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ancient knowledge synonyms

Synonym.com is the web's best resource for English synonyms… So I said I didn't love her to save her from the knowledge of this horror. A bank's not the place to get the knowledge of business necessary for that sort of thing. A Repository of knowledge, also known as an Archive of Knowledge and as a downloading device, was a device created by the Ancients just before they ascended to hold massive amounts of information. Repository of knowledge When used in conjunction with a Molecular construction device, the device allowed one to visualize a program or machine, and then create it.

Bermuda Triangle is located in which ocean ? Usage Technical specifications

Giles was their “ancient” and had charge of the banner, nor could it be doubted that he had flourished. Not contentment, but a lamentation and an ancient tale of wrong!
Mysterious: being beyond one's powers to know, understand, or explain. Ancient Knowledge synonyms. This version of the Repository was interactive, and not only sent information, but also received it. belonging to one, existing in a place since prehistory.

SG-1 attempted to remove the Repository and bring it back to Earth to safely store the data before Anubis could use the knowledge in the Repository for his own purposes. When Colonel Jack O'Neill used two such devices, once by accident, the information slowly and inevitably took over his mind. Prior Knowledge synonyms. Top synonyms for historical knowledge (other words for historical knowledge) are historical understanding, past understanding and ancient understanding. One hypothesis can be suggested in that even though one could gain access to the knowledge, the use of the neural interface has dire consequences for those not ready to possess it, and thus this could possibly be considered a security measure. Not sure about the geography of the middle east?


Book: a set of printed sheets of paper bound together between covers and forming a work of fiction or nonfiction. The entire process only takes a few seconds and likely drains a large amount of power. Using the knowledge in his mind O'Neill located an Ancient outpost in Antarctica, and used the weapons platform containing thousands of Drone weapons to destroy Anubis' fleet. Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”? There is a lot of archaic language in this text, which remains as printed. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2", "The Shroud"), The formerly ascended Ancient would interface with the device and use two rods that slid out at the bottom of the device, where he was then able to create any object at the molecular level with a great deal of concentration. While a Tau'ri team was searching for the repository Anubis attacked the planet, which left O'Neill no choice but to download the information into his mind again. And to tempt him there was this new mystery, this knowledge that he could not miss. See how your sentence looks with different synonyms.

Find more ways to say knowledge, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Our ancient Hebrew predecessors understood God in their own way. In some of their most archaic works, the Greeks fall into the imitation of this way. Synonyms for Ancient civilizations in Free Thesaurus. Luckily, his subconscious mind realized the danger he was in and directed him to another galaxy, where the Asgard were able to remove the information before he died.

What is the synonyms of Retrieve ? The original telegraph of Morse, exhibited in 1837, has become an archaic form. So, too, did the Greeks, and divers other ancient peoples who were famed for their learning. (SGU: "Life", "Justice", "Human", "Subversion"). (SG1: "Lost City, Part 1", "Lost City, Part 2"), A variant of the Repository of knowledge was discovered in Merlin's tomb. At that time my hair was archaic 54enough in length to grease the collar of my coat. FEN Learning is part of Sandbox Networks, a digital learning company that operates education services and products for the 21st century.

It was the fruit of experience, of knowledge, of demonstration. All the systems of writing of the ancient people of Asia had one thing in common. Control system 33 synonyms of ancient from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 89 related words, definitions, and antonyms. To date, only two people have used the repository, Jeremy Franklin and Rush, though the latter was using a different method of data transfer than that normally used by the interface chair. ancient history | definition: knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence | synonyms: common knowledge| antonyms: indirect discourse, direct discourse.

The ancient priest who drew it must have placed it there for a definite purpose. Learn more about the mythic conflict between the Argives and the Trojans.

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Why Do We Have “Red States” And “Blue States”? The vast amount of knowledge the device contains will kill the recipient if their brain is unable to fully absorb it (such as the brain of a normal Human), despite the fact that the knowledge unfolds gradually. Our editors update and regularly refine this enormous body of information to bring you reliable information.

Traditional Knowledge synonyms. What is the synonyms of Obstinate ? Manufacturer However, O'Neill proved at least somewhat capable of controlling what he wanted to find when connected to Thor's ship's computer as shown when he told Teal'c, Doctor Daniel Jackson and Thor that he knew what they needed and to let him get to work and then told them to wait because he wasn't done yet. Dr. Nicholas Rush suggested that because of this, its effects may be less damaging to humans.

O'Neill successfully created the Replicator disruptor, but retained no memory of what it was or his actions since he downloaded the database though Thor said his memory would return. Top synonyms for traditional knowledge (other words for traditional knowledge) are lore, traditional wisdom and traditional skills. The code for attribution links is required. The knowledge contained in the Repositories is so vast, that when Thor decided to use the knowledge to try to build a weapon capable of destroying the Replicators, he chose to risk using Colonel Jack O'Neill to do it, stating that while it would be impossible to search for what they needed if they simply downloaded the Repository into his ship's computer, O'Neill's conscious mind could hopefully access the knowledge and give them what they need.

Returning to the previous state of mind before being downloaded into the persons mind was a safe guard put in place by Merlin himself. “Majority” vs. “Plurality”: What Their Differences Mean For This Election, “Affect” vs. “Effect”: Use The Correct Word Every Time. 5 words related to ancient history: account, chronicle, history, story, common knowledge. Synonym.com is the web's best resource for English synonyms, antonyms, and definitions. AncientsAsgardOriTau'ri. There is nothing at all of an archaic character, however, in this example of shell-carving. Despite being in stasis and connected to the ship's computer, Thor's theory was right. (SG1: "The Quest, Part 2", "The Shroud", "The Ark of Truth"), The Ancient starship Destiny possesses a much older version of the Repository of knowledge encountered by SG-1. Repositories of knowledge are libraries that download the entire knowledge bank of the Ancients into the brain of a person; however the knowledge is far too vast for the Human brain to comprehend at its current evolutionary level, so much so that the mind of the person exposed to the data within will slowly degrade after being exposed, until the brain can no longer function.

Find more ways to say synonym, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Find more ways to say philosophy, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Afterwards, O'Neill had to put himself in a stasis pod to escape death. Another word for philosophy. Another word for ancient. So far, the story of ancient man has been the record of a wonderful achievement. When activated, the device extends to encompass the user's head while the knowledge is transferred, although there have been cases where the device does not grip the head. synonym.com.

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