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The Fates: Despite all being children of Nyx, Thanatos isn't close or even in contact with his prophetic sisters. However, he continues to assist the son of Hades at times. When you see him again, you’ll be able to start giving him Ambrosia to continue raising your affinity, and Zagreus will eventually be able to romance him.

You can unlock Thanatos’ companion, Mort, after fulfilling his favor. I’m not entirely sure if this is dependent on any House of Hades upgrades or characters you’ve spoken to. After reaching the 3rd chamber of Elysium for the first time, Thanatos has a chance to appear in any area except for Temple of Styx. This earned the ire of the god of Death, as well as many of the other gods of the Underworld. Here’s our mini-guide to help you out. Thanatos has two types of attacks that can instantly kill foes, even those with armor, during the contest: Thanatos's attacks are slow and delayed, which gives Zagreus a chance to kill the enemies and claim more points. Epic Games Store goes live with two free games each month. Answered, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Gets New Trailers Showcasing The Maw & Ravendreth, Road to the Final Begins in FIFA 21 This Friday, Microsoft Flight Simulator East Frisian Islands Add-On Pack Gets Charming Trailer by Aerosoft, PS5 Gets a Price Cut in Brazil Ahead of Release, Genshin Impact Releases Charming (and Massive) Soundtrack For Free on YouTube, Hades’ Endgame Content Does What Dead Cells Could Not, Hades Speedrunner Beats the Game in 8 Minutes, Hades: How to Unlock and Beat Charon Boss Fight, Hades: How to Unlock Epilogue & True Ending. Help finding Thanatos. Thanatos is one of the NPCs you can encounter in Hades, but his appearance is completely random. The spawn rate of foes is noticeably higher and may come in more waves. Once you’ve given the final gift, Dusa will have a conversation with you explaining that she isn’t looking for a full relationship and doesn’t see you that way. You can agree to this with no repercussions, so if you plan on romancing someone else, it’s a good idea to get it back! As his mother and superior, Nyx encourages Thanatos to put his best effort in his work, due to its importance. If Thanatos has a higher score than Zagreus, then you’ll simply get the room reward.

Once it reaches the maximum point a short cutscene will play out inside Zagreus' bedroom where players are given the choice of starting a relationship with Thanatos or staying friends. He has a chance of appearing at the beginning of a chamber to challenge Zagreus and see who can kill more enemies before time runs out. He apparently dislikes the mortal realm, in particular how bright it can get. The general process is the same for each option. Related: Hades: How to Play in Hell Mode (& What’s The Differences). Hades is available via Steam’s early access program. Keep giving her Ambrosia until her Affinity is maxed out and Megaera will speak with you in Zagreus’ bedroom, granting permission to enter a romantic relationship or continue as friends. One of the Fury Sisters whose task is to dish out punishments to those that deserve them, Megaera’s goal is to stop Zagreus from escaping the underworld.

If Zagreus either kills more enemies than Thanatos does or ties his total, he will award Zagreus a Centaur Heart in addition to the regular room-clear reward. Megaera can be faced during the boss battle against the Furies in the final chamber of Tartarus. Several of the NPCs you meet during (and even fight) during your quest are available to romance, offering up rewards if you put in the effort. This will trigger his favor despite it not explicitly being mentioned to the player. He spawns a large purple circle which, after a delay, instantly kills foes inside the area of effect. Throughout your quest to escape the underworld in Hades, you'll find that a few of the people you run into will become romance options. He won’t attack you and your hits won’t deal any damage on him either; and it’s not hard to beat him: he’ll either summon a big magic circle or mark the enemies he’s going to kill. If Zagreus either kills more enemies than Thanatos does or ties his total, he will award Zagreus a Centaur Heart. Right then, it’s about time we got to the Hades romance options, you outrageous flirt! Question. For more information, check out our Hades guides and features hub. Basically, players will have to get lucky and find him out in the Underworld and hope he reappears inside the House of Hades.

Hades has a remarkable cast of characters straight out of Greek Mythology.

Learn all the launch games arriving with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10. Pull that off and she’ll join the House of Hades, allowing you to speak with her before runs. When he isn't writing he usually spends his time playing video games or editing the podcast he runs with his best friend. This thread is archived. Don’t forget to gift him some nectar to obtain the Pierced Butterfly Keepsake (boosts your damage additively for every encounter you clear without getting hit).
I'd say I've seen him in about a third of my runs so far. There are three main romance options in Hades: Dusa, Megaera, and Thanatos. He marks an enemy with a purple scythe on their head, which kills it after a delay. Players aren't able to romance all of the characters in the game, and there are actually only two to choose from. Once the storyline is complete, Hypnos' heart will unlock. Tisiphone (Colleague) If he is given nectar during the run right before appearing in the House, he won't be able to be gifted. Once you’ve had this conversation, you can start giving Megaera Ambrosia in the House of Hades. hide. You’ll need to give Nectar to each of them in order to build a relationship, sometimes face them in battle or a challenge, complete a Favor for them, then give them Ambrosia. Exalted warriors count as two points, once when they are wielding weapons, and another time when they are in their weapon-less soul form.

He’ll be encountered in any room of any of the possible levels (except boss rooms) by pure chance, and will challenge Zagreus to a contest to determine who’s able to kill the most enemies.

The general process is the same for each option. ", implying that Persephone has green eyes, since Zagreus' eyes are red and green, Hades' eyes are red, and Persephone's mother Demeter's eyes are green. However, he does care for Hypnos, and intervenes when Hypnos is at risk of losing his job as the attendant to the House of Hades. Harpy Feather Duster (Broken urns have a 3/4/5% chance to hold healing items), Companion Fidi (summons Dusa to fire petrifying, 70-damage shots at enemies for 15 seconds). That makes her a foe at first, but with a few gifts and some combat prowess you can win her over. This isn’t guaranteed, though, and you might have to encounter him again to get him to spawn. This is proven to be correct when Zagreus meets his birth mother for the first time. After beating him this time he realizes how strong Zagreus is and then players can gift him some Ambrosia. Push that to six Nectar and you’ll need to complete her Favor (complete 12 Lounge renovations, including cleaning up Cerberus’ fur/scratches and getting a rug). Carrying a duster with her snake hair, maid Dusa (feel free to groan at that pun) is one of the best first romance options in Hades, not least because you won’t get an intimate relationship from it. You just need to keep killing them before he manages to, and you’ll quickly surpass him.

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