لتصفح أفضل يرجى تغيير المتصفح إلى كروم، فايرفوكس، واوبرا أو إنترنت إكسبلورر.

evangelion who does shinji end up with

He is dismayed to wake up being placed under armed guard - and he is put under the care of Sakura Suzuhara, Toji's little sister (Toji is later implied to be dead). In Rebuild 3.0, it is not Ritsuko but Fuyutsuki who reveals NERV's secrets regarding the Dummy Plug system and the Human Instrumentality Project to Shinji over a game of shogi. The Committee asks if Leliel attempted to communicate, but Misato claims that nothing in Shinji's report suggests this. While Gendo is absent from Nerv, Tokyo-3 is attacked from orbit by the 10th Angel, Sahaquiel, which jams all communications and threatens to destroy Tokyo-3 by falling on it like a giant bomb. Her faked strength becomes actual strength. Shinji initially refuses to attack Asuka, and says he wants to save the world by pulling the Spears, but Asuka is flabbergast, and asks him if he is trying to start another Impact. It is not explicitly shown how or why, but with the strange events of the following episode, it can be deduced that the human instrumentality project has begun.

This is what Miyamura told Anime Yawa in an interview in 2005: “At last Anno asked me ‘Miyamura, just imagine you are sleeping in your bed and a stranger sneaks into your room. Shinji's fraught relationship with his father mirrors Misato's with her own, and each understands the feelings of abandonment and isolation that plague them, albeit with differing outcomes. While recovering in hospital alongside Shinji, Toji apparently witnesses Shinji and Rei in the dreamscape train, arguing over Shinji's actions and his relationship with Gendo. In contrast to Kaworu, when Shinji, in a similar state of desperation, asks for Asuka's own unconditional affection, Asuka refuses as she does not want to be an emotional crutch and an escape for him, and demands he gives himself to her as well, but Shinji is unwilling to give back any affection himself. But, instead, Anno sought a kind of salvation for his characters—possibly as a means of finding a similar path for himself. Through his persistent efforts to befriend Rei however, she ends up opening up somewhat to him and realizing more about herself and her role in the Human Instrumentality Project. The two travel to Rei's apartment, finding no-one home upon entering. In Episode 12, it is discovered that Shinji is rapidly increasing his synch rate with his Eva, much to Asuka's dismay. You start to assume that’s the case because others tell you so. For example, in this clip from a video review the youtuber expresses a …

After moving to Tokyo-3, Shinji lives with Misato in her small apartment with her pet penguin Pen Pen. He also still acts shy and introverted around others, although he's friendlier with everyone.

After Shinji, piloting Unit-01, defeats Unit-02, which Kaworu was using to defend himself, Kaworu requests that Shinji kill him. The manga version of Shinji Ikari is significantly different from his anime depiction. The truth within each of us is a fragile thing. This post contains major spoilers for the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series. They seem to be somewhat unaware of Shinji's anxiety at piloting Eva, particularly Kensuke who envies him for it. As Complementation proper begins, Shinji is shown experiencing a curiously familiar feeling of disassociation or disembodiment. Shinji and Asuka are left at the care of Kaji while Misato goes to supervise the test activation of Unit-03. Soon thereafter, Ritsuko has Shinji return Rei's ID card to her; Shinji accidentally walks in on Rei as she is getting dressed, and clumsily knocks her to the floor, touching her naked body. Rei also seems to associate Shinji with Gendo with some level, implying she might also feel a form of familial connection with him. Tags:AnimeEnding ExplainedHideaki AnnoNeon Genesis Evangelion. When Eva-04 and Nerv's Second branch in Nevada are destroyed, Shinji remains uninformed, both about the incident, the impending arrival of Eva-03 in Tokyo-3, and the selection of the Fourth Children. In ISRP, Rei is presented a distant cousin of Shinji. What NERV is. In End of Evangelion, Shinji spends much of the movie seeking Asuka and has multiple fantasies and exchanges with her, including of a clear sexual nature. Shinji Ikari is one of the select few who can meld his nervous system with his Eva Unit-01. This is a tribute to the real 500 TYPE EVA bullet train that ran on the Sanyo Shinaksen line from November 2015 to May 2018. Shinji relives a memory of his first kiss with Asuka, but here Asuka berates him for not understanding her.

In the manga, Shinji has the same issues with his abandonment, but is a much more violent and troubled youth, sometimes even turning physically violent, going so far as attempting to strike Gendo.

Shinji with Asuka on top of him in End of Evangelion. (The First Impact, happening 4 billion years ago, was the first time the two Seeds of Life, Adam and Lillith, collided; the Second Impact in 2000 in the South Pole was the result of the "Contact Experiment" that killed Shinji's mother, Yui, and Misato's father.) Shinji hopes to get along with his father and is happy when Gendo praises him after the Eighth Angel attack. With a burst of speed, Eva-01 catches the Angel first and holds it in place until Eva-00 and Eva-02 arrive to dispatch it. Opening the elevator to Eva-01, Misato again tries to persuade Shinji to move on, but he is still inert and self depreciating, and refuses to Pilot Eva-01, listing all his faults and failings, and preferring to do nothing. He first pilots the Evangelion Unit-01 Type-F, but after the attack of EVA0.0 (Quatre) and the subsequent unification of his soul with Eva-01, he pilots the Super Evangelion and its various upgrades.
He makes lunches for Misato, Asuka, as well as Rei during the film. There is no true cure for loneliness or self-hatred or any of the negative emotions that come with being human. Shinji, crippled with doubt and fear and self-hatred, opts for life as an individual amongst the rest of humanity with an Absolute Terror Field around our hearts, choosing the possibility of happiness rather than giving up on himself. Shinji comes to admire Misato's resolve in combat situations—something which often serves to fuel his own dire confidence, leading him to disobey her orders on certain occasions. For a moment, End of Evangelion turns life-affirming and downright hopeful. Later, at NERV HQ, Shinji sees Rei happily chatting with Gendo, who has burns on his hands. As Nerv prepares to destroy Leliel through the use of Eva-00, Eva-02, and the remaining 992 N^2 mines, to everyone's shock, Leliel's shadow suddenly splits open, and despite being completely without power, a berserk Eva-01 tears it ways out of the Angel's upper sphere, bellowing amidst sprays of blood. Loneliness drives Neon Genesis Evangelion. The two live together in Misato's apartment, along with Pen Pen, and Shinji becomes the designated pilot of Eva-01.

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