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epq dissertation examples

13. 7.

Can Only Humans Have Rights? 6. Should Computer Science Now Be Compulsory In School? How Accurate Are Eyewitnesses To A Crime? shakespeares use of masquerade in his plays – like in romeo and juliet and linking it to the era it came from and its links to italy as well, write, direct and perform in a play- could be a parody of a Shakespeare play?- for mythology do a modern version of a classic myth?- link to a topic you are interested in, maybe look at the impact of tourism on low income countries or CO2 emissions from travel, I live in cornwall and iIO what about how will covid 19 aefffect the tourisum industry (please ignore my spelling by back button is broke), Do you go to Callywith (only school i know doing EPQ in Cornwall lol) ? What Contributions Did Artists Make To The Renaissance 7.

11. How Much Do Taxes Hurt Small Business Owners? Antibiotic resistance is the mechanism by which the bacteria are fighting back.

How Much Has Human Activity Contributed To Climate Change?

At What Point Will Moore’s Become Irrelevant?

How Do International Courts Work And When Are They Used? How Are Waterfalls Formed? How Has Commercialisation Changed The Sporting Industry? To What Extent Should Architects Take Into Account The Effects Of The Environment When Designing A Building? Is It Fair To Say That China Only Has Only A Single Language? 1. 2. Evaluating The Gender Pay Gap In Sport

Is Healthcare A Human Right? 12. What Affect Has Brexit Had On The UK Economy? Think Student Ltd is a participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, 7 Revision Techniques For GCSE & A-Level (That Actually Work), How To Use Mind Maps Effectively While Studying, How To Revise For GCSE Maths: The Ultimate Guide, The 10 Easiest GCSE Subjects In 2020 (Ranked), The 10 Easiest A-Level Subjects In 2020 (Ranked), How To Write An EPQ Essay (Step-by-Step Guide).

Why Do Engineers Become Essential During War Time? How Can We Make Houses Stay Efficient For Longer Periods Of Time? Why Impact Did Literature Have During WW2?

10. 10. 4. 14. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning How Will The World Change As Advancements In General AI Are Made? What Has Been The Main Influence Of The Architecture In London? 18. 15. 17.


How Has Civil Engineering Changed Over Time?

What Causes Someone To Be Attracted To A Particular Person?eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thinkstudent_co_uk-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',122,'0','0'])); 1. 19. Is Latin Dead? Was John Money’s Gender Reassignment Experiment Unethical? How Tony Blair Became So Hated In The UK

The Complications Surrounding How DNA Evolved Should Maths Be Optional At Secondary School In The UK?

The Complications Surrounding Net Neutrality 15. This is an example of an EPQ dissertation fully meeting every criteria outlined in mark scheme, clearly laid out and includes a fully descriptive and analytical activity log, which is the bulk of the marks for the EPQ. Was The Bombing Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki Justified?

5. How Does Child Abuse Affect Someone’s Mind Later In Life? How To Make An Effective Logo For Your Business.


10. How Does Someone’s Mind-Set Change As They Get Older?

We've all taken them and all know the power they hold as, over the last 88 years, our medical knowledge and abilities have grown and advanced, leading to the eradication of some diseases, the ability to safely conduct complex operations and the increase of the average life expectancy of many western populations. Square 11.

How Can Parents Motivate Children To Do Sports? What Causes Inflation? Why Are Humans Smarter Than Other Animals? 13. 13.

The Effect Trade Tariffs Have On The Associated Countries 3. To What Extent Have Innovations From Chemical Engineering Changed Our Lives?


11. 9. 6.

11. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and What Is The Best Form Of Democracy And Why?

13. 14. Why Do Earthquakes Happen And Why Do Some Areas Get Them More Often?

What Is Anti-Matter And What Are It’s Applications? 11.

How Someone’s Brain Changes When They Are In Love

Should Everyone Be Forced To Learn A Foreign Language At School? What Made Shakespeare’s Plays So Unique? Do ISP’s Have Too Much Power? To What Extent Has Mobile Technology Changed Advertising? How Will Quantum Computers Change The World? 16. Evaluating The Political Agenda Behind Many Poems 5. When creating this list, we researched all over the web to see what EPQ ideas people had in the past. How Much Control Should Doctors Have Over Society’s Choices?

How Are Mountains Categorised And How Does Doing This Help Us? Early Childhood Education Dissertation Ideas. Should We Make More Buildings Earthquake Resistant?

9. What Is The Effect Of The Current Shortage Of Engineers In The UK And US?

2. Are The European Economies Too Reliant On Each Other? An antibiotic is a medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms. Sport Dissertation Examples in Nutrition 7. Would an essay about disabled rights be good idea for EPQ. Just ensure that you have enough to say about this topic. Completing your EPQ Finding Sources Extended Project Qualification @ JFS. 15. 13. 4. 2. 2.

Why Did Brexit Happen? 4. 19.

1. The Problems Associated With Expanding Heathrow And Why It Needs To Happen.

11. Has The Art Industry Become Too Commercialised?

20. How Are Lakes And Rivers Formed?

5. 19. Do Care Homes Provide Adequate Care To Dementia Patients? Is Graffiti A Form Of Art? 19. How Did The Invention Of Guns Change Warfare?

20. 400+ EPQ Ideas That Guarantee An A* (For Each Subject). Why Do Direct Democratic Systems Not Work? 15. 20.

Is It Ethical To Raise A Child In A Purely Religious Environment?

JFS How to structure my report. What Led To The Fall Of The British Empire? 2. 8.

18. How Does The Ebola Virus Attack The Body?

What Affect Does Legal Immigration Have On The UK Economy? 3. Should Banksy Be Considered An Artist Or A Vandal? What Steps Can County’s Take To Reduce The Effects Of Coastal Erosion?


