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best exo songs

A repackaged version named “Lotto” was released one month later, on August 18th. Ka-CHING! Here are the album tracks below: Below is the offical music video for Ka-CHING! EXO-CBX is a subgroup of the most popular South Korean boy group, EXO.

When performing, they split into two subgroups, EXO-K from Korea and EXO-M from China. The Christmas season and winter can make us somewhat melancholic.

This album has again two versions: it was released in both Korean and Mandarin. The title song has a beautiful Music Video shot especially for Christmas. It is the third Christmas special record released by EXO.

Martin. Songs: Unfair, Sing for You, Girl x Friend, On the Snow, Lightsaber. Two singles were extracted from it, called “What is Love” and “History”. This album was and was a commercial success, and managed to become very popular in countries outside Korea, such as China, Japan, Taiwan and Thailand, with more than 564308 sales around the whole world. Songs: MAMA, What is Love, History, Angel, Two Moons feat. In that year EXO’s popularity was increasing more than ever thanks to the popularity of this amazing EP. On July 29, 2017, EXO-CBX officaly released the song It’s Running Time. Sometimes we are not able to recognize our feelings and pride wins us over, we can miss special people during this time, but you can dedicate this song to that person, whose lyrics talk about recognizing the mistakes of the past, having personal growth despite the suffering and keep that love that made us happy once.
5 EXO Songs That Have The Power To Make You Cry, The day Mia Khalifa managed to steal the role from Lohan, Ricky Martin: Meet the singer’s wide list of brides, Cardi B: comments on the TINY Halloween costume, Orionid meteor shower will peak on October 21, Lee Min Ho’s most romantic scenes in Korean dramas. The album’s tracks are as follows: JQ, Bae Sung-hyun, Jang Yeo-jin, Seolim (Makeumine Works).

Songs: Wolf (Chinese ver. The best ballads of the group can be the cure that your soul needs, a form of catharsis when you feel that nobody understands you and you need an outlet at night. I’ll now introduce their most popular albums and MV. Tellmeyoursone Trendsetter. The record featured 12 tracks and a music video for the song “Wolf”. EXO-CBX began spreading their wings to Japan with the mini album Girls, and the album’s title track Ka-CHING! Who is Gay in EXO and Why People Think So? Hey Mama! We provide you with the latest Korean news. The song has a mellow tune that is complimented by the soulful voices of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin and is about the sad feeling of separation.

The band’s Mandarin record managed to get first place in the China Weekly Sino Chart. It included the unreleased track “She’s Dreaming” penned by band member Chen. Who is Gay in EXO and Why People Think So? Music is a good therapy to feel that you are not alone and to project those feelings that your heart holds. Songs: Overdose, Moonlight, Thunder, Run, Love Love Love. Besides releasing some mini albums, EXO-CBX also worked on many projects during their promotions. Now, let’s get to know more about EXO-CBX’s albums and songs! EXO’s second studio album is named “EXODUS”. The song tells everyone to enjoy parties in order to make them more memorable for everyone who’s there. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. There may be nights where you feel lonely, sometimes we do not realize it and we are a bit masochistic, but this song will make us feel a bit of hope, sometimes the night is not as dark as we imagine and we should not lock ourselves in our pain. was called The One. After this album was released EXO’s popularity exploded in Korea as well as overseas. Member Profile of EXO: Bio, Fan Facts, History etc. Below is a list of these songs: On August 23, 2016 EXO-CBX was confirmed to have sung on the original soundtrack from the famous Korean drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Hearts Ryeo, which Baekhyun participated in. Their fan club is called EXO-L: the “L” stands for the fans’ love. “Mama” is the debut EP of the popular South Korean band EXO.

No.2 “XOXO” EXO’s first studio album is called “XOXO” and was released on July 3, 2013 by S.M Entertainment. EXO has the best songs that will make you cry, their best ballads are perfect for those sad moments.

This amazing album was released on March 30, 2015 by S.M Entertainment and KT Music. It features 4 tracks and one special song called “Lightsaber”, as well as the music video for the track “SING FOR YOU”, that makes display of a great Christmas atmosphere. was very successful and helped the group reach their peak. The fifth EP of the South Korean boyband, “For Life” was released on December 19, 2016.

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Songs: Call me Baby, Transformer, What if, My Answer, Exodus, El Dorado, PlayBoy, Hurt, Lady Luck and Beautiful.

The album was released in a single record that contains both the Chinese and Korean version of every track. What are the best exo songs in your opinion? is also the name of the title track itself, and with electronic dance sounds and a retro-pop touch, the song is really fun to listen to.
The second single off of the album Hey Mama! EXO is a South Korean boy band, with members from China and Korea based in Seoul. EXO has the best songs that will make you cry, their best ballads are perfect for those sad moments. This was the last album that featured members Kris and Luhan before they left the group. It was on May 24, 2017 under their Japanese agency Avex Trax that the Girls album was released along with many expectations from the fans.

Because of this, the boy band released their comeback album on May 15 of 2014. Once again, it came out in two languages, and it broke the records of “EXODUS” with approximately 267.900 copies sold around the world. This album was released on December 10 at 2015. Somag News is an online international news platform that founded in 2019 with a dynamic news team.Our news team includes reporters that has a speciality in different fields from each other. As the result, this song was a big contributor towards the official statement that EXO-CBX had become an official sub-unit of EXO. Songs: Lucky One, Monster, Artificial Love, Cloud 9, Heaven, White Noise, One and Only, They Never Know, Stronger, Lotto, Can’t bring me down, She’s Dreaming.

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