both parties. The district is an economically and politically diverse mix of rural, suburban and urban communities. And then others chimed in and said everyone should be checking with our local law enforcement to see what their plans are for that day.

Slotkin was appointed Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in 2013 and, in 2014, she was appointed as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs. And how are you going to fix it?”. They would come to Washington but not succumb to its one-character drama. As a candidate, Slotkin pledged to elect a new speaker of the House—and then voted “present,” a legislative cop-out that helped Nancy Pelosi reclaim her old job. Then, I followed up and sent one to Chad Wolf, the acting head of [the Department of] Homeland Security.

Slotkin does not know. So, I actually feel like the Biden campaign is very much on it. Thanksgiving dinner is super uncomfortable.

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