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best formation for real madrid in fifa 20

Gonul Rami Mascherano Jordi alba Very narrow formation. In this season, the default formation of the club has been set to 4-3-3 false 9. I play mostly wing play and cross the ball into the box to the strikers. i play xabi alonso at RCM, and cesc fabregas at LCM. Also, Frankie De Jong joins the midfield leaving Vidal on the bench along with Dembele and Umtiti. i do 1 – 2 passes and over head through balls but id like a solid back with CDM or even without one as long as its solid. Weaknesses: A weakness for this formation as with the 3-5-2 we find the RM and LM can be a little bypassed as the spine of your team is so muscular. for ST i use fernando llorente. What fast/good shot/relatively cheap players could I get and what is the best formation for me? A fairly big weakness in this formation is in the full-back area. Whats the key to utilising the 4-1-2-1-2 I can’t seem to use the one to pass with the strikers to create chances! Though if good at defending you can now use that CDM to cover. I use Borussia Dortmund and play either a 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-2-2 with gotze and blaszczykowsi as RM, and LM and reus as the CF or CAM, My DMs are usually gundogan and bender, and I generally play a medium possession oriented game Where I try to work my way around middle of the pitch waiting patiently to exploit any gaps that may arise in the wings. Copyright fifaaddiction.com. However, ive recently just not getting many options to score. (Sorry for my English. it seems that there are so many midfielders and i cant even get the ball out of my half. If the opposition has a deep-lying playmaker such as Pirlo, then they can find ample space to dictate the play, which is obviously something you want to try and avoid. Quick counter attack? Can’t help you there as never play with 5 at back so players would be different positions. Against 4-3-3 we would use 4-1-2-1-2 but if he is better than you maybe 4-5-1. Even on the diagram above, you can see that all the pitch is covered with little gaps around each player.

This is easy to do in FIFA 20 as you can set attacking and defending formations to switch between. So many factors influence them. How to get rid of that? Hello B4RCA , Here is the way I play: I think Im a very good player. Going to update them all soon. I just picked up Rooney and I am looking to get the best out of my attacking players. Found 4-1-2-1-2 a bit different to 12 ue to attacking and defensive intelligence so having to test them all. i did what you said which was put all same league (premier league) players in squad with chemistry of 98 i use 4-4-1-1 and its ok but still think i could do better any suggestions. Pick a league and only use players from it for now.

Then find a formation which works for you and them. Which formation’s better especially with this squad, 4-2-2-2- or 4-2-3-1 because there similar with some differences. The 4-3-3's are one of the most famous formations, and this is understandable for a few reasons. 1-2s kind of play? Make sure at least 1 of the CM's (preferably the middle one) has a high defensive work rate with a medium attacking work rate at the most. rodrigo palacio 14 Madrid should win whichever formation they use. and which players i should play in RB,LB,CDM and CAM. However so far there are lots of rebounds in FIFA 20, If you appreciate our FIFA 20 content follow us on twitter and share it. can u tell me which one is it? Also in this squad tell me which one to have. RM & LM’s with low defensive work rates can leave you exposed on the wing so try to have a medium for both attacking and defensive work rates for these players. Our favorite point is the three frontmen working closely together.

I have the money to buy the best BBVA, except ronaldo and messi. Delete my previous comment. Weaknesses: The wing areas and the lone ST are huge weaknesses of a formation set-up like this. Djourou I’ve had 4-1-2-1-2 for every squad I’ve built it FUT so far and It just hasn’t worked out well at all.

My backs are alba pepe miranda and periera with Casillas in goal. Weaknesses: A weakness for this formation is that the ST can become isolated, and if you don’t have a physical player who is going to able to hold up play while your players join in. I am using a default 4-3-3 formation and was wondering what slider numbers I should use as well as whether I should use free form or organised. They aren't high enough to contribute to the attack, and reasonably often they leave space in behind them for wingers of the opposition to exploit. However, it is still a reasonably well-balanced formation and an effective one with the right squad of players. Any with 2 strikers and lots of midfielders. ◆ Read More, Strengths: This is a superb formation for those who like to build slowly and patiently through the team. CDM: Tioté (and Yaya Toure, if the formation requires two) Kolo Toure 13 i used a BPL and a La Liga 4-3-3 with very good players and yet i could not win the Division 1 title no matter how many times i bounced back and fourth between Div 1 & 2. i found that the 4-3-3 midfield was very week and it was very hard to maintain possession, especially against the players who use the ultra-attacking, high defensive double pressure tactic.

