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harris teeter employee complaints

"Everything’s going back to 'normal,' but no one is less at risk," a Harris Teeter employee in Florida said. There is an Older-faded-red haired woman-that drinks-smells of alchol-that is taking merchandise from HARRIS TEETER-- This is causing prices to be -higher---this should be stopped-she is mostly in cosmetics-but all over the store--works for a Co. that does--resit-for stores--bad record---name tricia locke--many more names--. But that's his job so I didn't try to complain much. To stop steeling in Harris Teeter stores--to cut cost---. And the managers don’t really care.

My whole experience with the company was positive I'm not going to lie, My manager was always kind to us, we had a lot of staff holiday parties and the customers who came were normally regulars so I got to build some bonds with the older customers aswell as the younger customers.

The journalists at BuzzFeed News are proud to bring you trustworthy and relevant reporting about the coronavirus. Some stores still weren't taking temperatures at all, employees said. "I've never heard of an employer doing something like this, taking a medical exam, and not being willing to tell an employee their results," he said. Harris Teeter Manager reviews: Covid policy of mask wearing. Complaint. One office assistant pointed to a hypothetical situation in which an employee had a high temperature, but "managers would ignore it because it's a busy day.".

How long does it take to get hired from start to finish at Harris Teeter? Culture Culture New. I am. Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews. Ask a question anonymously 0/500. A manager at a Virginia location shared similar concerns, explaining that it stifled an employee's right to know about their own health. You have some managers that truly don't care about what goes on in their store or their departments. If you don’t see your question answered on our FAQ page, please send a comment, FAQ! Incompetence and lack of caring. They don't tell us anything," he said. I went for 7 items and came home with 4. "An employer has to keep that log in a locked medical file. The pay wasn't what it could have been for my management position, but it was sufficient enough. The employer was not recommended in 65 reviews. And while the ADA does not require companies to tell employees the results of their medical exams, he called the policy "baffling," adding that he had never heard of a company refusing to do so. Manager and customer care is totally bad and rough behaviour with the customer and has no quality of this store to handle customer. If I am contacting Harris Teeter about terrible service at one of their stores, and they ignore my online and phone call about terrible service, how is this okay. Only one or two of my coworkers in pizza did anything right, customers were obnoxious and stupid, and there were many times that I broke down crying at my station from the stress. I love the people and the customers. Questions and Answers. Thank You for Your Reply! I've worked at Harris Teeter for several years.

Worked at Harris Teeter in Baltimore, MD at the time of review. I didn't disapprove of anything at the time, but looking back I do suppose it could have been a bit more open and a lot less stuffy. Jobs. Review #1345146 is a subjective opinion of poster. I have been working at Harris Teeter for more than 3 years. Face pace work place. Upper management ***. There are many opportunities to move up and raises are scheduled.

Our community is ready to answer. Sometimes you get pulled into other departments - cashier, lobby attendant - when they are understaffed which can either be a nice break or frustrating when you are trying to get orders done. Ha! We are also under staffed so we have to stock groceries or unload full trucks in a very short window with not a lot of help. Overview.

Review #1136787 is a subjective opinion of poster. New York City's Coronavirus Essential Workers Are Overwhelmingly People Of Color. Front End specialist, HR and store manager do not support the employees when a concern is raised! I want to be refunded 63.77,which is the difference of what i paid and what was stated on the raincheck.

", "We choose not to do so as we want to get associates through the thermal screening process as quickly as possible and into work, and because we are not medical professionals and do not want to give medical advice," Danna Robinson, a company spokesperson, said in an email. Loved my Deli Managers while I worked there, it was a high volume store while I worked there & I felt very welcomed.
Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc. is an American supermarket chain based in Matthews, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte. Management is very supportive of their employees and the growth they are looking for.

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