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how did mikan tsumiki die

When Mikan met Hajime for the first time, she became so nervous and confused about how to start the conversation with him that she ended up crying, revealing that she even prepared 5000 different ways to start the conversation only for her to fail. At first, Nagito worries about Mikan, as he scolds Hajime after thinking he bullied her and asks if she's okay after having one of her many exaggerated falls. After the discovery of the Ultimate Imposter's corpse, Mikan was initially terrified. As she turns increasingly violent and unstable, her apologizing habit still persists, repeatedly asking to be forgiven in a way that seems to be reflexive or like a mantra, but while also staunchly denying her charges to the point of angrily pulling her hair when accused. A Fellow member of the Class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy. But if I know the proper way to treat them, that means my words are absolute.

Mahiru defended Mikan and tells Hiyoko to stop scaring Mikan after they discover Natsumi's corpse.

Prior to The Tragedy, Ibuki was one of Mikan's first and best friends, which was later revealed in Monokuma's second motive, "Twilight Syndrome Murder Case". The Imposter revealed to her that they have no identity of their own and that they and Ryota made a deal that they would assume his identity, and live life while Ryota worked tirelessly on his anime. This has resulted in many behavioral symptoms such as being easily intimidated, breaking down and crying with little provocation, profusely apologizing and nervously stuttering while speaking.

Their friendship comes to a complete end due to this, and Mikan joins the Ultimate Despair whereas Ryota joins the Future Foundation. Mikan Tsumiki is a female character from Super Danganronpa 2. Her medical knowledge proves to be useful in murders, as she provides autopsy reports, including information on the corpse's state, details on injuries, cause of death, and time of death.

They'll depend on me completely.

Mikan Tsumiki Ibuki's taste in music deeply disturbs Mikan, who reacted in horror upon hearing Ibuki play for the first time. ", "Memories of people...memories of events... Whatever memory it is, losing memories are... ...like losing your personal identity. She feared loneliness and lack of attention more than the abuse and let people do whatever they wanted with her. ... She tells everyone what killed the victims/how they died (until chapter 3.)

She claims that her motive for murder was simply love and she doesn't care about anyone or anything but her beloved one, as she believes that her beloved one is the only one who loves and accepts her. Goals Before her remembrance, Mikan was primarily self-effacing and would adapt to her environment for the benefit of others and to reduce conflict; but once the Despair Disease sets in, she is cunning and deceptive purely to preserve herself, even at the cost of the others' lives. Mikan and the others were forced by her teacher to set out to search for her classmates. Out of the whole class, the blatancy of her sexual innuendos is only rivaled by Teruteru Hanamura. She was dismayed when Hiyoko told Chisa that now that she had grown, she can bend Mikan's bones in any direction she wanted. However, Izuru Kamukura, the Ultimate Hope and one of Ultimate Despair's leaders, uploaded an AI version of Junko into the simulation for his own reasons, allowing Monokuma to appear within it as well and attempt to reawaken their old, vicious personalities through a game of Mutual Killing. However, despite lacking many basic social skills, Mikan does actively attempt to gel with her surroundings by altering aspects of her conduct to suit what she projects as the thoughts of her peers. Because...they always listen to what I say...". If someone treats her well and is outwardly kind to her in the long-term, she tends to become obsessive and cling to them, similar to the behavior of a stalker, which is interpreted as being extremely creepy (by Hajime at least), showing that she is unable to compartmentalize and reciprocate those positive feelings in a normal, healthy way. By defaulting to a state of unnaturally intense submissiveness and self-deprecation as a defense mechanism, Mikan is somewhat prone to bizarre outbursts, where the repressed elements of her personality rapidly surface for brief moments before burying themselves again, usually followed by an apology for her erratic behavior. I mean...if you ignore a sick or injured person, they won't be able to endure the pain... And if worse comes to worse, they could even die, right?

In spite of her often tightly pent-up demeanor, Mikan also shows by far the most sexual desire among all of Class 77-B's female students, particularly for Hajime. I-It's just...I can't help it.

She claims to no longer care about anything except that person, believing they were the only one who ever loved and accepted her.

Makoto Naegi plans to undo Junko's influence by putting them into the Neo World Program, but the program is taken over by AI Junko, right according to the Ultimate Despair's plan.

He tells Mikan to give it up, so he can still believe in her in the end. It was also shown that Mahiru cared for Mikan during their times at Hope's Peak Academy when Mahiru took a photo of Ibuki, Mikan, and Hiyoko to cheer sad Mikan up after Hiyoko yelled at her for being late.

Gopher Plan: Tsumugi Shirogane | Monokuma | Monokuma Kubs, Culprits & Plotters While under the influence of the despair disease in Chapter 3, Mikan recovered her memories of school life. In spite of her often tightly pent-up demeanor, Mikan also shows by far the most sexual desire among all of Class 77-B's female students, particularly for Hajime.

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