11. 4. How Have Modern Farming Methods Impacted Agricultural Production? How Has Quantum Mechanics Developed Over Time? 11. 20. Why Was India So Valuable To The British Empire?

Are Cheerleaders A Sexist Exploitation? I was thinking a maths and gambling based epq. Would Children With Mild Learning Difficulties Perform Better If They Weren’t Told About Their Disadvantage? Evaluating The Case For A Single Global Currency Disclaimer: These EPQ ideas are only here to inspire you and (hopefully) help point you in the right direction. Should Women Be Allowed To Compete Against Men Professionally? 14. 5.

How Has The Way Humans Cook Changed Over Time? Literally so many you can do with the nhs although I may have to combine different aspects to get enough content to write about, good luck !!!

Should Self-Inflicted Illnesses Be Treated By The NHS? 7. What Impact Have Imaginary Numbers Had On Mathematics? Why Does Capitalism Cause Monopoly’s? How Much More Efficient Does The Right Diet Make An Athlete?

The Pros And Cons Of A Privatised Health Care System


17. 4. 5.

What Factors Increase Your Chance Of Injury While Playing Sport? However, many of these EPQ ideas were thought up by fellow students for the purpose of this article.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'thinkstudent_co_uk-box-3','ezslot_6',121,'0','0'])); Anyway, we hope you find inspiration from at least one of the EPQ ideas below.

3. Are Books Becoming Obsolete?

7. 13. To What Extent Do Solar Flares Pose A Risk To Modern Life On Earth? 15. Free Haiku Deck for PowerPoint Add-In. Why Does The Brain Create False Memories? 5. What Contributions Did George Stephenson Make To Engineering? 19.

3. What Makes A Child Antisocial? 15. What Factors Motivate Employees And How?

9. 6. 4. 14. The Effects Of Pheromones On Humans 12. Why Socialism Has Never Worked 2. Who Would Be Responsible For A Self Driving Car’s Actions? 7. 9.

17. 9. 2. 8. 20. 1.

8. 3. How Does Computer Illiteracy Affect Someone’s Career? 18. 11. How Do Plants Become Infected By Diseases? Does Letting A Child Play Violent Games Make Them More Aggressive? How Has Our Use Of Language Changed Since The Development Of The Internet? To What Extent Does The Soil Type In Your Area Determine What You Can Grow? Does The Brain Learn Maths The Same Way As It Learns A Foreign Language? What Is The Hardest Language To Learn? 10. 11. How Has UK Politics Changed Over Time? 17. 19. To What Extent Is Architectural Design A Display Of Art?

This is 36 page, and approximately 10000 word document. 17. How Do We Use Mathematics To Crack Ciphers? How Have Gender Roles Changed In Novels Over Time?

I have to link it to Religious Education as it is a catholic school. 16.


6. 1. 13. 17. Should Society Be Teaching More People How To Program?

9. 15. 9. How Does Meningitis Overcome The Immune System?

How Did Literature Change In The 1800s? 4. The Chemistry Behind Food Dyes To What Extent Can Someone’s Mental Health Be Expressed By Their Art? What Makes A Child Become A Bully? Are Glaciers Melting Too Fast And Why Would This Be Bad?

Are The Laws Regarding Cybercrime Outdated?

Why Is The Internet Dominated By The English Language? Why Can A Single Crime Have So Many Different Punishments? 14.

How Can We Be Sure To Eradicate AI Bias?

How Did Humans Become The Dominant Species On The Planet?

In A-Level by Think Student EditorFebruary 21, 201941 Comments. I would finalise my topic sooner and allow myself more time for more in depth research. Should Physics Be Optional In Secondary School? Is It Fair That Some People Buy Your Their Way Into Politics? 13.

Thankyou! This is 36 page, and approximately 10000 word document. 12. The Ethical Issues Surrounding Therapeutic Cloning 19. What Influenced Architecture Throughout The 19th Century?


Any suggestions? What Is The Evidence For Evolution And What Evidence Is Missing? Why Google Translate Doesn’t Work Sometimes What Is A Fair Salary For A CEO?

10. I’m struggling to think of a good EPQ question based on health care, the NHS or paramedics. How Has British Art Changed Over Time? The Chemistry Behind A Liquid Bandage Are Girls Better At English Than Boys? hello friends, im from portugal and would like a topic for my IPQ that relates to wine, does anyone got any ideas ? 15. How Can The Government Undo Previous Wrongful Convictions?

7. 12. At What Point Does An Embryo Or Foetus Become A Human Life? How Should Market Monopoly’s Be Addressed?


Should People Be Forced To Die If Ageing Is Ever Cured? 11. What Impact Does Art Education Have On A Childs Brain?

This is an A* EPQ dissertation example. Does Homosexuality Between Non-Human Animals Exist? Is It Wrong For A Country To Focus More On Teaching Their Own History Than Other History? Poliomyelitis And How It Affects A Sufferer Within Society

5. Are Anti-Terrorism Laws Inflicting On People’s Privacy Rights? 16. How Was Religion Portrayed In 20th Century British Novels? 12. The History Behind Stained Glass Art 19. 3. 7. How Much Should Doctors And Nurses Be Paid? 5. ; What do educators identify as the key challenges of transitioning from early childhood to compulsory … 8. 20. 13.


The Physics Behind How Airbags Work

The Ethical Issues Surrounding Stem Cell Research What Is Quantum Physics And How Is It Applied? 9. 20. An antibiotic is a medicine that inhibits the growth of or destroys microorganisms. Could There Ever Be A Single Cure For All Cancers? What Ethical Issues Do Engineers Have To Consider? 3. How Has The UK’s Economy Developed Over Time? 17.

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