لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

eve online nidhoggur pvp fit

Just curious what everyone is running on their Nids, been fitting them up in Pyfa and such for PvE, but would be really nice to know what everyone else is using. If a neutral player enters system, recall your fighters and activate the fighter’s propulsion module while staying aligned to your citadel.

After aligning, you launch your fighters, lock the NPC ships and send your fighters after them. You could also fit Heavy Capacitor Boosters with Cap Booster 3200s. To be completely honest, with a turbo jew fit like this. One thing, halfway during a haven run, i will have to recall my drones to refuel the missiles. Sure, but on a ratting Nid. There were very little corp mates in system during my ratting sessions, so there were always enough Havens in system to run them back to back. I usually keep a few salvo's for the last wave to clear that one quickly (especially useful if I get a faction or dread spawn). Your corp mates could also form a rescue fleet and come for help in subcapital ships. Log in sign up. If your target is destroyed, select another one and start to orbit with your fighters before activating weapons on it. Tanks fine and can kill the NPC dreads. I’d stick to T1s. I saw below you were doing mixed sites - don't do this, only rock havens, with normal havens too if you have to. We have killed a lot of carriers like this, and with 40 bomber he will die in about two volies.

Just warp to any object and immediately activate your MWD for one cycle. Since you fly a pretty expensive ship, other players will go through a lot of effort to destroy your ratting machine. r/Eve: The official subreddit for Eve Online. For the mids, I would drop 2 of the tracking computers, replace one with a 500mn MWD (that way you can pulse it once while aligning and be able to warp after it cycles incase bad guys show up in local as you land) and the other should be a capital shield extender. If you are too low on capacitor, just refit your lows to Capacitor Flux Coils and mid slots to Capacitor Rechargers to regenerate capacitor to more than 72%. The fitting concepts for a ratting carrier are very similar to fitting any other ratting ship. Secondly, you will need a properly skilled pilot to fly the ship. [Nidhoggur] Low Sentient … Press J to jump to the feed. Cloaked. So maximising the isk per hour would allow me to breakeven sooner, before the inevitable death. Active tanking is terrible on carriers, it's a waste of capacitor and guarantees you are dead if you are tackled before you get help, you should go 2x Extender, 2x Adaptives instead, you don't have to worry about rat damage at all. Also bring plenty of Liquid Ozone in cargo to actually activate it. . There are a couple of different refits for different situations: Warp Core Stabilizers: It is a great idea to switch all your low slot modules against WCS to escape when tackled by hostile players. A  carrier hull costs more than 1 billion ISK already, but you also need the capital sized modules and a bunch of fighters which comes to at least 2 billion ISK you need to spend for the hull with fitting. By this you boost your capacitor over 72% and jump out. From what I've read, there's no point in buildign tank if. Of course this number gets lower the more interruptions by hostile players you encounter. If a players enters grid while the fighters are still out, just warp off anyways. If you have T2 fighters then you can use 3 tracking links. This is actually they key part of carrier ratting.

A refit is a set of spare modules in your cargo, that you can swap your fit to by launching a Mobile Depot. So I ran a couple of Havens in my newly purchased ratting carrier in Horde space. Even fitting armor tank modules in your lows might buy you a couple more minutes to survive before help arrives. The key point of ratting in a carrier is to always keep your fighters moving. By this you boost your capacitor over 72% and jump out. Make that a hyperspatial, it's not doing anything when it's stacking against 4 omni links in the mids, Possibly excessive, but I guess it's a nid so you've got the mids. Since capital ship skills have only limited overlap with subcapital ship skills, it is usually recommended to have a dedicated capital pilot to do your carrier ratting. Missing features? That should be about it. an NPC dreadnought. This works also great against tackle frigates close by, that warp scramble you. , which upgrade your fighter’s shields, velocity and rate of fire. Both skills improve the performance of your drones by 5% per level.

All fine, if you really want to bling you can go T2 FSUs, but the benefit is marginal.

The main difference is the tank, which is not specific against the NPC’s damage type and some of the carrier only modules that increase your fighter stats, warp speed and sensor strength. Improve your skills. Never undock a capital ship without one fitted. If you want to have a deeper inside on how to fit a ratting ship just read the other parts of my ratting guide.

Not a good fit, 3x Omnis is overkill, 2 x omni is good enough. Just fit a couple of smartbombs and destroy all the drones that are attacking you to buy more time until help arrives. T2 Fighters, simple (I'm just assuming dragonflies are the correct fighter for your rats). Your fighters have two weapon systems to attack. So I bought a Nidhoggur hull locally in Geminate and shipped the modules and fighters in from Jita with one of Horde’s, The fitting concepts for a ratting carrier are very similar to fitting any other ratting ship. But judgeing from your fit, your skills are shit and holding you back. Topic is locked indefinitely. If a hostile enters system and disappears from local shortly after, he just might have logged off. To move your fighters, you can select the three squadrons and command them as if you would command your own ship.

On a super? In average I took me about 20 minutes to finish a Haven including travel time between the anomalies. The same applies, when tackled by NPCs, e.g. I assume you plan on covops dropping people, is that correct? If you get pointed, use the warp core stabilizer refit explained below. Another big point when using a capital class spaceship are refits. So check your enemy’s  citadels for undocked pilots in bombers or other capitals, that are getting ready to hunt you. Likes received: 6 #2 - 2016-10-15 21:52:46 UTC For solo or fleet work? Fighters also have a heavy rocket salvo weapon system that needs ammunition and does good damage against bigger targets.

This one is for jumping in your capital ship friends when you are attacked by hostile players. If you get tackled by hostiles, you should inform the other capital pilots on your corporation’s comms that you are being caught and need assistance. These strangely work for drones and fighters.

This came to about 95 million ISK per hour in bounties after Horde’s ratting tax. 2) What fighters are you using .. the small 'anti-fighter' fighters ??? You could also fit. As long as the fighters are selected, all commands will be performed by the squadrons and will not affect your ship. Is that a right thing to do? That’s why you should always carry at least 3 Mobile Depots on you in case they get reinforced while getting onlined. If you are in a bigger corp or alliance it is key to organize a proper capital group and intel channel.

Full Tank Refit: If you cannot get to safety when tackled, you can refit your mid slots to maximum shield tank by extra shield tanking modules to buy more time. also make one Fighter Support Unit I a cyno. If you then start ratting again, he can just login a couple of minutes later and directly enter system. Just refit to WCS and warp off to safety. would that affect the tick? The same applies, when tackled by NPCs, e.g. Watching local is the most obvious thing to do and the same rules apply in a carrier to ratting in a VNI. All corp members should post neutral players and their location in the intel channel so you have a clear picture of hostile players in the surrounding systems and can dock up early before hostiles enter system. If you want to have a deeper inside on how to fit a ratting ship just read the other parts of my. You can basically use any carrier to rat in but the Thanatos and Nidhoggur have both bonuses to fighter damage and the Niddy even to fighter velocity, which will directly result in more ISK per hour. I can train you if you want, tell me what system you are in and your TZ please, but use proper fighters that do the damage for rats. Exactly what i was looking for. A refit is a set of spare modules in your cargo, that you can swap your fit to by launching a. . I use a very similar fit on my thanatos and works great. Without this one, locking stuff takes forever in a carrier. Unluckily, I did not get any escalation after finishing around 10 sites, so there was no extra ISK from selling or running these.

If you are not bubbled by an Interdictor or HIC, your enemies might have less than 5 points of warp scrambling strength on you.

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