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benelli super vinci vs sbe3

While laying on its side, I couldn’t get the SBE3 to fail to go into battery despite my most gentle efforts. I've heard sbe lovers say one is better than the other, and the Vinci jams up and I've also heard Vinci lovers say the same about the sbe. When I asked Benelli reps about this, they insisted that the gun, with its 0.317"-tall rib, is designed to print about 3" above point of hold, and that shooters should “float the bird” over the fiber-optic front sight pipe. The Super Vinci is one of the most lightweight, well-balanced, and accurate semi-automatic shotguns available today, and Benelli knew what they were doing when they released it. Shooters are remiss in failing to take the time to fit their expensive new shotgun to their body. Other than its 3½" chamber, stock technology and synthetic furniture, the SBE3 actually has more in common with Benelli’s Ethos model (March 2014, p. 58) than the prior two Eagles. So, who’s the winner? Sure, going to New Zealand just to hunt paradise shelducks and black swans might seem a little ridiculous to some.

Mine is in Realtree Max-5 (another Gander Mountain had the black version for $989 – but I just couldn’t justify buying it, even though I REALLY considered it).
Give the Super Vinci what it wants and needs. Super Black Eagle 3 - BE.S.T. With the Super Vinci, some of them reported that it jammed 60-80% of the time. Make no mistake, while the SBE3 remains one of the most versatile shotguns available, I believe the company decided to make the SBE3 the best gun in one category rather than attempting to do the impossible and make one gun that’s perfect for everything. During each lull in the action between waves of pigeons, I studied the SBE3 to compare it to my experience with the prior two models. Ensuring proper shooter-to-firearm fit, a key, but often overlooked aspect of promoting good marksmanship, is enhanced in the SBE 3. Treat it with respect and get it some heavy shells, instead of the smaller ones. But with its 3" action, glossy finish and walnut stock, what the Ethos isn’t is a do-anything, plunge-its-butt-into-ice-water-to-paddle-the-boat gun.
I must admit, however, that when reps asked me how I shot the gun on birds, I was honest when I told them I shot it really well. In 2009, Benelli introduced its brand new Vinci line. While writing this my 9-year-old walked in and asked if he could hold the shotgun. The ones which I can recommend are the standard “go to” shells: Federal Premium Black Cloud, Winchester X Steel, Remington HyperSonic, or Hevi-Metal. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned it only costs $100 more than the SBE II. I had a Beretta extrema 2 that fired anything and everything straight out of the box for years and NEVER jammed once and I also bought a cheap Hatsan Escort that also never missed a beat despite several thousand rounds going through it. The Super Vinci is available only in 12 gauge, chambered for 2¾”, 3″, and 3½”. Buzz, That is a judgment call, obviously. However, I have no complaints about taking down my SBE as it's very easy and fairly fast to clean. SBE3 owner A: “When aiming it should hit at that spot, not a foot high plus.I had 3 other people try it and all shot the same. Guns. When it comes to a shotgun the likes of the Super Vinci, there are a few basic accessories which it helps to have around: This shotgun is both lightweight and one of the best-balanced shooters out there, but it can also be a pain in the neck to carry, especially for a few days. The sling stud on the SBE II’s magazine cap swivels, but the sling hardware scratches the cap’s camo finish, due to the cap’s design. Open Country . Our guide, whose eyes and ears are trained to pick them out at distance, began the distinct, high-pitched series of clucks—screams almost—on his call. |, Best Airgun Rifles for Hunting Urban Predators, How to Choose Between Night Vision Or Thermal Optics, Gun review: Benelli Super Vinci vs. Super Black Eagle II. Perhaps just as important, the undercoat and plastic film emulsion process, or dipping, protects the gun’s metal finish from rust and scratches, and so I think the Optifade is worth the extra $100. Benelli had explained that demand for test guns was high as all the gun media sought to cover the new SBE 3’s introduction, but did have the 26-inch for testing. A shotgun’s beauty is in the eye of the shooter. From there, the shell can be guided straight forward and onto a loading port that has also been altered. A spring-powered ejector is affixed to the inside left wall of the receiver that burps hulls with authority.

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