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attack of the radioactive thing(glitch)

Listen for one of the following compounds randomly chosen each game. Start killing zombies, and then once you have acquired some batteries, head to the Motel Office and place them in the radio there. The nuke will need to charge up its teleporter first, but once it’s ready, everyone should interact with it once more. Once you have it, place it inside the machine at spawn and a series of nine numbers will flash across the screen. I have no trouble with this and I went into a game to help them and came out looking like I didn't know what I was doing.. lol, Don't you need formaldehyde+acetaldahyde+Detergent to make Aldehyde sludge?

Enjoy the video guys! It should be noted that the numbers and colors needed to complete the Easter egg will change each time you do the map. The Easter eggs in Call of Duty: Zombies have always been hard, and I've been writing about these overly-complicated puzzles for plenty of years now, but this single step probably takes the cake as the most needlessly complex. We’ve detailed their locations below. After finding the M-symbol’s number, it’s time to solve the next part of the equation and solve for O. He enjoys digging into the story and lore of massive RPGs, as well as getting lost just trying to make that last jump in any platformers he gets pulled into, as well as everything in between. The community has pulled it off once more, and the newest adventure released for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s zombies campaign has been completed. Place each ingredient on the table. Now that you have the Chemical Station built, collected all the ingredients, and found which of the four recipes you'll need, it's time to start mixing up compounds. You’ll also need to use the Death Lasers to attack the Radioactive Thing’s chest, and blow a hole in the core on its chest. As you progress in the main Easter egg, eventually you'll be able to gain the Gas Station Key. There are six Chemical Boards spread across the map. Main Easter Egg Guide Step 17. Here, we'll explain how to complete it. In order to solve this part of the equation, though, you’re going to need to change the color of the map up. the fact that the numbers worked to build the original chemicals is why that seems a little counterintuitive, I'm normally the first to jump on these posts and say "your doing it wrong" but it just happened to me as well in game and I normally chew this step up, exactly! Contact us / Report a Problem. I found out that if you change the order of the chemicals it might improve chances of creating the chemical. To mix, you'll need to punch a code into the computer on the upper-right of the Chem Station. The weird thing is I tried using a number above and below the (believed) correct number, and the explosion happened immediately. The second thing you need to do is build a Zombie Body in the spawn area. did you ever resolve it? So, if you want to know how to beat the main Easter egg in Attack of the Radioactive Thing, then let’s dive in. The second piece is found at the end of the stream that passed under the bridge. The community has put together a helpful list of formulas that you may need, so be sure to take a look at it for additional help. Reading from guides is not really going to work (unless it's my excel file :), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Zombies will randomly drop batteries when killed. The main Easter egg quest for Attack of the Radioactive Thing contains an aggravatingly elaborate chemical composition quiz, forcing players to mix compounds like a real chemist. The Radioactive Thing will begin to attack even harder, and you’ll have to survive the onslaught of zombies, fireballs, and Crogs.
Hey guys, there was a bug at launch with blue needing to be green in certain situations.

Now it’s time to create the chemical that Dr. Get to the water’s edge and interact with the nuke to be teleported into the belly of the beast. Bright told you about.
They're useless. Requires the Escape Route Fortune card!! Bright claims he KNOWS will kill the monster. -FOUNDER- Warrior Irish - … The post that I use says a+b+c=D but sometime I've had to put a+c+b=D or use the other empty slot to improve chances. Try the other 2 colours that was my solution, and it worked? Josh has been exploring fantastic worlds and getting lost in video games for as long as he can remember. The first part is found under the red car between the motel and the TV Studio. We’ve detailed how to get her book in our guide on how to get the Pack-a-Punch, which is something you’ll need to access for the second step of the Easter egg.

You’ll want to hold on to the Crowbar for the Easter egg, as you’ll need it several times throughout the whole process. When mixing up a formula, find each ingredient on the boards, and ADD THE TOP AND LEFT NUMBERS. When I put in the number I believe is correct it would begin making the ingredient, but then explode after a second or two.

This guide is broken down into Chapters and Topics, a Chapter defines the content of the Topics ("Inventory" contains all relevant info to Inventory Buildables) to make all of the guides easier to navigate and read.. On the right, there is a list of all the Chapters, Topics and Sub-Topics. This can be done by acquiring several different pieces from around the map. The order doesn't matter, but the numbers and colors and constants do. This will cause the zombie inside to be killed, and it will drop a key for the player to pick up. This will give you access to the all-new Chemical Station, where you can make chemicals. Insert the battery into the tape recorder to continue listening. To get the correct numbers, you'll need to do some math and take some screenshots. Each player gets three attempts to input the code, and you must all put it in correctly to launch it. Was your colour green? The key unlocks the garage door to the Gas Station, where you'll find a bomb and an empty work table. First, let's talk about where you'll get the numbers you need. Ingredient Locations - 3-Methy-l/2, 4-Di Nitrobenzen, Ingredient Locations - Octa-Hydro-2, 5-Nitro-3, 4/7-Para-Zocine, Ingredient Locations - 3/4-Di-Nitroxy-Methyl-Propane, Ingredient Locations - 1/3/5-Tetra-Nitra-Phenol. This is going to be long, use CTRL+F to search for your specific recipe. When the nuke is at the water’s edge, it’s time to gear up once more. If you want to pull off the main Easter egg, you’re going to have to be ready, and we’ve put together a comprehensive article to assist you in your journey to complete the new map and defeat the Radioactive Thing. The main Easter egg quest for Attack of the Radioactive Thing contains an aggravatingly elaborate chemical composition quiz, forcing players to mix compounds like a real chemist.

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