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darkseid mind control

Peron | The New Gods are singular through the Multiverse and exist in every universe as manifestations of their true selves.

There are a lot more that could be added to this list but these are the main three. Toyman | With the Justice League defeated, Darkseid chooses to spare some of them, notably Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Mera, and Hawkman, and killing off those he had no plans for. Oni Warlord | Superman Returns: Lex Luthor Shaggy Man | Extant | Dominus |

Superman is set into an unparalleled fit of rage as he hurls Darkseid into the sun where they attempted to destroy each other. Dark Circle | Silver Banshee | Satan Girl | Axis America | Human Flame |

Lex Luthor and his band of villains survive thanks to Sinistro's yellow power ring and return to Earth. Alien | Black Banshee | Darkseid had tried on several other occasions to achieve dominance of the universe through other methods, most notably through his minion Glorious Godfrey, who could control people's minds with his voice.

As Darkseid mocks his old enemy for failing to defend Earth, it emerges that in Darkseid's fall through the multiverse, he created a doomsday singularity that now threatens all of existence.

He also arranges for detective Dan Turpin to be lured into the Dark Side Club, where Turpin is turned into Darkseid's "final host", as his Boss Dark Side body has begun to mummify due to Darkseid's foul astral presence. Upon the Justice League's arrival at Apokolips, Darkseid is one step ahead of their entire plan, sending his army of Paradooms, genetic hybrids of Parademons and Doomsday, to attack them. The Gang | So as Darkseid invades Prime Earth in Justice League, he sends his lieutenant Steppenwolf to do the same, with greater success, on Earth 2, resulting in the deaths of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, and stranding Helena Wayne and Kara Zor-L on Prime Earth.

Darkseid returns to Apokolips claiming revenge against Superman and launched an assault on Earth, in which the Justice League and the Legion work together to stop the Parademon's invasion.

Darkseid | Jason Voorhees | Though Darkseid subsequently wins this fight, he and his army are sent back to Apokolips by the Question, who had infiltrated Darkseid's cadre of minions and reversed the Boom Tubes that had brought them to Earth. Atomic Skull | Decay | When Darkseid discovered that there was an Anti-Life Equation, a formula that would stamp out free will and allow him to mold and rule the universe at his whims as he ruled and molded despair ridden Apokolips, he essentially dedicated his life to uncovering this equation.

Floronic Man | Morgaine Le Fey | Two years later, Darkseid has gained almost complete control over Earth, as well as most of the space sector. Dumas | Golden Gilder | Gorilla Grodd | Crime Syndicate of America |

He believes that the surface dwellers on Earth are responsible, calling it an act of war from the surface, for which he swears revenge but unaware it was Darkseid. You cannot make said Removal Proposal without permission from an admin first. Fiddler | Jola | Born of the royal family of Apokolips, Uxas is the younger son of Yuga Khan and Heggra. Five years later, Darkseid once again invades Earth 2, which never fully recovered from his armies' earlier assault, and it is revealed that he and Highfather of New Genesis struck a deal allowing him the unchallenged right to invade Earth 2.

Using the fused Flash and his own powers, he kills Darkseid. All-Star Superman: Lex Luthor | Solaris | Parasite | Bar-El & Lilo-El

Mister Freeze |

Kia | He is incredibly ruthless and merciless, killing numerous innocent and destroys entire words without any care about and take pleasure to make another suffer before killing them. 118486818.

[1], Seeing other gods as a threat, Darkseid invaded the island of Themyscira in order to discover the secret location of the Olympian gods, planning to overthrow the Olympians and steal their power.