When we find one preferred will tweet it out. Hernandez Torres because of what you said instead of Tevez =D, for dortmund which formation do you prefer 4-2-2-2 or 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-3-1 wide for h2h seasons thanks. For this reason, the 4-3-3 is considered one of the most famous formations, and they are all very useful, balanced, and accessible within the game. Cole-Lescott-Koscielny-Sagna, 2 things: Or 4-3-2-1. Not sure if broken or just removed on purpose. Hey barca do u know which its da best formation yet? And its almost here!! Manchester City dominates the gameplay by small passes and quick dribbling, the same need not be necessary for the other teams. I’m playing defensive setting at the mo to stop my CB’s running all over the place off the ball! That is a trophy that no other team will have in their cabinet for at least another 80 years. Are we talking a day or two, or closer to a week, or longer? Excellent for seeing out the latter stages of games. for this formation 2 or 3 top quality defenders with pace of at least 70/75 are needed and the rm and lm need at least medium defensive work rates. Valencia RM Nasri CAM Hazard LM I use Real Madrid but i want messi as striker but also to have 2 other strikers and to have wingers what should i do? Weaknesses: A considerable disadvantage of this formation and probably the reason for its decline in popularity (particularly on FUT) is without the right players with the correct work rates you can be quickly overrun in the middle of the pitch and be left very prone to the counter-attack and your back four exposed. The first being in vast areas. You’ll love the 422 with a setup like this! so what is the best formation What is the best formation to use in FIFA 13 Online Seasons for a guy who loves quick attacking, and over the top balls to wingers, loves to cross as well. Mainly for rebounds but also for those 1-2 runs in behind. please tell me and if u are using custom tactics, please share with me i don’t know if i should buy Fellaini and use him there, or save up and buy Yaya Toure? BARCA PLS SUGGEST ME THE BEST FORMATION AND FIRST XI my favourite formation in fifa 13 and 12 is the 4231 formation. for me the best formation is 4-3-3 defense. thanks but yeah i’ve got that part down and i already have about all the 5* skillers i need im just not sure on the exact formation, 3 at the back didnt work well so maybe a 4-?-?-? Would it affect my gameplay? There are over 20+ formations on FIFA 20 and FIFA 19, making it very difficult to decide which system to use. i need to beat some one with 4-1-2-1-2 and my 2 players are best at attacking can you tell me the two suitable formations please? Still testing all the formations in FIFA 13. Disadvantages: Can be weak in midfield if only 1 player who can tackle. sorry for some spelling mistakes. Would go 3-5-2 with those players. Am i using the correct formation? I like to cut in with my wingers and use the L1 button with my ST. Wich formation do you think i would use? Neymar; Oscar; Fellaini (CM); Carzola; Valencia Then who should I buy?

Harder still in FIFA13 because of contain and counter attack all the time. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_66"); wow. Don’t like either. At the start i enjoyed 4-2-3-1 but after a while felt it was very limited as well the two CM despite picking them out carefully were as high in attack as my ST which left a big gap in midfield when counter attacking happened. I’m fairly new to fifa and I would like to know what you guys recommend. or are you keeping it a secret ?????

I want to know which formation card I can buy that can make the formation orange instead of red. Also, what is the best team to combat, Lewandaski and Borussia Dortmund. Making use of the players in wide position is the strategy to go for when choosing Liverpool. Im constantly matched against brasil. I like to attack quick and efficient passing but can’t seem to get close enough to finish regularly. Advantages: Lots of defensive cover and good if have excellent left and right forwards. Best formation is 4-2-3-1 as long as the ST has good heading and the CF and CAM’s have decent pace. I use 433 but i am like 2-0 up and then suddenly 2-2 or 3-2 to opposition this is my squad: I have lot’s of money btw.

or choose the better one? I have M.Gotze, M.Ozil and El Sharaawy up front. Which formation do you prefer relating to my defending problem and my way of scoring goals? Hey Barca, I have a 41212 BPL squad that’s pretty good (Kompany, Ballotelli, Nasri, etc.). If you have a CF who has a medium to high defensive work rate then sometimes the CF drops too deep and leaves you isolated up top so make sure you select your CF wisely.

I looked at the 2-3-5 formation but they don’t have it on FIFA 13. (Why is that lol!?). But sometimes i also like playing on counter and fast play. This is free form. Great job on the site mate, may I ask if you compete in tournaments competitively? How EA made it this year. SO a midfield player becomes striker. Ha, its more complicated than you could guess. Still testing all formations as said in page above. Thanks. plz help, Firstly watch our video on defending crosses. Because you have a CAM/CF in there, this creates a diamond-like the 4-1-2-1-2 narrow formation which also is a weak formation down the flanks. what is the best formation from all the formations above, What’s the best formation for getting the best out off Messi. I like playing posession and slow build up. Maybe to offense? 3rd is the 4-3-1-2 formation. If the opposition has a deep-lying playmaker such as Pirlo, then they can find huge space to dictate the play, which is something you want to try and avoid. Currently using 5221 in online seasons and works pretty good. My defenders continue to get overwhelmed with attackers while the rest of my team trails behind. We find that sometimes the game can bypass the RM & LM leaving them slightly redundant. Do they have high morale and fitness? I like using wingers. If all 3 like to push on you're definitely going get caught short or outnumbered in the middle of the park. Aguero ST Torres ST, I have a 4-3-3 formation. GK-HILARIO

Gervinho-Torres/Tevez-Ben Arfa Use 3-5-2 with Song as a CB. CF: Luis Suarez So it needs a combination of things. With a CAM to pull the strings and two strikers and potential wingers you can really push forward with this formation. MANY THANKS.

This is mostly down to the extra CM, which in turn means the team shape has a better balance and can usually match other teams in midfield with the defense again being very hard to break down. Hey B4arca! Their front line is also as solid as their back four. the only weakness is the space down the flanks in your opponents attacking part of the pitch, but most players online don’t really exploit this. The LW/RW's definitely play wider than the RF/LF in 3-4-2-1, and again is a great formation for a target man in the striker position.

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