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dan gable loss

A blue-eyed Iowa girl, hilarious but fierce in defending her family, she found a soul mate in Dan. She ducks into the suite, scans the room and calls, "Mom?" The Penn State fans in the next suite are peeking over at the red-faced, bald man losing his shit. he yells. Wrestling from within the middle of the bracket, Gable pinned his way through the first, second and third round before facing a tough opponent in Jack Dunn. He put hammers in their cars in case they ran off the road into a body of water. The sauna is completely quiet except for Dan's voice, which sounds far away. He was just a boy. by Wright Thompson, Can a fly rod really hold the secret of life? Sometimes even legends benefit from loss.

He graduated from high school 64-0, a three-time state champion. One day, as he walks from the hotel to the arena, he tries to explain why. This is the price of trying to bury a lifetime of hurt. He's 9. Oldest grandson Gable sits in his chair, never taking his eyes off the mats. Gable sighs, a look of mock resignation on his face. Gable lost. With one season to go in his college career, Gable had remained undefeated, won two conference titles and two NCAA titles.

Every state but one now has high school wrestling, and every state but three has college wrestling. Ed Peverill, Fresno State, 2:31 It's late afternoon at the compound, near sunset. ", "I feel bad for my dad," Mackie says. Without wrestling, he felt something missing.

Steve Buttrey, Northwestern, 2:39 The eruption arrives. Pain and relief, even then. Steve Walter, Indiana State, 5:28 When he was 15 years old, a teenager from his neighborhood sexually assaulted and murdered Gable's 19-year-old sister. His friends look at the floor in silence. "Ahhhhhhhh," he moans, a cloud of vapor exploding as bare skin hits cold ground, moving his arms and legs back and forth, carving out wedges. Follow him on Twitter at @wrightthompson.

A student walks past and doesn't recognize him. Gable has used his fame to bring awareness, and to lobby behind the scenes, constantly working the phones or getting on planes. Bob Kawa, Utah, 2:45 Finally, choosing his words carefully, he said, "It was like a death in the family. At Iowa State, he became an NCAA Division I national runner-up and two-time national champion. 4 Iowa beat No. It swung back and forth, slowly, back and forth. He welcomed the hurt. His wife, Kathy, sat at the computer, waiting on the coffeemaker to start. The Hawkeyes, whom he hasn't coached in 16 years, are having a miserable weekend, with no national champions. Gable walks four or five blocks during this conversation, winding above the sidewalks and streets of Des Moines on the skywalk. Stan Keeley, Oklahoma, 7:38 

At rest, Gable looks like a retired math teacher, but under the influence of anger and adrenaline, he transforms. They got a neighbor to go check. Courtesy Gable Family, His life has been one of victory: He went 64 - 0 as a high school wrestler, 118 - 1 in college, won an Olympic gold medal in Munich without surrendering a point, won 15 national titles in 21 seasons as the Iowa coach. Fierce showdowns with Peekers seem like a comical use of the authority he built by demanding everything from himself and from athletes who wanted to be like him. He is being pulled backward, toward her death and his complicity in it. All of his angst coalesces into one brief window of agony, on Day 2, during Matt McDonough's quarterfinal match. A FEW HOURS before Iowa's final round of the tournament, Gable and two friends find a sauna in a private gym, accessible by an unmarked door and a metal staircase. No, he ain't. The family was dying with her, and he would be left alone. As the sun rose, he pushed away his pain to do the thing he did best: fight. He'll know the fate of Olympic wrestling soon enough. ", Gable loves sitting in the sauna, even traveling overseas once to an international sauna convention. World Champion", "Dan Gable among speakers discussing victims' rights", "Himself the victim of a violent tragedy, Gable says loss can result in some good", "Bio: Dan Gable – 15 National Championships. Wrestling remained a key part of Gable's life after his own retirement. Frank Clark, unattached, 3:22 For a brief period, his panicked parents thought it was lost.

Wearing a mouthpiece would have prevented the holes and the mouthfuls of blood he swallowed and spit out, but it would also have made him weak, made his jaw slide, made him feel vulnerable. At the 1972 Olympic Games in particular, Gable won all six of his matches without giving up a point. His time in the wrestling room, and his quest to make sure the sport survived, helped control the storms he felt inside.

The decision to switch sports proved wise. Iowa then won the NCAA tournament in 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996 and 1997 before Gable retired with glory. NICE JOB, McDONOUGH!". Tony Stevens, Mason City, 3:51 85 She scrolled through the Iowa wrestling message boards, and one thread caught her attention. Gable's phone started to ring. Dan Larkin, Arizona, 2:57 While he watches, his mom and his aunts crowd around one another. The reverse lights are on by the time Gable reaches the car. Gable doesn't say anything. That match gave Gable a taste of college wrestling, and he committed himself to rising to Buzzard's status and beyond. One day in March, he stared at a bowl of pasta, hungry and stubbornly trying not to eat. Above the fireplace is Dan's medal. "Blood on the floor of the four-dollar-a-night cabin" is what he says in the sauna, and his friends don't say a word. GABLE HAS BEEN watching himself too, looking inward, changing, thinking about his family. McDonough got beat! Mackie and Justin are about to leave, making the drive to Dubuque, where she teaches kindergarten and he coaches soccer. They left his older sister, Diane, at home. I had to have a win, just to get it out of me.". So when Mack and Katie went out on the town, young Dan would make his way to the front of the house. Don Silbaugh, Wyoming, 3:49 Even now, she alone seems capable of seeing through the shell into the real Dan Gable. He then beat NCAA finalist Masaaki Hatta, a match even Gable himself worried about but one that changed the course of his collegiate wrestling career. Dale Richter, Mankato State, 7:21 The Gables always seemed to be one bad night from breaking apart, leaving Dan without a family: alone. Still, most afternoons he found himself drawn to the Iowa wrestling practices, sitting in the bleachers like a fan, offering tips. Richie Leonardo, Oklaoma State, 11-0 Diane's death is a psychic phantom limb, a complicated pain he talks about more each year, even if he still can't articulate how it makes him feel. She studied his face for clues. John Fregeau, Illinois, 3:56

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