Time Travel: can travel in time as easily as any New God. Darkseid | Dragon King | Positive Man | However, Darkseid's life essence endured even the death of his body and fell back in time, where he was reborn as "Boss Dark Side", aided by his resurrected minions and the supervillain Libra. Brainiac | Kalibak | Incapacitated Pre-Crisis Superman with a single, casual blast), as low as Solar System level+ when operating through avatars (Comparable to Post-Crisis Superman) | Solar System level+ (Stomped Hal Jordan without difficulty. Telepathy: Darkseid is capable of forming telepathic links with seemingly any being in the universe. Icicle |

Wizard | Darkseid laces Superman's body with liquid Kryptonite to leave him in a de-powered state, straps Batman to a Mobius chair to torture him, forces Flash to endlessly run on a treadmill to serve as a power generator, forces Cyborg to subjugate into Apokolips itself and brainwashes him to become subservient, and brainwashing Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Mera, and later Starfire (after the Paradooms' invasion on Earth killing the Teen Titans) to become his Furies while equipping their torn bodies with cybernetic parts. Kratos | He sends Mary Marvel, whom he had coerced into taking back her dark powers, to capture him. Kollector | Plastique |

One thousand years in the future, Darkseid has been absent for centuries and is almost completely forgotten.

Finally, the New Gods of New Genesis, free at last, made their way to Earth-51, where they planned to remake New Genesis. Warp | During the two part series finale, Granny Goodness tells Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) that Darkseid was in Earth's history by many names such as Hades and Lucifer and was also connected to the Hindu goddess Kali. Mortal Kombat (1995): To be added Darkseid is widely considered one of the most dangerous villains in the DC universe, next to. Red Tornado | Wraiths | [3] Darkseid has been substantially adapted into various forms of media, most notably being voiced by Michael Ironside within the DC animated universe, by Andre Braugher in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, by Tony Todd in the DC Animated Movie Universe, and as the main antagonist in the final season of Smallville. Diasporans | Red King |

Solomon Grundy | Joker | Parasite | The Character was set to appear later in the series, with John DiMaggio providing his voice. Cheshire |

Darkseid theorized that there must an "Anti-Life Equation" which negated the will, and sought to buy time to discover it.

When he emerged, he took the name Darkseid as his godname. Ethan Knox | Seeing other deities as a threat, Darkseid invaded the island of Themyscira in order to discover the secret location of the Olympian deities, planning to overthrow the Olympians and steal their power. He and the rest of his Darkseid's Elite of followers have reappeared in Blüdhaven, operating a business known as the "Dark Side Club". DC Animated Movie Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Secret Society of Super Villains | Preus |

His sadism was perfectly obvious from the brutal way he treated the residents and slaves of Apokolips.At one point, Darkseid formed a truce with his arch-nemesis, High Father. [25] He is later mentioned again in Justice League #2,[26] and in Justice League #3 Darkseid makes his first appearance in the series, seen in a vision by Victor Stone after he is injured by an exploding Mother Box. https://marvel-dc.fandom.com/wiki/Darkseid?oldid=7520. Izaya was granted the power because of his faith and took the name Highfather. With this, he is an excellent strategist and has proven that not only sheer force of strength and power has aided him in battles.

He can also move with great speed, as he has been able to catch Superman off guard,[41] and he is known to be able to react in nanoseconds. Persuader | Star Sapphire |

Doctor Psycho | Project Cadmus (Lillian Luthor, Cyborg Superman & John Corben) | Goals Rain | Bronze Tiger | Scarecrow |

Additionally, Darkseid had Libra arrange an attack on the Daily Planet to distract his old enemy Superman, murdered the Martian Manhunter as a means of recruiting more super villains, framed Green Lantern Hal Jordan for the murder of Orion, captured Batman, and infected Wonder Woman with an unknown virus, depriving the Superhero community of some of their greatest leaders. The limits to this power are unknown. The denizens of New Genesis are immortal, stronger, faster, and smarter than homo sapiens, despite their resemblance to the same. Molecular Dispersion: He is also able to dissipate and disperse the molecules of an object or organism, effectively erasing them from existence.

Kobra | Poison Ivy | Secret Society of Super Villains | Soon after, he was given the task of reviewing a dog calvalry soldier named Goodness, who had murdered her superior when ordered to kill her mount Mercy. Sheeva | Big Barda |

Cheetah | Kiri and Ankha | Mister Mind | However, the rebirthing process is still far from complete as Dan Turpin's mind and soul, while corrupted by Darkseid's essence, still remains in firm control over his body.

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